Our Mentors


Abdullah SultaniAbdullah Sultani

Hello everyone, my name is Abdullah, I’m a fourth year chemistry major and I have a weird obsession with food puns (lettuce continue). When I’m not engulfed in my love-hate relationship with chemistry, I try to keep up with the onslaught of superhero movies that come out (I’m the guy that stays until after the credits for every Marvel movie). I also enjoy participating in the sport of basketball (although I am mediocre at best (who am I kidding? I am less than mediocre)). To be the very best like no one ever was (props to whoever picked up on that) in a university setting, you have to maintain a balance between work and play. I understand that this can be difficult to establish, especially in a new environment like York, but it is possible. It all starts with some introspection and setting your priorities. Once your priorities are set, follow them closely and put everything in perspective. I hope everyone finds their balance and experiences all that York has to offer. If you ever want to taco bout anything (ha), come visit the SOS office!



Adam SzocsAdam Szocs

Hi everyone, my name is Adam Szocs & I am in my 4th year of Actuarial Science. I like to think of myself as an active student who tries to get involved and make the best of my situations. I love sports, music, chess (when I get a chance to play) and movies/TV shows. If I can give any advice to young students, it's that university is different for everyone and experiences will differ depending on who you are, how you study and how you go about your life. There is no one “right” path. I believe it’s important to get involved as much as you can, even if you start off slow, and push yourself out of your comfort zone, as it can bring great rewards. Do not allow the difficult times to bring you down or discourage you for long, instead try to learn from your mistakes and look forward to the positives. This may go against what I'm saying, however also remember to distinguish the times when you should and should NOT take advice from people. You have to know what YOU want in your life. That being said, I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you around the SOS office or campus, feel free to approach me if you ever need to. Take care!



Aisha Nasim

Hi everyone! My name is Aisha Nasim and I am in my third year of Biology / Psychology. I love picnics, reading classics and binge watching comedy shows. Everything may seem overwhelming and stressful at first. However, I want you to know that success is possible! It all boils down to prioritizing and managing your time effectively. The most important thing you could do is to believe in yourself. NEVER let the fear of failure stop you from trying things out. It's never too early or too late to get involved on campus. To see different clubs and organizations York has to offer, check out: yuconnect.yorku.ca.  If you ever have a question about anything, feel free to email me at: ash78633@my.yorku.ca


AJ Perez-Ignacio

Hey everyone, my name is AJ Perez-Ignacio and I am a third year Biomedical Science major hoping to one day become a biology professor here at York University.  I could tell you all the things I love doing -  such that I love sports, I love exploring all kinds of music, I love travelling the world, and I love hanging out with friends to have a good time.  Instead however, I’ll tell you all the things on my bucket list before graduating university.  I want to not come last in intramural outdoor soccer, I want to take advantage of all the SOS resources that Bethune offers, I want to grow in both my height and as an individual, but ultimately I want to pass on my university tips and tricks to the new and even current students here at York.  With that information, I hope from reading my bio I’ve given off the impression that I am a down to Earth, honest, and caring person that just wants to help others around me.  I would encourage all to stop by the SOS office in Bethune to say hi and get to know myself and all the other friendly SOS members!



Amanda Ascano

Hi there! My name is Amanda Ascano and I'm in my third year of Biomedical Science. You'll often find me sipping on an extra large coffee and rewatching episodes of Game of Thrones. I consider myself to be a very talkative person, especially when it comes to school topics. I had a terrible first year experience but was able to learn from my mistake and turn my life around. I don't want anyone to go through what I had to go through and so I have lots of tips and advice to share! The one motto I always tell myself is "the best of me is yet to come". I believe that no one should ever settle for less and that life is a continuous uphill battle to reaching your full potential! If you're ever looking for words of encouragement or want to talk game of thrones, come stop by the SOS office. Looking forward to seeing you there!



Andrew Castillo

Hey everyone I’m Andrew and I’m currently a second year Biomed major. I started off at SOS as a Class Representative for Math 1505, and decided that becoming a Peer Mentor would be a lot of fun as well. When I’m not busy studying I spend my time watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or Law and Order. I also really enjoy eating during my free time and motivating myself to drive to the gym instead of to Starbucks. The transition from high school to university can be slightly overwhelming, but once you get the hang of things its actually really enjoyable, especially if you get involved. So, until you get used to York come by and we can help! If you know how to navigate yourself through York, then just come by and we can talk about some primetime show that’s really popular.



