Bunk Room Terms and Conditions

The undergraduate Residence at York University provides students with the opportunity to pursue academic and social goals in a communal environment.  Critical to the success of students’ experience in residence is the recognition and respect of rights of other students to live and study in quiet, safe and comfortable surroundings.

The Student Code of Conduct (hereby referred to as the Code), which set out and govern the standards of students’ conduct at York University provide some examples of conduct which fall below the standard to acceptable behaviour.  The Code seeks to add to and elaborate on these examples, in the context of residence life.

The College Master and Residence Life Coordinators have the authority under the Code to discipline students.

Residence Dons/Porters act as the representative of the College Master and Residence Life Coordinator in the residence.  Dons are given the authority to maintain a positive and cohesive environment for all students in the residence.  Although primarily responsible for their own houses, Dons/Porters serve the whole residence and are authorized to enforce residence rules and regulations throughout the building.

While sanctions will vary in accordance with the nature of the breach of the Code and the disruption to residence life, students should be aware that sanctions imposed by Local Adjudicators and/or the University Tribunal may range from reprimand and fines of $250-$1000, to eviction from the residence bunk rooms, full restitution for damages, and rustication from York University.

All students occupying Bunk Rooms within Norman Bethune Residence are expected to maintain a level of behaviour established by the Code.  In addition to the examples of unacceptable conduct set out in the Code, the following list, although not exhaustive, shall be considered INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR which could lead to sanctions.

  1. Breaking federal, provincial, or municipal law, such as: breaking into University premises; vandalism; unauthorized use of keys to space on campus; possession or consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol; theft of personal, College or University property; public intoxication; fighting; solicitation in the residence for commercial, ideological or religious purposes
  2. Threats of harm, or actual harm, to a person’s physical or mental wellbeing, such as: assault, verbal and non-verbal aggression; physical abuse; verbal abuse; physical or emotional intimidation; sexual assault; harassment of residents or their guests; stalking; hazing.
  3. Disruption of, or interference with, University activities, such as: causing a substantial disorder; bomb threats; creating dangerous situations; making or causing excessive noise; failure to respect residence quiet hours policies; abuse of fire regulations, fire alarms, or fire equipment.


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  1. Damage to the property of the University or its members, such as: destruction, defacement or theft or personal, College or University property; tampering with University fire extinguishing or prevention equipment; Throwing material or objects of any kind out of residence windows
  2. Violation of University Policies, Procedures or rules
  3. Abuse of, or disrespect for, the processes of this Code, such as: unfounded complaints with malicious, frivolous, or vexatious intent; failure to comply with reasonable requests of a University representative; failure to comply with Code sanctions.
  4. Unauthorized guests  NO guests are allowed in the bunkrooms
  5. Failure to maintain a basic level of cleanliness and order in the bunk rooms such that health or safety may be in question
  6. Smoking – these are non-smoking rooms




Privacy:  Personal information in connection with this form is collected under the authority of The York University Act, 1965 and will be used for administrative purposes and other related or consistent purposes.  If you have any questions about the collection of personal information by York University, please contact:  Information and Privacy Coordinator, York University, Ross N945, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3, tel 416-736-2100 ext. 20359, email: info.privacy@yorku.ca

I have read, accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy of the Bunk Rooms as herein stated and further agree to abide by the policies, procedures, guidelines, rules, and regulations of the University and the College to which I am assigned.

Pursuant to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, I give my consent to York University to use and disclose my personal information as noted above.

I have informed my Emergency Contact(s) about their designation and I authorized York University to contact the person(s) I have appointed as my Emergency Contact(s) for or with information about me in case of emergency.

I _______________________________________ hereby agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy of the Bunk Rooms while residing in the Bunk Rooms in Bethune Residence.


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