SOS Class Reps

The Class Representative (CR) Program at Bethune College (BC) recruits a CR for all 1st and 2nd year courses in the Faculty of Science and Lassonde School of Engineering (not limited to those listed below). CRs strengthen the ties between students and course directors/instructors by fostering communication. CRs also help students get more engaged and perform better in their courses. CRs connect with the course instructor as needed, they organize study groups and make regular in-class announcements on behalf of BC regarding workshops, seminars and social events. We provide all CRs with a forum where they can share their ideas and strategies to help their classmates, as well as leadership training, support and feedback.  CRs are recruited at the start of every semester.

CRs FOR Fall 2016

Course Code and Section

Class Representative

BIOL 1000-M Nicholas Nelson
BIOL 1001-M Ariana Fathi
Hodaya Lightstone
BIOL 1001-N Jessica Singh
Robert Cheung
BIOL 1500-M Sean Clarke
BIOL 2010-M Ayesha Khan
BIOL 2020-M Staree Dumalag
BIOL 2021-M Abigail Skosowski
Hannatu Dogo
BIOL 2030-M Charmi Patel
Hamza Ali
BIOL 2040-M Kevin Yourdkhani
Zune Ahmad
BIOL 2060-M Dar'ya Semenova
Nazaneen Qauomi
BIOL 3130-M Alegria Indio
Shabnam Ullah
CHEM 1001-M Leslie Fournier
CHEM 1001-N Rabiya Suleiman
CHEM 1001-P Ashira Forman
CHEM 2020-M Abigail Skosowski
CHEM 2021-M David Herman
Deena Herman
CHEM 2021-N Erica Shligold
Miranda Ramnaraine
EECS 1022-N Sami Tarazi
EECS 1540-M Mandy Ramnaraine
MATH 1013-M Shabeena Mathiruban
MATH 1014-M Melina Tahami
MATH 1310-M Gian Carlo Alix
MATH 1505-A Youssef Hegazy
MATH 1505-C Yaniv Khaslavsky
MATH 1505-F Elizabeth Karvasarski

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to be a Class Representative, please contact the Class Representative Program Coordinator at