BCC Fall Elections


A Student who wishes to be nominated and run for a position in this election must meet the following general qualifications:

  • Be a regular and student member of the Bethune Community.
  • Full-time status in FW18: Taking at least 3 full courses or equivalent (18.0 credits – 9 per term) and retaining this status throughout the Academic Year.

Furthermore, certain positions have further requirements:

Vice President Athletics Have been a BAC executive member for at least one year
2 First-Year Representatives less than 24 credits completed

Descriptions of the positions and qualifications can be found in the BCC Constitution


Sept 10 - Sept 25 noon Nomination period
Sept 25, 4 pm All Candidates Info Meeting with CRO, BC 320
Sept 26, 9 am - Oct 2, 11:59pm Campaign Period
TBD All Candidates Debate, JCR
Oct 2 - Oct 5 YU Vote Elections

How to Apply (3 steps)

  1. Agree to abide by the Rules for Candidates
  2. Fill out the online Nomination Form by Sept 25th noon.
  3. Print out the Nominator Form, collect signatures, and hand it in to BC 207 by Sept 25 noon.