Aneeshka Vyas

Hello Everyone, my name is Aneeshka and I’m in my fourth and final year as a Kinesiology and Health Sciences major. I started off in Biomedical Sciences but then realized my passion for kinesiology. This is to say that in University it is never too late to study something you love. First year can be a little rough but having a good support system really helps with that. SOS is like a big family. We are here to help and guide you towards your goals and smooth out any bumps on the way. The best way to start off first year is to join clubs, attend events and keep your eyes and ears open – there is always something on campus to hop on board.



Asmarah Amin

Hi everyone, my name is Asmarah Amin and I am a third year Biomedical Science student at York. In my free time, I like to read, watch hockey (go Leafs go!), and write short stories (though I’m not very good at it). My advice to first year students at York (or any year, really) would be to take the time to appreciate all the opportunities you have around you. There are many different extracurricular activities made available to you as a York student: there are endless clubs, intramurals, student leadership positions, and research activities for you to explore. All of these are great ways to make long-lasting friends and memories, and to ensure that you make the most of your university experience. I hope to see you all around Bethune; be sure to stop by the SOS office if you ever have any questions or just want to chat. Have a great school year!



Avideh KhaliliAvie

Hi everyone! My name is Avideh (you may knowme as Avie) and I’m in my fourth year of Biomedical Science. Whenever I have spare time, I spend it with my friends and family, go for short walks, and catch up on my sleep! I am here to provide advice and support for first year students with their transition into university. There are many resources offered by Bethune College that can make first year transition less stressful (such as peer tutoring, workshops, PASS, and so on). Also, it’s a very good idea to get involved in various extra-curricular activities in order to expand your network and explore your interests. I think by developing good time-management skills, you can create a balance between your social life and academics. All the best 🙂



Brittany  Soloman


Hi friends! My name is Brittany, and I’m a second-year biotechnology student. I took Integrated Science last year, and it was an incredible experience. I’m now here to help new Integrated Science students have a smooth transition into university. I am also one of the MATH 1013 PASS leaders, and I look forward to working closely with many students to help them succeed in their first year. I


n my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, water skiing, and spending time with friends. I believe that in order to succeed in school, it is important to find a good work-life balance between academics, extracurriculars, and a social life. Spending time with friends and playing sports are both great ways to relieve stress and stay involved in the York community! I hope that you all enjoy your first year as much as I did! 😊



Chanhee Seo1442113360155

Hi everyone! My name is Chanhee and I am going into fourth year of Biology Major. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, playing soccer, and spending time with friends and family. University can be a big transition from high school, both academically and personally. So I encourage every first year student to take advantage of all the helpful resources Bethune College has to offer, from the writing centre to PASS sessions, and of course, us peer mentors. We are always here to listen to you, share tips, and offer guidance whenever you need them. I wish you all the best in your university career!



Christian Socci 

Hello everyone, my name is Christian Socci and I am currently in third year of my biology major. When I am not working, I enjoy playing soccer with my friends and wasting the day away on YouTube. One of my biggest regrets during first year was my refusal to get involved in the SOS community and attend help sessions as well as lectures offered by the organization. As a result, this had made my transition from high school to university very difficult and intimidating. The most important note to take from this would be that you are not alone! During your time here you will encounter obstacles and hardship, but it is how you prepare and react to these events that can influence your success. I encourage you to use the resources around you and take advantage of the extra help offered by Bethune college. Also, enroll into clubs of your interest around the campus to enhance your university experience. As a peer mentor, it is my job to ensure that the transition from high school to university is smooth and manageable for first year students so they may lay the foundation for many years to come!



Cindy Tran

Hi everyone! My name is Cindy Tran and I am going into my 3rd year as a BioMed Major. In my free time, I like to read random short stories written by indie-authors since I find them short, fun reads and also because I like seeing different styles of writing. My advice for every first-year student is to try out new things and see what works for you. It could be joining a new club or something as simple as forming a study group with peers. My point is to expose yourself to different things and to see what sparks your interests, that way you look forward to University and make the most of your experience. My future plans definitely involves medicine but nothing is really set in stone as I'm still figuring out what I want to do. Don't worry if you still don't know yet either as I'm kind of like that too. If you ever need to talk the Peer Mentor program at SOS is always here to help, so come and ask away if you have any questions. Good Luck!



