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Hello everyone! My name is Vithusha and I am currently in my second year as a Biology major and Mathematics minor. I am ecstatic to be your PASS leader for MATH 1014. Random fact: I love Korean BBQ and singing in the shower. I hope you attend our sessions to go over study skills, challenging questions, and mock test to better enjoy the course. Please join our Facebook Group to stay updated!



Hello everyone, my name is Sara Wasef. I am a second year Biomedical Science student. I am very excited to a PASS facilitator for CHEM 1000 for the Summer 2017 term. I personally LOVED CHEM 1000, it was one of my favorite courses in first year. My advice would be to definitely understand the concepts before you try memorizing them. You might have heard this before but I can't stress how important this trick is, especially with chemistry! Hopefully, we get to solidify those concepts together! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and please check out the Facebook group for updates or to post inquiries. Good luck!



Hi everyone! My name is Aisha Nasim. I am going into my second year of Biology. One fun fact about me is I have kept a diary for 10 years! I am very excited to be your pass facilitator for BIOL 1001 for the Summer! I hope that together we can conquer all difficult concepts and be amazing at biology! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and please check out the Leslie

Hi there, I’m Leslie Fournier. This year I am entering my second year of biomedical science, and I’m very excited to be PASS leader for MATH 1505! PASS is a great way to practice and improve your mathematical skills so you can do your best in the course, so hopefully I’ll see many of you there! Don’t forget to join the Facebook group for updates, and good luck this year!



Hi everyone, my name is Dary Darvin. I am a second- year Kinesiology and Health Science student. I am excited to be one of your PASS leaders for CHEM 1001 for this Summer 2017. I look forward to tackling the concepts in chemistry with all of you. Chemistry is super fun and I hope I can help you enjoy studying it. For important updates, please do join the Facebook group group. All the best for a successful academic term!!!



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