Instructions for Moneris POS Terminal

  1. Before using the terminal make sure that the screen says READY on it. If it does not say this do not use it and contact either Clifford or Daria.
  2. Enter the amount that you wish to charge the student. For example for $20.00 enter 2,0 for $139.43 enter 1,3,9,4,3.
  3. Ask the customer for their method of payment card. This terminal can take all debit cards, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and other credit cards.
  4. Swipe the card or insert the card into the chip card reader.
    • If the card has a chip on it insert it into the chip card reader
    • If the card does not have a chip on it the swipe the card on the right-hand side of the terminal
    • If when the card is swiped or inserted into the card reader and it states an error re-insert or re-swipe the card. If this persists you may also manually enter the card number by entering the 16 digit card number located on he front of the card.
  5. Hand over the top portion of the terminal with the keypad to the customer so that they may enter their information.
    • NOTE: If the person is paying with a chip card do NOT remove the card until the terminal prompts you to do so
    • NOTE: If the person is paying with a non-chip credit card they will be required to provide a signature on the receipt. Ensure that you keep this copy.
  6. After the customer had completed entering their information and the purchase is approved take back the top portion of the terminal and replace in the charger portion of the terminal.
    • If the purchase was declined the customer can try and perform the transaction again. This will require you to start again from Step 2.
  7. Two receipts will print out, the first will be for the customer which you will hand to them and the second is the merchant copy which you will keep for the records. The merchant reciept is to be stapled and placed with the handwritten receipt inside of the receipt book for that certain event.


Refunds, Void of Refund, Void of Purchase

  • Refunds: If you need to credit a customer for a wrong payment follow steps and when you select transactions, press REFUND
  • Void Refunds: If you enter a refund and made an error follow steps and when you select transactions, press VOID REFUND
  • Void Purchases: If you process a payment and made an error follow steps and when you select transactions, press VOID PURCHASE
    1. Press Admin, select TRANSACTIONS, and then select the transaction (REFUND, VOID-PURCHASE or VOID-REFUND)
    2. Follow the prompts, but note:
      • When "ENTER ORIGINAL AUTHORIZATION #" appears, key in the six-digit Auth# found on the original reciept, and press OK
      • If "CUSTOMER PRESS OK TO CONTINUE" appears, pass the terminal to the customer
      • If "CONTINUE ON PINPAD" appears, pass the PINpad to the customer
    3. Process the reciepts
    4. Keep the original as well as the refund reciept as well for records

Error Messages

If an error message appears, first press OK or Can/Ann to clear the message, and then retry the transaction. If the error messsage reappears follow the instructions below depending on what the error is. If this still doesn't resolve the problem call Moneris at 1-866-319-7450. They will ask for the Merchant ID which will be on the bottom of the terminal.

Amount Exceeded: The refund amount was greater than the refund limit (refer to refund limit exceeded)

Card Blocked/Remove Card: The chip card cannot be used. Ask the customer for another form of payment

Card Not Supported Please Retry: Swipe the card again; if this error message reappears, request another form of payment

Card Problem: Restart the transaction. If the message reappears:

  • For Credit Card with Magnetic stripe on back: Key in the number
  • For Credit Card with Chip: Swipe the card
  • For Debit Card with Chip on Magnetic Stripe: Request another form of payment

Card Removed: The chip card was removed during the transaction

  • Retrive the POS Terminal
  • Press OK on the terminal until the READY screen appears
  • Retry the transaction

Check Pinpad

  • Press Can/Ann on the POS Terminal to cancel the transaction
  • Check the PINpad cables , and retry the transaction

Check Printer

  • Open the printer and ensure that a paper roll is inside and that it is properly inserted
  • Close the printer

Declined By Card: The chip card has declined the transaction

  • Retireve the POS Terminal and remove the chip card
  • Press OK on the POS Terminal until the READY screen appears
  • Request another form of payment

Declined - Retry Transaction?

  • Press F1 to select YES.
  • Retry the transaction starting from the "SWIPE OR INSERT CARD" prompt

Error 40# : Communications Error

  • Press OK. The terminal completes any remaining printing and returns to READY
  • Retry the transaction

Ethernet Comms Error-Dial Used Press OK: Ethernet connection error - if available, dial backup was used for this transaction. Press OK to return to the READY screen.
Invalid Card Type: THe card that was swiped cannot be used for this transaction. Ask for another card (eg. a credit card) and retry the transaction.

No Line Detected: Check that all dial communications cables are connected to the base and the wall jack correctly. If the message reappears, unplug and replug the power cable at the power source

Not Accepted Remove Card: Remove the card and retry the transaction.

  • If the "SWIPE OR INSERT CARD" prompt appears, swipe the chip card on the magnetic stipe card reader on the POS Terminal
  • If the message reappears:
    • For credit card with chip: Key in the card number
    • For debit card with stripe or chip: Request another form of payment

Not Completed Return to Clerk

  • Press Can/Ann to display the communcations error
  • When the READY screen apprears, check all the cable connections
  • try the transaction again.

Refund Limit Exceeded: The total value of Refunds performed today is greater than your daily Refund limit. Contact Moneris at 1-866-319-7450 for a temporary increase in your daily Refund limit. Please have the original Pruchase reciept available for reference.

Time Out or Retry Teriminal Time Out: The customer took too long to respond to the prompts.

  • If "REMOVE CARD" is also displayed, the customer removesthier chip card
  • Retrieve the POS Terminal
  • Press Can/Ann on the POS Terminal
  • Retry the transaction when the READY screen appears

Transaction Not Found: The terminal cannot find a transaction that matces the criteria. This message is displayed for three seconds, then the terminal returns to the previous prompt


The display screen is blank:

  • Check the connections on all cables to ensure everything is plugged in
  • If still blank call the Moneris Merchant Service Centre at 1-866-319-7450

TCP Connection Failed or Host Connection Failed

  • Check all cables to ensure everything is plugged in correctly
  • Confirm if the Internet is down (call UIT)


The Moneris Merchant Service Centre may ask you to re-initialize the POS Terminal if changes have been made to it our the mechant account

  1. Press Admin, select CONFIGURATION, then select INITIALIZATION.
    • If "SWIPE ADMIN CARD" appears, swipe the POS Admin card (white card).
    • "Retain current merch steeings?" appears
  2. Press F1 (Yes) to keep all parameters set as they are.
  3. When "CLEAR TERMINAL STOREAGE?" appears press F3 (NO) to keep all stored transactions. The "PLEASE LOGON" prompt appears


If "PLEASE LOGON" appears, you are required to log on.

  1. Press Admin, select Admin, then select LOGON.
    • If "SWIPE ADMIN CARD" appears, swipe your POS Admin card.

The READY screen appears within 60 seconds


To ensure that unathourized transactions cannot be processed, your terminal should be logged off at the end of the business day.

  1. Press Admin, select Admin, then select LOGOFF. 
    • The "PLEASE LOGON" prompt appears within 60 seconds.