SOS Coordinators

SOS Coordinators assist with the day-to-day management of SOS programs. Coordinators are senior Peer Leaders with an in depth knowledge of SOS programming.

For the Fall-Winter 2018-19 year, the SOS Coordinators are:

Ayesha Khan Class Representative Coordinator
Katie Disimino PASS Coordinator
Gurnoor Brar Peer Tutor Coordinator
Rachel Titus Student Ambassador Coordinator
Alia Mazhar and Simrat Soni Peer Mentor Coordinators
Jennifer Pritsker  Planning, Programming, and Visioning (PPV) Coordinator
Ariana Fathi Graduate Peer Mentor Coordinator
Media, Social, and Networking (MSN)

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to be an SOS Peer Leader, please contact the specific SOS Program Coordinator above or the Academic Coordinator at Bethune College, Dr. Tanya Da Sylva.