BCC Spring Elections


Congratulations to the new President Adam Brihmi, VP Communications Matthew Lim, and VP Athletics George Gerges!  They will take up their positions starting May 1.


Executive Vice-President

Klara Rrashkadolli

I am running for the position of Executive Vice-President in hopes to make Bethune an even greater college than it already is. I want to ensure that the Bethune community feels comfortable and the students have a free and safe environment to come in and relax. I want to make sure that Bethune is not just a college but a home for all.

Victoria Van Dyk

I've been a part of the BCC for two years straight and want to move to a higher position to make more of an impact. I want to fix the audio system in the JACS for start and work on spending the budget in ways that more directly affect Bethune students. As Executive Vice-President it would also be my responsibility to welcome the incoming council and help them work well together through team building and bonding so we can more efficiently work to serve the Bethune community.

General Members (pick 4)

Ahmed Khan

Bethune College has been at the center of my university experience. I did frosh through Bethune, I made my friends at the Bethune building, and I became a part of intramural sports because of the encouragement I got from the upper years. However I am not satisfied with with going along on the ride. I want to help make Bethune better and even more welcoming for the next 3 years.

Teodora Neagu

Since the beginning of first year, I've felt an overwhelming sense of community at Bethune; I was immediately immersed. To pay it forward, I want to join council to do to others what Bethune has done to me. I want to help make Bethune an even better place for those already involved, and for those who will join in the upcoming years.

Mohammed Parvez

As an Integrated Science student involved in the local, global, and York community, I can bring a range of innovative ideas to the council to make our time at York University, as part of Bethune college, more fruitful. In case you don't already personally know me, I am very approachable and most often enjoy taking part in philosophical discussions. As part of my job, one of my goals is to make Bethune events more enjoyable, get more Bethuner's actively involved, and make us all proud to be part of Bethune. If you want to be well represented in the Bethune college council, I am your choice.

Sara Sarwari

Hey! I’m Sara Sarwari and I’m running for one of the general member positions for Bethune College Council here at York University. I have always been the type of person to play an active part in my community; including joining student council and other executive positions in various clubs throughout high school, and then joining BAC in this current year. Joining BCC will give me the chance to continue voicing not only my opinion, but any recommendations I receive from others, in order to improve our college. I plan on doing my very best to create an inclusive environment and help plan events for everyone to enjoy. I believe we can work together as a team to make this an unforgettable year!

Nicole Shwartz

I am running for the position of general member to help the 2017-2019 Bethune College Council attain its full potential. I believe as someone who has spent this past year greatly involved in the Bethune community I am well prepared to cater to my fellow students' needs. I want the opportunity to make Bethune an inclusive environment that expands its reach to students who may have in the past not been aware of the possibilities this college offers. I believe that by working closely with execs as a general member I can attain these goals and set out new ones as the year progresses.

Valeriya Tolstineva

I am running for this position, because this would give me an opportunity to be a part of a team that would not only give back to the student community, but would also encourage a positive environment which would strengthen the bonds within Bethune College.


A Student who wishes to be nominated and run for a position in this election must meet the following general qualifications:

  • Be a regular and student member of the Bethune Community.
  • Full-time status in FW18: Taking at least 3 full courses or equivalent (18.0 credits – 9 per term) and retaining this status throughout the Academic Year.

Furthermore, certain positions have further requirements:

President member of BCC Exec for at least 1 year
Executive Vice-President BCC member for at least 1 year
VP Communications BCC member for at least 1 year
VP Athletics BAC Exec for at least one year
4 General Members general qualifications

Descriptions of the positions and qualifications can be found in the BCC Constitution


Feb 12-26 noon Nomination period
Feb 26,  4 pm All Candidates Meeting with CRO, BC 320
Feb 26, 5 pm-Mar 4 Campaign Period
Mar 2, 5 pm All Candidates Debate, JCR
Mar 5, 9 am-Mar 9, 4 pm YU Vote Elections

How to Apply (3 steps)

  1. Agree to abide by the Rules for Candidates
  2. Fill out the online Nomination Form by Monday Feb 26, noon.
  3. Print out the Nominator Form, collect signatures, and hand it in to BC 207 by Monday Feb 26, noon.