Clarelle GonsalvezClarelle Gonsalvez

Hi everyone! My name is Clarelle Gonsalves and I am a fourth year Biomedical Science major with a minor in psychology. I love exploring the sciences, both in the lecture halls as well as in the lab, but when I'm not studying or researching, you can find me in the library, nose deep in a good book. I have been a PASS Leader for CHEM 1000 for the past two years and a Peer Mentor for the past year and am looking forward to furthering my connection with first year students as a PM this year! I believe that time management is a major key to success as a university student and for me that means using a planner! Whether it be an old fashioned pen and paper agenda or a time management app (Google Calendars is one of my favourites), find something that works for you. Scheduling out your day, including both study and self care time, will allow you to feel in control of everything you have to get through. Being diligent about scheduling helped me to find time to get involved on campus, and in turn, meet really amazing people. I hope you find your time in university both enriching and enlightening!



Farah Khan

Hi y'all, my name is Farah and I'm going into my 3rd year of the biology program here at York. I'm involved on campus as a peer mentor, student ambassador, and as an annual fund ambassador. I strongly encourage everyone to join extra-curriculars in Bethune/York, it's an excellent way to make new friends and feel a part of the university community. It's all up to you to shape your university experience so make the best of it. If you ever need help, SOS is always here and I'll always try to be available so feel free to contact me at farahk1@my.yorku.ca. 

Good Luck!



Fatema Ali

Hi everyone! My name is Fatema Ali and I’m a fourth year student majoring in Biology and minoring in Medical Anthropology. Trust me, its not as fancy as it sounds.  When I’m not studying I’m usually trying to take a picture of the perfect sunset, binge watching game of thrones, or making harry potter references (check out my page @fatemaphotography). To enhance your first year experience you should focus on your studies but also make time for your hobbies and interests. I remember how daunting the first couple of weeks at York were but, we are here to make your transition easier. Make sure to check out all the services Bethune offers that will make your first year more manageable. I am looking forward to helping you adjust and also make sure to stop by the SOS office in Bethune. Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!!!



Gurnoor Brargurnoor-brar

Hey Y’all! My name is Gurnoor, I’m going into my fourth year of Biomed here at York. This is going to be my first year as a peer mentor and I’m very excited. I can’t wait to meet everyone. I am here to provide advice and guidance for students transitioning into university. In addition to being a peer mentor, I am also a Student Ambassador and peer tutor with SOS. I really love York, it’s an amazing school. My tip for everyone would be to try to get involved in various extra-curricular activities to meet new people and develop some valuable skills. Remember to take full advantage of all the helpful resources offered by SOS like PASS, workshops, seminars and peer tutoring! Have fun in your first year 🙂


Hanad Adan

Hi everyone, my name is Hanad Adan and I am a fourth year Biochemistry major. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. I also enjoy taking pictures of all the places I’ve visited.  When I have a lot of free time, a whole day situation, I dabble in cooking/baking. I know as first-year students that it may be difficult to acclimate to your new lives as university students and as your peer mentor, I hope to ease your transition. I will try to solve any problem that you may have by connecting you to services at York. My piece of advice would be to try to take full advantage of your time as a student here. I am now realizing that time here at York goes by quickly, so try to join different clubs or any other extra-curricular activities.  



Ina Papadhima

Hello, my name is Ina and I'm a fourth year kinesiology student. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, spending time with friends and family, trying new foods, and travelling. My advice to first year students is to step outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and try new things. A great way to do that is by becoming involved in your community. Not only is participating in extracurricular activities a good break from studying, it is also an opportunity to develop valuable skills, meet new people, and explore your interests. I hope that you find your time at YorkU both rewarding and enjoyable. Best of luck in your studies!



Jenny Tang

Hi! My name is Jenny and I'm going into my fourth year of the biomedical science program. In my free time, I like to try out different food places with my friends, ice skate and play  a bit of video games! I recently have found a love for board games as well. I also really love immunology, if you want to know more about it, come find me! My advice to first year students or students in general is to find a group of friends who support and care about you (and have fun with!). Don't underestimate your friends! They can make a bad day into a good one, help you study and help you destress! In addition, always try to join clubs that you are interested in or clubs that intrigue you. It's a great way to destress and make new friends (while having lots of fun!)



