Back on Track

studentBooksAre you finding first year harder than expected? Are you falling behind?  We know what that's like and have set up help during Fall Reading Week (Tues Oct 9 - Fri Oct 12).

Math Review Sessions Tues-Friday (Oct 9-12)

Are you finding first-year calculus tough?  We've created a four-day long tutorial that goes over important basic algebraic and trigonometric concepts that may not have been fully covered in high school and which can often significantly hurt performance in university math courses. These sessions run from 10 am -3:30 pm with a one-hour break for lunch.

(Note you are automatically registering for all 4 days.)

Learning Skills Workshops on Wed Oct 10th in BC 203:

  • Hands-on Time Management 10 am
  • Free Pizza Lunch 11:30 am
  • Exam Preparation 12:15 pm

Lassonde Workshop: First-Year Success! Tips and Tools to Avoid the Usual First-Year Pitfalls

Avoid the pitfalls that many first year students face and ensure your success at Lassonde! Start off strong and with confidence!  Join us Thursday Oct 31, 2013 at 12 noon for a 1-hour workshop in BC 203 and equip yourself with tips and tools for success in your Lassonde degree. Learn what not to do in your first year! Topics covered will include:

  • The minimum GPA you have to maintain to remain in your Lassonde program
  • What to do if you think you are going to fail a course
  • What to do if you do fail a course ... (learn about the academic petitions process!)
  • What is academic honesty? ... (you'd be surprised)
  • How to build leadership and volunteer experience for your resume
  • Where to go for help

Free pizza lunch will be provided.

Academic Advising

Do you need someone to talk to? For degree-specific matters, you can request a one-on-one meeting with a personnel at Science Academic Services (for Science students; 352 Lumbers), Lassonde Student Services Centre (for Lassonde students; 1st floor Bergeron) or HH OSAS (for Faculty of Health Students; 235 Calumet). For personal and confidential one-on-one counselling, you can request personal counselling at CDS, or request a meeting with the Bethune College Academic Life Coordinator.

Lassonde Academic Advising Friday (Nov 1)

With Hema Nair in the morning and Lauren Hall in the afternoon. To book an appointment click HERE.