Bethune College

Bethune College is the out-of-classroom home of Faculty of Science and Lassonde School of Engineering students at York University.


BCC Elections Congratulations to the two new first-year reps: Baarath Sritharan and Helia Zamani Mortazavi.

Science Student Caucus Elections  Congratulations to our new SSC members: Alita Gideon, Asma El Gaoud , Christopher Girgis, Donovan Dev, Gurpartap Sohal, Jennifer Trinh, Joshua Moyal, Robert Cheung, Romina Noormohammadi, Rushi Patel, Steven Spector, Subhay Anwar.

BEST: How Start-ups fail and why a few succeed: On Entrepreneurship as an art Oct 22, 5:30 pm. Register here.

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