Jessica Jeyakanthan

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica and I am going into my third year of Biology at York. I am very excited to be joining SOS this year as a Peer Mentor to help first years get the advice and support they need! In my spare time, I enjoy watching my favourite shows and movies, as well as baking and playing my drum set. Transitioning into your first year of university can get a bit tough sometimes. I find that an effective way to reduce stress is by working on improving your time management skills to allow yourself an adequate amount of studying time plus time to continuing doing things you love. I also believe every student should try to seek out and take advantage of all that York has up to offer and get the best out of their university experience. I have personally found that getting involved in any extra-curricular activities that interest you, as well as taking advantage of resources such as Bethune’s workshops, PASS sessions and Peer Tutoring is a terrific way to meet amazing people and increase balance between your social life and your new academic life here at York! So I wish you good luck and hope you enjoy your time in university!



Josh LeeJosh Lee

Hello everyone and welcome to York University! My name is Josh and I started as an Undecided Major in Faculty of Science, but now I am going into my third year of Biology. I really love playing sports especially when the weather is nice and I also love watching movies during my free time when the weather is not so nice. I know transition into first year could be hard especially if you don’t have older siblings to help you and guide you. So I hope I can be like a brother who can help you and guide you with school! My tip and advice would be to not seclude yourself or be closed minded towards other people. Although studying is important, having to withstand the stress and pressure from school by yourself is a heavy burden that you don’t have to carry alone. Also, enjoy school! Don’t be afraid to try out a variety of extracurricular activities because you will cherish those memories in the future. Don’t forget that we are here to help you! So if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come ask me or any other Peer Mentors. I wish you all the best in the upcoming year!



Katie Disimino

Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a second year Biology & Kinesiology double major student. When I’m not busy studying, I love to play soccer, spend time with friends and go to the gym. I hope to pursue my passion for fitness in whatever career path I choose. University presents challenges for us around every corner. Thankfully, York offers numerous resources to support their students! In my first year I was able to develop time management and critical thinking skills, which were crucial to my academic success. In addition, York University has provided me with a variety of opportunities to improve my leadership and communication abilities. I’ve learned that there is so much more to university life than strictly academics. In fact, many of my most memorable and rewarding experiences occurred outside of class. I encourage York students to get involved in campus life by joining clubs, teams and other organizations. This will help to strengthen your sense of belonging to this incredible community. Always be yourself, and don’t be afraid to occasionally step outside of your comfort zone; you’ll find that these experiences will often lead to the greatest personal growth. I’m excited to be volunteering as an SOS Peer Mentor this year, and look forward to meeting many of you during my weekly office hours.



Mandy Hyunh

Hello there! My name is Mandy and I am currently in my 4th year of Environmental Science (Life Science Stream) Honours Major. This is my first year as a Peer Mentor and Student Ambassador, and I have a feeling it will be an exciting year. In my spare time, I like to do random things, such as walking aimlessly around York University or doing a little dance/exercise as I wait for the bus. I also like to poke things (friends and family), so do not be alarmed if I poke you one day and I say “Poke!” I’m just kidding; I won’t poke you unless you are okay with it. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to come by the SOS Office anytime! My best advice for first year is to have fun and relax after a major test or exam, you deserve it! It’s better to release all the stress that you built up for the test than to worry what mistakes you might have made. My favourite thing to do after a test is to treat myself with some ice-cream and hang out with my friends. On a final note, I wish you all the best at York University!



Miranda Ramnaraine

Hello everyone, my name is Miranda, I’m a third year Chemistry Major. Whenever I’m not busy studying and just need to relax I google really bad jokes (How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!) and spend time writing stories and blogging. When I first came to York I felt so nervous and thought I would have a hard time finding my way around but I always kept a pocket map with me just in case I got lost and it helped me and allowed me to help others. My bit of advice to you would be to focus, manage your time and self-care. Adjusting to university might seem tedious but stick with it and remember to enjoy yourself. I found that getting involved helps, I was shy and by getting involved I got out of my shell. There’s lots to do on campus. If you have any questions or just want to say hi and talk don’t hesitate to send me an email: mir14@my.yorku.ca or drop by the SOS office in Bethune College Room 208 opposite the Master’s office.



