PASS Leader Recruitment

We are recruiting a PASS Leader for MATH1510 to start in January 2018 (Winter semester). If you received an A/A+ in one or more of these courses you are highly encouraged to apply: MATH 1510, MATH1013/1014, MATH1300/1310, MATH1021, MATH1025 or MATH1200.

PASS Leaders prepare, organize and facilitate two study sessions a week. These sessions encourage active studying behaviours and group learning to help enhance student understanding of material. PASS Leaders are facilitators and not expected to re-teach material. To learn more about PASS see here.

This is a paid position. PASS Leaders are part of the CLAY (College Life at York) program and must qualify for a CLAY position through Student Financial Services. Please see for more information. You must fill in a Student Financial Profile to determine if you qualify for the position.

Pay rate: $14/hr; leaders work ~8-10 hours a week during the 12 weeks classes are in session.

Job responsibilities:

  • Attend all lectures presented by the course director/instructor for the course you're assigned to.
  • Plan and prepare your organized study sessions (approximately 2 hours per week).
  • Hold two 90-minute organized study sessions per week for the course you're responsible for. While some other work may need to be completed, PASS leaders are not expected to hold study sessions during the exam period.
  • Collaborate with Peer Tutors and Class Representatives within SOS to support student learning.
  • Keep records of study session attendance and report on your progress as necessary.
  • Attend regular program meetings with the PASS coordinator and/or Bethune College Academic Coordinator.
  • Be professional, inclusive and welcoming, in your communication. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Attend the annual SOS Retreat to take place in early May 2018.
  • PASS leaders may be able to continue in the SU18 and/or FW18-19 semesters based on performance and position availability. To continue with the program, you must attend York Orientation Day (YOD) Training in late August 2018 and attend YOD (before classes start) in September.

Mandatory Training:

  • Attend PASS Leader Training (two 8-hour sessions) - TBD (likely in the first week of Jan.)
  • Attend Basic Peer Leadership Training (full day) - Sunday, Jan. 21st
  • Complete all mandated health and safety, and workplace training.

Failure to attend any mandatory training may make you ineligible for the position. You will be given an opportunity to explain why you cannot during the application process and we will attempt to make reasonable accommodations, but accommodations are not guaranteed.  

Application Process:

Fill in the application form here.

  • You will be asked to attach the documents listed below.
    • A Resume/CV and Personal Statement combined into one PDF file.
    • An unofficial copy of your student transcript as a PDF. Screen captures of transcript reports are acceptable. To be considered you must have achieved an A/A+ in the course you are applying for.
    • You may apply for a course you are currently enrolled in but before hiring you will be asked to show proof that you have completed the course with an A/A+.

Please note - We anonymize all applications before reviewing them, to assist us in this process we ask that you remove as much personal information as possible from your documents (including your name and student number).  We do not need this information in the documents themselves and it helps with our processing times. Thank you.

If you would like more information or to access this information in a different format please email the PASS Coordinator at