Fellows are faculty and staff members (along with a few alumni) who are interested in students and want to be part of Bethune College's efforts to increase student engagement and student success.

Steve Alsop Education
John Amanatides EECS
Katrina Angel Dean's Office, Lassonde
Gerald Audette Chemistry
Steve Bailey Humanities
Clifford Baker Tait
Dawn Bazely Biology
Sampa Bhadra Physics
Julie Clark Biology
Peter Cribb EECS
Barbara Czaban Natural Science
Tanya Da Sylva Masters Office, BC
Michael De Robertis Physics
Paul Delaney Physics
Ryan Gonsalves Alumni
Patrick Hall Physics
Ernie Hamm STS
Nisa Haniff Master's Office, BC
Debbie Hansen Student Client Services
Don Hastie Chemistry
Michael Hempstead Chemistry
Marko Horbatsch Physics
Richard Hornsey EECS
Veronica Jamnik Kinesiology
Michael Jenkin EECS
Stan Jerzak Physics
Tamara Kelly Biology
Kenton Kroker STS
Patrick Legris Fine Arts
Roger Lew Biology
Dov Lungu STS
Steve MacLean Honourary
Ilo Maimets Steacie Sc. Library
Sharon Martelli Master's Office, BC
Scott Menary Physics
Alex Mills Science Dean's Office
Anne Moore Kinesiology
Sylvie Morin Chemistry
Suzanne Park Master's Office, BC
Brendan Quine Physics
Michael Riddell Kinesiology
Catherine Salole SCLD
Tom Salisbury Mathematics
Lauren Sergio Kinesiology
Anthony Szeto ESSE
Peter Taylor ESSE
George Tourlakis EECS
Paula Wilson Biology
Jianhong Wu Mathematics
Muhammad Yousaf Chemistry