Nargol Ghazian

Hello fellow dragons! My name is Nargol and this year I’m completing my fourth year of International Biology (iBSc) with a certificate in French and Spanish. I’ve been working with SOS since my second year at York, previously as peer tutor and a student ambassador. Let’s face it, York is huge…I remember feeling all sorts of emotions when I came here in my first year. Whether you’re feel overwhelmed, excited or you’re just curious, I will be there to guide you and answer all your question (Obviously to the best of my ability). Bethune has so many resources not just to help you academically, but also to get you involved socially. Don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions/concerns or if you just want to come to the office and talk about life…I mean, I learn a lot from you too!



Natalie Potkidis

Hey Everyone! I’m Natalie Potkidis, and I am a third year Biology major. My favourite branch of biology is genetics, but I am also very interested in cell biology. In the past I’ve been a Class Representative and Student Ambassador, and I am very excited to be a Peer Mentor this year. I love hanging out with my family and friends, playing with my dog, or playing the piano. Music has always been a big part of my life, and now I also play other instruments and teach. First year can be challenging because there are many changes and new people and experiences in your life. It can be stressful at times, but it’s also very exciting. It’s important to manage your time and focus on your studies, but it is also important to take a break and do the things you enjoy. It’ll help you feel relaxed, re-energized and motivated. Balance is key to success in university.  Although York University may seem like a strange and daunting place, as the year progresses you will begin to feel more at home. Getting involved in clubs or sports teams is a great way to meet new friends and take a break from all the studying. I would highly recommend it! If you ever have a question, concern or just want to chat, stop by the Peer Mentor office. We are here to help. Good luck in your first year, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!



Pankaj Puar

Hello Everybody. My name is Pankaj Puar & I am going into my final year of my Honors Biology degree. I am part of various student clubs across campus & love getting involved. I also frequently watch TV shows, I am currently rewatching the entire Friends series while keeping my physical activity up with weekly visits to Tait Mackenzie gym! Aside from fun, I enjoy learning about cells and the human body, hoping to make it into Medical School one day. My biggest tip I could offer is to keep up with readings - extremely important, can't stress it enough! If you ever need any help, don't hesitate to contact me or any of our other peer mentors at the SOS office in Bethune College!  


Rachel Titus

Hey there! My name is Rachel and I’m a fourth year Biology major. This is my first year as a peer mentor and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting more involved with SOS. If I’m not running around campus from one class to another, I like to spend my spare time watching TV shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, hiking and trying out new foods. I also work at a toy store at my local mall, as well as play a role as an integration instructor where I work with children with exceptionalities. The one piece of advice I would give is to work on time management skills and use the resources around you. Balancing your courses, personal life and extra curricular activities can be difficult. But with proper scheduling, and using resources such as PASS, peer tutoring, workshops and seminars offered through SOS, the weight of it all tends to balance out. Enjoy your time in university and good luck with the upcoming school year!


Rohit Rehan

Salutations! My name is Rohit and I’m a fifth-year student doing a major/minor in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology, respectively. This is my second and final year as a Peer Mentor and I’m looking forward to making it the best it can be. I encourage all students to take care of themselves both physically and mentally, and to reach out when they need help. Aside from that, do what makes you happy – life is all about enjoying the good times and overcoming the not-so-good times!  


Saja Abid Al HadiSaja Abid Al Hadi

Hi everyone, my name is Saja and I'm a fourth year Biology student. After seeing the dedication and help the peer mentors provided to me in my first year at York I was in awe of them, especially since I was experiencing difficulties adjusting to the significant changes associated with entering university, just like other first year university students, and needed answers to many questions. I decided to become a peer mentor to be able to provide my mentees with the guidance my mentors provided to me. My advice for first year students is to not underestimate the power of having a companion by your side throughout your time at York, whether it be to complain to them about a course or to borrow their notes, friends are an essential part of your success.  Get involved and don't be intimidated by the new environment, we're here to help! If you have any questions or concerns drop by the SOS office, and a Peer Mentor will be glad to help you. Good luck and have fun!


