Our Mentors


AJ Perez-Ignacio

Hey everyone, my name is AJ Perez-Ignacio and I am a fourth year Biomedical Science major hoping to one day become a biology professor here at York University.  I could tell you all the things I love doing - such that I love sports, I love exploring all kinds of music, I love travelling the world, and I love hanging out with friends to have a good time.  Instead however, I’ll tell you all the things on my bucket list before graduating university. I want to not come last in intramural outdoor soccer, I want to take advantage of all the SOS resources that Bethune offers, I want to grow in both my height and as an individual, but ultimately I want to pass on my university tips and tricks to the new and even current students here at York.  With that information, I hope from reading my bio I’ve given off the impression that I am a down to Earth, honest, and caring person that just wants to help others around me. I would encourage all to stop by the SOS office in Bethune to say hi and get to know myself and all the other friendly SOS members!



Alireza Tavakoli

Hi everyone! I’m Alireza (you can call also me Ali) and I’m currently in second year Biomed major. I joined the SOS community by participating in fun and awesome events such as frosh week as a leader. During my spare time, I usually go to gym to workout or spend most of my time playing piano and classical guitar. I’m here to share my personal experience and provide advice to the first year students with their transition into university. I would be so happy to see you all around in Bethune college, so if you had any questions do not hesitate to stop by the SOS office and contact me. Wish you all a successful school year.




Anuja Dua

Hi everyone! My name is Anuja Dua and I am in my second year of Biomedical Science. In my free time, I love to listen to music, spend time with my family and friends or watch Netflix. A few of my favourite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Narcos and The Office. My advice for first year students is to get involved! I regret not joining any clubs in school during my first year, but it is never too late. Getting involved is a great way to make friends and discover your interests. I also encourage all of you to take advantage of the services offered by Bethune College, which include peer tutoring, the writing center, PASS study sessions and much more. I understand that the transition from high school to university is difficult and overwhelming, which is why I am always here to help so please reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat. Wish you all the best of luck for the school year!



Arnold Apostol

Hello! I’m currently in my second year of Biochemistry. I decided to pursue a degree in biochemistry because I am interested in questions, involving WHYs and HOWs, about the world. I believe that by starting my learning journey from the molecular & biochemical level, I can develop skills of critical thinking and see the world from a different perspective. Looking through new perspectives is also the reason why I chose to sign up for Integrated Science program for my first year of university. Aside from science, I am also interested in literature. When I read literature I get to experience and live through another person’s perspective. I feel like this allows me to understand myself and other people better. Outside of school, I’m just a regular person trying to have fun. If you have suggestions on this matter (having fun), let me know. Come chat with me during the peer mentor hours!



Arshee Khan

Hi everyone! My name is Arshee Khan and I am in my fourth year of my Biotechnology Major. Throughout my university years, I’ve actively dabbled in all the services that Bethune College has to offer, and through this involvement I found my passion and excitement for helping students (old and new!) succeed in all aspects of student life - whether it be academics, social, personal, etc. I remember when I was an incoming student and got assigned a Peer Mentor and I can vouch (without being biased!) that our lovely Peer Mentors and the SOS Hub are the ultimate support system for you. I know it can be overwhelming and very demanding to start and maintain your university experience but I promise you that this will be an amazing roller coaster ride and one that you won't forget - so sit back and relax because you got this! And if you feel like at any point you can’t sit back and relax, then come drop by to our Peer Mentor Office in Bethune College Room 208 and we’ll create a positive and safe space to sit back and relax together to work things out. As a side note, I’m a major foodie and I love eating so if you have any food/restaurant suggestions for me or want to talk about food, you know where to find me. I hope you all have a wonderful experience at York and don’t forget to have fun, meet people and get involved...and add study time somewhere in there too (#1 priority please!)



