Bunk Rooms

There are 3 bunkrooms (BR 112, BR 113, BR 114), each with 2 bunks that we rent out to students and fellows. Thus there is space for up to 6 students. This is primarily for those studying late, having an early exam, trapped by a snowstorm or even an emergency situation at home. There are no visitors allowed in the room. The rooms are normally rented only for a day or two and the guest must sign the Terms and Conditions form before they can get a room. The rooms are available from 2 pm until 11 am the next day.

The rooms are shared; we can't guarantee privacy. There rooms themselves are spartan, and there are two common washrooms (male, female) for all bunk room guests. The washrooms have shower faculties and a towel is included with the bunk room rental.

The rate is $10/day (+$5 key deposit) for Bethune students/fellows and $15/day (+$5 key deposit).

Renting Out a Room

Bookings must be made by 4 pm. When a student enquires about a room rental you check the Red "Bunk Rooms" binder which normally resides in the Porters mail slot in our mail room. It contains white weekly occupancy pages for each room (Nisa creates that at the beginning of every academic year). If a free slot is available you enter the student's name, student #, phone number and payment details. If the student hasn't signed the yellow Terms and Conditions form yet (located on the small desk to the right of Nisa's desk) they first do that and you then you put it in the Blue "Code of Conduct (signed)" binder which is in the Res. Dons mail slot in our mail room (and inform Nisa, who will add it to the list she keeps). However, if the guest has already signed a form this academic year they don't need to sign it again.

We try to fill a bunk room room before we open up another room. However, we make sure that different sexes are not forced to share the same room. (Nevertheless, if two guests explicitly ask to share the same room we will accommodate this).

Keys are available from the Key Filing Cabinet in Suzanne's office. There are 3 keys on a ring, an external building key, a hall door key, and the room key. The key must be returned by 11 am the next day to get the key deposit back. If the office is closed, the key must be dropped off in the Key Return slot outside BC 209. The student can then pick up their key deposit the next time the office is open.

At the end of the day, a Blue Sheet (also found beside Nisa's desk) is placed in Red "B