Bethune Clubs Policy

  1. Door Code: This code is unique to each club and is given to the president who will distribute it to those requiring access. For the safety of all clubs, this code is NOT to be handed out to others
  2. Food containers and recycling must be deposited daily in the garbage cans outside your office.
  3. Some clubs are provided with a locker and filing cabinet. You may use your own lock on the locker but must remove it at the end of term.
    (Lockers apply to rooms 113, 113A, 114, 114A)
  4. Do not post on walls or windows.  Only use the bulletin boards.
  5. Do not move any furniture out of the office or bring in furniture from other locations within the college (eg. JCR, Study Hall, etc.)
  6. No alcohol, smoking, or illegal substances are permitted within club or college space.
  7. The space is to be used for club work only.  Please post office hours for your club.
  8. A maximum of 3 members of any one club should be in shared club rooms.
  9. The Masters Office or BCC is not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen material.
  10. Failure to comply with this policy may result in your removal.