Behnoush Hassanzadeh

Hi there! My name is Behnoush and I am a 4th year Biomedical Science student. I started working with SOS as a Student Ambassador. Meeting prospective students as a Student Ambassador and answering their questions and addressing their concerns was so fulfilling that I decided to continue my work at SOS as a Peer Mentor so I could share my experiences with incoming York students. In my spare time, I like to watch old episodes of Friends and The Office. I also enjoy watching (and sometimes playing) tennis, soccer and hockey. If you have any questions about navigating life as a York student, I am more than happy to help you with your transition from high school to university. I hope you have a great experience at York like I did, and don’t forget to squeeze in a little bit of fun into your (very busy) schedule every week!



Brittany  Soloman

Hi friends! My name is Brittany, and I’m a second-year biotechnology student. I took Integrated Science last year, and it was an incredible experience. I’m now here to help new Integrated Science students have a smooth transition into university. I am also one of the MATH 1013 PASS leaders, and I look forward to working closely with many students to help them succeed in their first year. In my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, water skiing, and spending time with friends. I believe that in order to succeed in school, it is important to find a good work-life balance between academics, extracurriculars, and a social life. Spending time with friends and playing sports are both great ways to relieve stress and stay involved in the York community! I hope that you all enjoy your first year as much as I did! 😊



Charmi Patel

Hello Everybody ! My name is Charmi Patel and I am incoming fourth year biomedical Science student at York University. I have been part of SOS previously as a class rep but am super excited to take on the role of a peer mentor this year.  During my free time, you will often see me at one of the libraries( Scott or steaice) or either at Tim Hortons or Starbucks. I love being outdoors and often spend my time doing activities such as hiking and talking walks in nature. Now that being said, I do love my fair share of TV shows.  The transition from high school to university is one that is full of challenges.

When I first came to york, I had nobody who was enrolled in the same program as me hence I often found it hard to get involved but once you get involved, the university experience becomes much more fun.  There is a lot to do on campus and I would love to let you know about the opportunity that are available for you, so feel free to come by to bethune. Till then, Good luck for all your studies and I hope you have great university year.



Christian Socci 

Hello everyone, my name is Christian Socci and I am currently in third year of my biology major. When I am not working, I enjoy playing soccer with my friends and wasting the day away on YouTube. One of my biggest regrets during first year was my refusal to get involved in the SOS community and attend help sessions as well as lectures offered by the organization. As a result, this had made my transition from high school to university very difficult and intimidating. The most important note to take from this would be that you are not alone! During your time here you will encounter obstacles and hardship, but it is how you prepare and react to these events that can influence your success. I encourage you to use the resources around you and take advantage of the extra help offered by Bethune college. Also, enroll into clubs of your interest around the campus to enhance your university experience. As a peer mentor, it is my job to ensure that the transition from high school to university is smooth and manageable for first year students so they may lay the foundation for many years to come!



Ela Eghbalpour

Hello everyone! My name is Ela and I am curr  ently in my fourth year as a Biomed major. I started being involved with Bethune College as a Frosh leader. I believed it would be very exciting to use all my experience and knowledge by joining the SOS team as a Peer Mentor. Knowing how confusing the transition from High School to University is, my goal is to help new students to easily transition into their new state of education. Aside from spending majority of my time studying, I love watching my shows, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. Coming to university might seem scary at first, but I’ll promise you, you will love it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop by the SOS office in Bethune College and I will be very happy to help.



Eraad Rahman

Hi everyone, I’m Eraad and I’m currently in my 4th year as a Psychology major. At Bethune College SOS, I started out as a Class Representative in my first year and eventually became a Peer Tutor and Peer Mentor. In my spare time, I enjoy playing and watching basketball, soccer, and cricket. One tip I have for everyone would be to step outside of your comfort zone and get involved on campus, whether it be clubs, intramurals, and any extracurriculars, including SOS! Make sure you also take advantage of the free resources offered at Bethune College, such as advising by Peer Mentors, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), and weekly Wednesday seminars, to name a few. If you need help with anything, I encourage you to meet with your Peer Mentor in the SOS office, who would be more than happy to help. I look forward to meeting you and hope you have a great first year!


