Bethune College

Bethune College is the out-of-classroom home of Faculty of Science and Lassonde School of Engineering students at York University.

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Other Announcements

Intramural Sports Congratulations to Bethune College for coming in second in Intramurals.

BCC New Council Congratulations to President Adam Brihmi, VP Exec Victoria Van Dyk, VP Communications Matthew Lim, and VP Athletics George Gerges, VP Finance Robert Cheung, VP Social Nima Yazdankhah, Orientation Chairs Melisa Rrashkadolli & Syed Naqvi, general members Teodora Neagu, Sara Sarwari, Nicole Schwartz, and Valeriya Tolstineva, Admin Assistant Claudia Martire, and Chief Returning Officer Arsh Riyat.

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