Bethune-Affiliated Student Clubs

Bethune College is home to a large collection of registered university clubs and organizations. Affiliation to Bethune entitles these clubs to office space and funds from the College Council. (Office space and financing are subject to availability of space and funds.)

If your club wants to use other Bethune space for meetings (eg. Meeting Rooms, Gallery, Norman's) please go here.

For Bethune Clubs

Advertising To widely advertise your event go here (click the Bethune tag).  If you want to advertise your event on our home page or the Bethune listserv, please email your very succinct and pithy notice (ideally including exact date, location & time, with a URL link which has a more detailed descripion of your event) by Friday afternoon for the following week. Finally, if you want colour posters (up to 11"x17"), please e-mail your pdf file here.

Meeting Space You need to apply for space for your club meetings.  Note: you can apply for for multiple events (e.g: monthly meetings) on one TUUS form.

Expectations  To occupy space you need to agree to our Club Policy.

Renewal Forms for the following year are available online and are due April 2.