Erica Shligold

Hi everyone! My name is Erica, and I am a fourth year Honours B.Sc. Psychology major. I began my involvement at Bethune College back in my first year as a First Year Representative on Bethune College Council and a SOS Class Representative for some of my first year courses. I also became a Student Ambassador and Peer Tutor with SOS which gave me excellent leadership experiences and opportunities to get involved here at YorkU. To enhance your studies, I would strongly encourage you to get involved on campus from the start! In my leisure time I like to swim, play tennis, and spend time with friends! I am looking forward to being a Peer Mentor, I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions or concerns!



Farah Khan

Hi everyone, my name is Farah and I'm in my 4th year of the General Science program here at York. I'm involved on campus as a peer mentor, student ambassador, and as an Annual Fund Ambassador and Team Leader at the Alumni Office. I strongly encourage everyone to join extra-curriculars in Bethune/York, it's an excellent way to make new friends and feel a part of the university community. I know this transition can be overwhelming but it's all up to you to shape your university experience and these next 4 years will go by so fast so make the best of it. If you ever need help, SOS is always here and I'll always try to be available so feel free to contact me at farahk1@my.yorku.ca.

Good Luck!



Fatema Ali

Hi everyone! My name is Fatema Ali and I’m a fifth-year student majoring in Biology and minoring in Medical Anthropology. When I’m not studying, I’m usually trying to take a picture of the perfect sunset, binge-watching game of thrones, or making Harry Potter references. During your first-year it is important to focus on your studies however, you should also make time for your hobbies and interests. I remember how daunting the first couple of weeks at York were but, we are here to make your transition easier. Make sure to check out all the services Bethune offers that will make your first-year more manageable. I am looking forward to helping you adjust also, make sure to stop by the SOS office in Bethune. Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!!!



Fozia Raja

Hello! My name is Fozia and I am a 4th year General Science major. I started off in SOS as a senior student ambassador in my 3rd year, and through this I realized the benefits of SOS. I wish I had taken advantage of SOS in my first year but I did not, I really struggled, and so I would like to reach out to first year students and be there for them, because I don’t want anyone to feel like they are alone in this. Through my experience, I learned a lot and believe I have valuable advice to offer. Mainly, that to struggle is not a bad thing - it’s how you grow and understand your weaknesses and strengths, which will help you improve in your academics and school life. Know that if you ever need my help, you may contact me at fraja29@my.yorku.ca. Anyway, here is a little bit about me. I enjoy spending time with my good friends and family, watching The Office and going to chatime (I love bubble tea!), and getting to see new places. I consider myself an approachable person, so don’t be afraid to come up to me if you ever need to 🙂

I look forward to meeting you all, and I wish you the best of luck in your first year!



Grace Oh

Hi Everyone! My name is Grace and I’m currently in my fourth year of Psychology. I have also graduated with Bachelor of Science of Nursing in my previous education. I love shopping (especially online shopping whenever I don’t have time), eating, sleeping and just quietly listening to instrumental music. Whenever I get stressed, I like to watch comedy shows, eat sweets and go to pilates to get my mind off of things. As part of the peer mentor team, I would like to help incoming students and mentees or just anyone who needs advice in finding their way through the 4 years of university. Sometimes students are not aware Hi everyone! My name is Erica, and I am a fourth year B.Sc. Psychology major. I began my involvement at Bethune College back in my first year as a First Year Representative on Bethune College Council and a SOS Class Representative for some of my first year courses. I also became a Student Ambassador and Peer Tutor with SOS which gave me excellent leadership experiences and opportunities to get involved here at YorkU. To enhance your studies, I would strongly encourage you to get involved on campus from the start! In my leisure time I like to swim, play tennis, and spend time with friends! I am looking forward to being a Peer Mentor, I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions or concerns!