Saloni Phadke

Hey everyone! My name is Saloni Phadke and I'm a second year Kinesiology student. In the future, I hope to have a career in a health related field. In my spare time I like to go to Astronomy club events on campus, volunteer at Toronto General Hospital and keep up with all my favourite TV shows. My advice for first years would be to not be afraid to ask questions! There are many great resources available on campus for you such as SOS peer mentor office hours so don't hesitate to ask questions!



Sara WasefSara Wasef

Hello everyone! I am Sara Wasef, a third year student with a major in biomedical sciences. One thing that I always found helpful to remember is not to be discouraged. Especially if you're in first year, you will have difficult days and may potentially face failures. It is very likely. But that does NOT determine where you end up. Always look try to look beyond this quiz, or assignment you have done bad on. Take a breath and carry on, you made it here for a reason. Another thing I would also love you to know is that Bethune is a beautiful organization. Being part of the team, whether it was being a class representative, peer tutor or peer mentor, I always felt included and rewarded. I highly encourage you all to get involved on campus. You make friends, build connections, and have a chance to establish and enhance your identity. And believe it or not, I found that the busier you get, the more you accomplish. Finally, along the way and throughout the year, never hesitate to ask questions. Good luck with your studies and I hope to meet all of you! 😉


Shabnam UllahShabnam Ullah

Hello! I am Shabnam and I am a fourth year student majoring in biomedical science and minoring in psychology. I'm excited for the future because I cannot wait to be able to put into practice what I’ve learned and to serve my community at a higher level! Every great start and goal starts with a vision. Once you infuse extraordinary and positive thoughts into that vision, it will seem so appealing to you that you will not stop at anything until you achieve it. I'm trying to tell you that success is not attained simply by intelligence but it starts with a vision and a plan. A dedication to persevere and to get up when you fall. In university life we are constantly falling and it's up to us to get up and keep moving forward. Do things you enjoy, be well rounded, and make sure you build a strong support system. Getting involved in the York community is the first step to this and definitely helped me!  And, don’t underestimate the power of working out. The mere act of moving your body helps you change your physiology and hence change your state into a positive one. University life is all about learning, so never give up!


Sharan Johal

Hey, all! My name is Sharan Johal and I am in my third year, majoring in Environmental Biology and minoring in Environmental Studies! In my spare time, I mostly watch shows on Netflix (currently, Breaking Bad and Brooklyn Nine-Nine!!), take naps, read and play ultimate 🙂 In my first year, I found that using the resources provided by Bethune College helped me in a lot of different ways whether it was academic (attending PASS sessions and approach Peer Tutors for help), or for general information (from the weekly Wednesday seminars). Also, getting involved as a Class Representative helped me get comfortable with the university environment too! It is extremely easy to get involved at YorkU, so I highly recommend that you do! Good luck, and don't forget to stop by the SOS office if you have any questions 🙂


Simran Purewal

Hi everyone, my name is Simran Purewal. I am in my final year of my general science degree. I think that every first year student should get involved at York by joining different clubs and finding a place where they excel and meet new people. There are many programs that SOS offers that are very helpful and will make your first year a blast! Don’t hesitate to contact your peer mentor if you have any questions and remember, university is tough but is also super rewarding and fun!


Vrati Mehra

Hello everyone! If you are reading this, I applaud you. You have read through all the amazing bios and come right down at the bottom of the page to read this, so I will try and share with you my the most important lessons I have learnt from my unique experience at York.  My name is Vrati and I am in my last year of Kinesiology and Health Sciences. In my spare time, I like to read non-fiction books, dance and choreography, and watch movies. At York, I am a Peer Mentor for Bethune College, Peer Tutor for Stong College and a Student Health Ambassador. Please feel free to contact me if you need me to help you with course content or just want to sit and chat.

Also, please remember that coming to university can be quite a big change so as you learn and grow, be patient with yourself. Try to work on understanding your natural tendencies so you can use them to your advantage and establish a disciplined work routine for yourself, to safe guard against those days when you are just not feeling like doing anything (we have all been there, you are not alone). And whenever you find yourself trapped in the swamp of comparison, and feel like you have wasted a lot of time and can’t do anything now, just remember, “that a year from now you will wish you had started today.” This quote always energizes me by helping me look into the future instead of being blind sighted by the problems of the present.

I wish you all the success at York and at Bethune College and I hope you realize your truest potential here. My email is vrati12@my.yorku.ca, please feel free to email me if you have any questions or wish to talk. I am available all year round. Take care!