BCC Fall Elections


Voting is open October 3-5.  Note: only first-year students can vote for first-year representatives.


Congratulations to Kevin Sullivan for being acclaimed Vice President Athletics!

The First-Year Representative Candidates

Adam Guthrey-Narveson Howdy,
I want to be more involved with Bethune College, and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I want to meet everyone else and listen to their stories, and what difficulties they are having here at York University. Hopefully as a first year representative I can help them find a solution to their problems, or help in any other way I can.See y'all around campus, or maybe stop by in Bethune and we can play poker or chess.
Arman Sadr Over the last few weeks including frosh I enjoyed my time at Bethune and want to stay involved with the Bethune community. I feel this would be a good way to meet many people around Bethune such as the JCR.
Baarath Sritharan I want to make this year the best it possibly can for all first years. With my experience as Class President in the past and my involved in an out of school, I am ready and excited to hopefully be apart of Bethune College Council and make this upcoming year lit and memorable!
Reach out with any questions or concerns about what I want to do to make this year amazing as First Year Rep
Helia Zamani Mortazavi As an active member of the community, I see it as my responsibility to be involved in making the transition into first year easier for all first years. This year I had the privilege of being involved as a course representative and a junior ambassador at the Faculty of Science, pointing me in the right direction when it comes to interacting with and representing incoming students. During my high school experience in addition to being valedictorian, I assisted in launching both academic and social events such as open house orientations and a colour run. By becoming first year representative, I hope to interact with my peers on a personal level while maintaining professionalism as well as listen to their expectations and perspective, enabling me to represent them in council to the best of my ability.

I wholeheartedly believe that my experiences as a leader during high school has prepared me to take on this role. I not only believe, but I know that the position of first year representative is the perfect fit for me. By running, I would like to take this opportunity to give back to the extremely welcoming community I encountered when I came to bethune.

Myra Whitfield Many say that experience is the greatest teacher but I believe that even the eye of a first year might be able to see and discern something that the eye of a senior cannot. I would like to be a first year representative because there are many first years that are too shy to speak up for themselves. I would like to become someone who my fellow froschies feel no uncertainty when they confide in me and be able to support and speak for them so that the opinion of none is left unheard.
Olga Jankovic Hi I’m Olga Jankovic and I’m running for first year representative for Bethune College. I’m very interested in running for this position because I can’t wait to have the chance to represent the first year student’s voices and help plan and prepare for an amazing year. After attending frosh this year, I was inspired by our leaders and our council to run for this position. Frosh was organized so well and so much thought was put into it that it inspired me to apply for this position so that I too could have this opportunity.
Sarah Abubaker I want to run for First Year Representative, because truly and honestly, I fell in love with Bethune right away! Frosh was a really great experience and I felt a sort of patriotism and pride in being a Bethune student. Seeing all the work and effort put into making Bethune a great community is crazy inspiring, and I would love to give back to the college (instead of just taking)! I believe in the importance of a community, especially to first year students, and I hope to play a part in making first years feel comfortable and love Bethune as much as I do! go dragonsss
Subhay Anwar You mean other than wanting the cool jerseys? Oh. In that case:
Hey people reading this, you probably have no clue as to who I am, so lets change that shall we.
I'm a first year Biotechnology student who's trying to learn as much as one can about this new university environment; and I think the best way to go about that is to be as involved as possible in the York/Bethune Community to make the best of University Life. (Or at-least that's what I was told 😉
On a serious note, I want to become a part of this council because I believe I have the empirical background, as I was a part of the student council for 6 years in high-school and Leading the council as a head girl in the last year, which could make me a good addition to the council.
Furthermore, I want to interact with more people, and have the power to make a difference: to make the transition from high-school to this whole new world called University an easier and a less stressful experience for freshman students, to come and save the day when pressure of studies gets a tad much and it’s time for some fun, and... I'll make up the rest along the way. That's all folks!

Descriptions of the positions and qualifications can be found in the BCC Constitution


Sept 10 - Sept 25 4 pm Nomination period
Sept 26, 4 pm All Candidates Info Meeting with CRO, BC 224
Sept 26, 9 am - Oct 2, 11:59pm Campaign Period
Sept 28, 4 pm All Candidates Debate, BC 320
Oct 3 - Oct 5 YU Vote Elections

How to Apply (3 steps)

  1. Agree to abide by the Rules for Candidates
  2. Fill out the online Nomination Form by Sept 25th noon.
  3. Print out the Nominator Form, collect signatures, and hand it in to BC 207 by Sept 25 noon.