Hanad Adan

Hi everyone, my name is Hanad Adan and I am a fifth-year Biochemistry major. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. I also enjoy taking pictures of all the places I’ve visited.  When I have a lot of free time, a whole day situation, I dabble in cooking/baking. I know as first-year students that it may be difficult to acclimate to your new lives as university students and as your peer mentor, I hope to ease your transition. I will try to solve any problems that you may have by connecting you to services here at York. My piece of advice would be to try to take full advantage of your time as a student here. I am now realizing that time here at York goes by quickly, so try to join different clubs or any other extra-curricular activities.  



Inbar Habaz

Hello everyone! I am a second year biology major and I am excited to be your peer mentor! The change from high school to university can be really stressful for some, but once you get involved with the York community you will see York is a wonderful place! York provides students with many helpful resources and fun activities. Whenever I am stressing over upcoming midterms, I always like to take a break from studying and join clubs or attend seminars. I’ll be happy to introduce you to workshops, clubs, and popular upcoming events. Wondering where the closest bathroom is? Feel free to ask! We are here to help you with your transition to university, so please don’t hesitate to connect with us!



Jenny Tang

Hi! My name is Jenny and I'm going into my fourth year of the biomedical science program. In my free time, I like to try out different food places with my friends, ice skate and play  a bit of video games! I recently have found a love for board games as well. I also really love immunology, if you want to know more about it, come find me! My advice to first year students or students in general is to find a group of friends who support and care about you (and have fun with!). Don't underestimate your friends! They can make a bad day into a good one, help you study and help you destress! In addition, always try to join clubs that you are interested in or clubs that intrigue you. It's a great way to destress and make new friends (while having lots of fun!)



Jessica Jeyakanthan

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica and I am a fourth year Biology & Psychology student at York. I am very excited to be joining SOS again this year as a Peer Mentor to help first years get the advice and support they need! In my spare time, I enjoy watching my favourite shows and movies, as well as baking and playing my drum set. Transitioning into your first year of university can get a bit tough sometimes. I find that an effective way to reduce stress is by working on improving your time management skills to allow yourself an adequate amount time for studying and doing all the things you love! Every student should try seeking out different opportunities York has up to offer and get the best out of their university experience. Getting involved in any extracurricular activities that interest you, as well as taking advantage of resources like Bethune’s workshops, PASS sessions and Peer Tutoring is a terrific way to meet amazing people and increase balance between your social and academic life here at York! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your time at university!



Josh LeeJosh Lee

Hello everyone and welcome to York University! My name is Josh and I started as an Undecided Major in Faculty of Science, but now I am going into my third year of Biology. I really love playing sports especially when the weather is nice and I also love watching movies during my free time when the weather is not so nice. I know transition into first year could be hard especially if you don’t have older siblings to help you and guide you. So I hope I can be like a brother who can help you and guide you with school! My tip and advice would be to not seclude yourself or be closed minded towards other people. Although studying is important, having to withstand the stress and pressure from school by yourself is a heavy burden that you don’t have to carry alone. Also, enjoy school! Don’t be afraid to try out a variety of extracurricular activities because you will cherish those memories in the future. Don’t forget that we are here to help you! So if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come ask me or any other Peer Mentors. I wish you all the best in the upcoming year!



Luke Moslenko

Hi, I’m Luke and I am a third year Biotechnology Major. I started off at SOS as a Student Ambassador and I am currently a Senior Student Ambassador. In my spare time, I play intramurals at York and  I spend time with my friends. As a Peer Mentor, I am here to support you through your transition to University. While it can be daunting, once you get to make some friends, know your way around and get involved with York, the transition will be an enjoyable part of your first year. Come visit the Peer Mentors in Bethune so we can connect with you!



