MENTEE Dos/Don'ts



  • Be respectful when addressing your professor. Use “Dear/Hi/Hello Professor” as an email greeting. And remember to introduce yourself.
  • Explore the many resources provided at Bethune College (Peer Advising, PASS, Peer Mentoring, Peer Tutoring, Class Rep) & York 
  • Find out the location of your department’s undergraduate office. The professional personnel provide support for all course/degree-related issues.
  • Don’t ignore your Peer Mentor’s emails.
  • Don’t verbally abuse your PM.
  • Don’t be rude with peers, staff, teaching assistants and professors.
  • Don’t use “hey”, “dude”, “bro”, “yo” or slang etc.. as an email greeting to your professor and York personnel.
  • Don’t make decisions when you are upset.
  • Don’t give up if you face a challenge. Seek confidential advice for academic and non-academic matters from the different Bethune College and York resources (PM; FSE SAS; CDS; Career Centre; Bethune Academic Support Programs; refer to left column for the urls) 
  • Don’t miss classes or labs.  
  • Don’t procrastinate. Submit your assignments on time.
  • Don’t complete your peer’s assignments.
  • Don’t disclose your York U student ID# to peers or non-York personnel