Our peer leaders on the SOS experience: 

"[...] All the programs in Bethune (including Peer Mentoring, PASS, Peer Tutoring, Class Rep and other programs) strive to help all students in succeeding their goals and aim for a bright future. We are here to help everyone in improving their experiences at York and especially in Bethune." - Ryan Siu, Peer Mentor

“I am a CR and PM. I am in second year majoring in chemistry. SOS has changed me as a person and my view of university. With all the programs that SOS provides, it has allow[ed] me to feel confident about myself and [...] proud of [my accomplishments]." - Gunish Hothi, Class Rep and Peer Mentor

"I, myself, was able to get through first year with the help of SOS and all the programs they offer. [...] My main objective as a Peer Tutor is to [help students] excel in their courses." - Arman Hassanpour, Peer Tutor

“I love learning [...] and I love showing people how understandable science can be. [...] I would be able to help struggling students without passing judgment.” - Charlotte Thorpe, Class Rep

"Studying in that environment helped me gain greater self-awareness and discover my own strengths and weaknesses. They created a healthy balance between support and challenge which helped me get closer to my goals." - Maansi Malhotra, BC community member 

"As a PT & PM, I've had the opportunity to interact with many first year students, helping them in their course work and answering their questions about University life. It's a rewarding and fulfilling experience knowing you've made a difference. SOS also provided me with the social atmosphere necessary to make new friends at Bethune, while helping me enhance my interpersonal and leadership skills." - Ahmad Al-Awadi, Peer Tutor and Peer Mentor 

"It is important that academic learning operate on an interpersonal dimension and I view [Peer Tutoring] as another rung in the ladder towards receiving a well-rounded education." - Jonathan Tebbi, BC community member

"Each [one] of [the SOS programs] has in their own way enhanced my first year experience at York. [...] These services were so helpful to me that the students performing them inspired me to also join the program and help others. - Japjeet Kaur Toor, Peer Mentor

"I became involved in SOS in my first year [...] through the CR program [...]The positive response fueled my incentive to help students by sharing my ideas and introducing resources to them. Therefore, I became a Peer Tutor. [...] We are all carriers of something special, why bottle it up if we have the opportunity of sharing it?." - Erika Soroka, Peer Tutor and Peer Mentor

"I am a Peer Mentor within SOS, and am happy to welcome and help new students adjust into the York community! I have had a great transition into first year and will gladly pass on my knowledge and experiences. " - Brigida Bruno, Peer Mentor 

"My involvement as a peer mentor allows me to interact with troubled students and alleviate their academic as well as social stress in their transition into the new environment. Through the process I have learned to effectively communicate with a diverse multitude of students, thus providing me with a renewed sense of pride. " - Jason Zhang, Peer Mentor

"[...] I have recent firsthand experience in asking the awkward question that felt like everyone already knew the answer to. I have been into a variety of situations as I explored York at various times of the day for academic purposes and personal interest. As part of the Peer Mentor program on SOS, I look forward to helping other students through my own experiences." - Johnny Luong, Peer Mentor 

"[...] By attending the different programs hosted by SOS such as PASS, Peer Tutors, Peer Mentors, Peer Advisors, I was able to guide myself through the life of a university student here at York. Bethune College SOS allows you to get involved, make a difference, make new friends, and best of all, get a sense of belonging to a community." - Jyotika Bedi, Peer Mentor