Mandy Hyunh

Hello there! My name is Mandy and I am currently in my 4th year of Environmental Science (Life Science Stream) Honours Major. This is my first year as a Peer Mentor and Student Ambassador, and I have a feeling it will be an exciting year. In my spare time, I like to do random things, such as walking aimlessly around York University or doing a little dance/exercise as I wait for the bus. I also like to poke things (friends and family), so do not be alarmed if I poke you one day and I say “Poke!” I’m just kidding; I won’t poke you unless you are okay with it. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to come by the SOS Office anytime! My best advice for first year is to have fun and relax after a major test or exam, you deserve it! It’s better to release all the stress that you built up for the test than to worry what mistakes you might have made. My favourite thing to do after a test is to treat myself with some ice-cream and hang out with my friends. On a final note, I wish you all the best at York University!




Mandy Ramnaraine

Hello everyone, my name is Mandy and I am currently a fourth-year chemistry major. I started off as a SOS Class representative for the course EECS 1540, then I spent a year volunteering only with SOS and then I thought being a Peer Mentor would be fun. When I’m not studying I’m working either at my job or on my blog. Here’s a fun fact about me, I am a self-proclaimed food critic. I feel self-care is extremely important, so you can find me in the gym sometimes, but you can also find me at the closest ice-cream shop as well. Going from high-school to university can be overwhelming but as time progresses you’ll find that you’ll enjoy your time here. Feel free to come find us anytime, if you need any help at all, even if it’s for directions. Also, if you’d like to know great places to eat on campus just stop-by the SOS office in Bethune College and I’ll give you the latest scope. Hope to see you soon.


Mark Asham

Hey everyone, my name is Mark Asham and I am entering my 5th year of biology. I generally enjoy playing sports such as soccer and tennis in my free time or hanging out with friends and family. The transition to University life can be tough and daunting if you trudge through it alone. That is why I encourage you to enter clubs you are interested in early on and to make use of all the outstanding resources available such as SOS and Pass sessions. They will not only help you advance academically, but they will also provide you the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests. Don’t let the bumps in the road hinder who you want to be and it is never too late to change yourselves for the better. Be proactive in doing what you want to do, and we will always be here to advise and encourage you. Good luck in all your activities and I hope you have a fulfilling university life!



Miranda Ramnaraine

Hello everyone, my name is Miranda, I’m a third year Chemistry Major. Whenever I’m not busy studying and just need to relax I google really bad jokes (How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!) and spend time writing stories and blogging. When I first came to York I felt so nervous and thought I would have a hard time finding my way around but I always kept a pocket map with me just in case I got lost and it helped me and allowed me to help others. My bit of advice to you would be to focus, manage your time and self-care. Adjusting to university might seem tedious but stick with it and remember to enjoy yourself. I found that getting involved helps, I was shy and by getting involved I got out of my shell. There’s lots to do on campus. If you have any questions or just want to say hi and talk don’t hesitate to send me an email: mir14@my.yorku.ca or drop by the SOS office in Bethune College Room 208 opposite the Master’s office.



Natalie Potkidis

Hey Everyone! I’m Natalie Potkidis, and I am a fourth year Biology major. My favourite branch of biology is genetics, but I am also very interested in cell biology. I really enjoy my role as a Peer Mentor and Student Ambassador, but I have also been a Class Representative in the past. I love hanging out with my family and friends, playing with my dog, or playing the piano. First year can be challenging because there are many changes and new people and experiences in your life. It can be stressful at times, but it’s also very exciting. It’s important to manage your time and focus on your studies, but it is also important to take a break and do the things you enjoy. It’ll help you feel relaxed, re-energized and motivated. Balance is key to success in university. Although York University may seem like a strange and daunting place, as the year progresses you will begin to feel more at home. Getting involved in clubs or sports teams is a great way to meet new friends and take a break from all the studying. I would highly recommend it! If you ever have a question, concern or just want to chat, stop by the Peer Mentor office. We are here to help. Good luck in your first year, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!



Samantha Dungca

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha and I’m currently a second year Chemistry major and I’m also currently enrolled in Concurrent Education. I love getting involved around the school community and I thought Peer Mentoring would be a great way to do so. I love cheesecake, reading novels, and watching episodes of Bates Motel and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I really hope you’ll have a great time at York University. Starting first year can be very intimidating, but it’s also quite exciting. If you need any help at all, we would be more than happy to lend a hand. Maybe you need help finding a class or you just need someone to talk to about your day. We’re here for you. Remember to have fun!  



Saloni Shah

Hi Everyone! My name is Saloni Shah and I currently in my fourth year in the Biomedical Sciences program. My involvement with SOS began as a Class Representative, and I am currently a Senior Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor. In my free time, I like to binge-watch TV shows, listen to music and hang out with friends. I highly encourage everyone to explore the services that SOS has to offer, because it definitely made my transition into university a whole better and also get involved at York. Whether its by joining a club or doing intramural sports, this is really important. The next four years will go by really fast so take advantage of all the opportunities and enjoy your time at York. Please feel free to ask me any questions and stop by the SOS office to say hi. I look forward to meeting everyone and good luck this year!



Sara Wasef

Hello everyone! I am Sara Wasef, a fourth year student with a major in biomedical sciences. One thing that I always found helpful to remember is not to be discouraged. Especially if you're in first year, you will have difficult days and may potentially face failures. It is very likely. But that does NOT determine where you end up. Always look try to look beyond this quiz, or assignment you have done bad on. Take a breath and carry on, you made it here for a reason. Another thing I would also love you to know is that Bethune is a beautiful organization. Being part of the team, whether it was being a class representative, peer tutor or peer mentor, I always felt included and rewarded. I highly encourage you all to get involved on campus. You make friends, build connections, and have a chance to establish and enhance your identity. And believe it or not, I found that the busier you get, the more you accomplish. Finally, along the way and throughout the year, never hesitate to ask questions. Good luck with your studies and I hope to meet all of you! 😉



Sepehr Bahrami

Hi everyone, my name is Sepehr Bahrami and I’m going into my second year of Biomedical Science program at York. I started off at SOS as a Class Representative, and then decided to become a Peer Mentor and help incoming students by sharing my experience. I love running, listening to music and watching movies. My advice to you is to always try and challenge yourself, set monthly goals and work toward achieving them. It's going to be hard at first, but then the triumphant sensation that you get for the great outcome will motivate you to carry on. It doesn't matter how unreachable your dreams look like, you just have to want it bad enough to do something about it. I hope that in this academic year, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before and more importantly you’re doing something! I wish you all a great time at York University!



Shabnam UllahShabnam Ullah

Hello! I am Shabnam and I am a fourth year student majoring in biomedical science and minoring in psychology. I'm excited for the future because I cannot wait to be able to put into practice what I’ve learned and to serve my community at a higher level! Every great start and goal starts with a vision. Once you infuse extraordinary and positive thoughts into that vision, it will seem so appealing to you that you will not stop at anything until you achieve it. I'm trying to tell you that success is not attained simply by intelligence but it starts with a vision and a plan. A dedication to persevere and to get up when you fall. In university life we are constantly falling and it's up to us to get up and keep moving forward. Do things you enjoy, be well rounded, and make sure you build a strong support system. Getting involved in the York community is the first step to this and definitely helped me!  And, don’t underestimate the power of working out. The mere act of moving your body helps you change your physiology and hence change your state into a positive one. University life is all about learning, so never give up!



Sharan Johal

Hey, all! My name is Sharan Johal and I am in my fourth year, majoring in Environmental Biology. At YorkU, I am a PM and in the past have been a CR; I also enjoy coming out to play in intramurals, so if you play ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball and/or futsal, I hope to see some of you there! In my first year, I found that using the resources provided by Bethune College helped me academically by attending PASS sessions and visiting Peer Tutors so I encourage you to use the resources offered when you need them! Something that I’ve come to learn along my university career, that has helped immensely in times of stress, is to not worry about things that are out of your control. This especially helps after writing an exam, or submitting assignments- there is nothing, really, to be gained from worrying about how you did, as what’s done is done. Take the time to relax a bit, focus on other classes and remember to breathe! Good luck, and don’t forget to stop by the SOS office if you have any questions- we’re all here to help.