BCC Elections


A Student who wishes to be nominated and run for a position in this election must meet the following general qualifications:

  • Be a regular and student member of the Bethune Community.
  • Full-time status in FW21: Taking at least 3 full courses or equivalent (18.0 credits – 9 per term) and retaining this status throughout the Academic Year.

Furthermore, certain positions have further requirements:

President member of BCC Exec for at least 1 year
Executive Vice-President BCC member for at least 1 year
VP Athletics BAC Exec for at least one year
4 General Members general qualifications

Descriptions of the positions and qualifications can be found in the BCC Constitution


Myra Whitfield was acclaimed as President.


Executive Vice President

Arman Sadr
Coming into York, Bethune was a big part of me settling in and enjoying my university experience. I want to help other students settle in and find a home at York, as previous Bethune affiliates and council members did for me. I will achieve my goals with these key points in mind:
- Ensure council is the core of the Bethune community
- Create a good working environment for council
- Follow through with current renovation plans to improve spaces
Gemner Sandoval
I would like to run for the Executive Vice-President position because I care. I know I can be an influence in changing Bethune to better suit the needs of all students. Whether it is finding new avenues to further the discussion on mental health resources available to students or my goal to providing more equity-based services for all students offered in our spaces. I want to make Bethune college an open space for all. Along with this approach, I hope to also work with each executive and their respective committees to better the output towards our community. To give you some experience points, I have worked on council previously as the first-year representative which extended into my time working for the Promotions committee of BCC. I am currently a member of the Science Student Caucus working with other undergraduates to raise student voice. I am also a director on the board of the York University Student Centers as the clubs and services representative. Additionally, I am an active member in other clubs and projects within the York community. In conclusion, I hope you understand that my priority will always be improving the University experience for students. I hope to learn and grow and be the best EVP I can be, if elected. Thank you.

General Member

Amran Adam Last year's events, as well as the groundbreaking victories of women like Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams in the recent US elections, have motivated me to do more for my community. They gave me hope, particularly in light of our current situation, and reassured me that even small changes can have a major effect. What better way to inspire the community than to run for the Bethune College Council Elections. Bethune, I believe, is what connects students to the school and ensures that their voices are heard. I have a lot of suggestions that I think will be beneficial to the Student Council and the community. I'm also interested in what goes on at our university, and I'd like to be a part of the decision-making process that affects us as students. I understand that punctuality is critical in this role, and I am prepared to attend all necessary meetings and be very active. I want to contribute that sense of belonging that Bethune has given me and ensure that it continues to be a safe space for other students as well.
Fatima Dhaldien
I want to represent York's Bethune College as a General Member by introducing new students to our environment and making them feel part of the community through online or campus learning. I want to use this opportunity to gain experience in leadership and management skills through my knowledge of the Bethune College Council and to help increase success and easiness for individuals. I am a person who loves human interaction and full of creative ideas, so my personality and positivity will greatly guide the team in the right direction. Vote for me and you won't be disappointed!
Harveer Jhutti
Hey Bethune,
My name is Harveer Jhooty. I am in the second year of my Biomedical Science degree and I want to be your general member. My goal is to ensure that every person in Bethune has a great university experience and has a great experience being a part of the bethune community. In university, I have previously volunteered for YFS and was a part of my Residence Council. Back in high school, I was a part of my Student Council and Eco Team. I will use my experiences from my past endeavours to help represent EVERYONE at Bethune. Bethune should be accessible to everyone and I will not stop working to meet this goal until the job is done! I am motivated, detail-oriented, and would love to represent you as your General Member at Bethune College Council. GO DRAGONS!
Alan Jia
This is my 3rd year in university and I felt that I have changed for the better ever since. After hearing about what has been said in the open house on Feb 26, I felt that I would like to give back to my mentors for helping them organize and participate more within the Bethune College family. I feel that I will be able to take more responsibility an withhold the grand reputation the council already has on its students.
Yashna Manek
I would like to become one of your BCC general members because I strongly believe I have what it takes to help achieve the BCC’s goals and objectives, in the best interests of our Community. As a member of the Science Student Caucus this year I was already given the opportunity to represent the voices and concerns of our community, so I would love to continue doing so, more specifically within Bethune College! I truly admire the work that the BCC has done to help enrich the Faculty of Science and Lassonde School of Engineering students, through the various social and academic events, and I would be honored to be part of that process. If given the opportunity I would strive to represent everyone’s voice and help plan and organize events/services that will help support you through your university years, and hopefully, make them as memorable as possible 🙂
Ahmer Mohiuddin
As a Second-year student studying at York University for a Biomedical Science major, I feel a great passion to get involved within Bethune's student community. With this new responsibility, I am ready to excel in my duty to better serve my peers in creating a better, safer, and more fun yet educational environment in which all students feel accepted and can thrive in their goal to succeed and graduate to become more accomplished individuals of society. Through my position as a general member, I aim to work hard and create more opportunities for students to be presented with resources that can help them excel, not only academically, but also socially, by introducing seminars, workshops, and social events all aimed to give students a platform of success to stand on. For students suffering from mentally draining conditions preventing them from accomplishing their goals and excelling, I want to emphasize resources available on campus, and furthermore, introduce more resources that can provide them with the necessary steps to allow them to overcome these conditions and assist them in achieving their personal goals. I also want to push to have more job/internship opportunities for STEM students, allowing these students to build their connections, widen their horizons, and allow them to experience working in their chosen fields to better understand the future career they plan to pursue. As a general member, I want to integrate myself into the Bethune community and give a voice to the students and have their concerns be heard, especially in the trying times that we are faced with during the CoVid-19 Pandemic.
Kyleen Tambot
My experiences with Bethune events, especially frosh, were amazing despite being online. Through Bethune events, I met some incredible people that have helped me transition into university. Due to this, I want to build up our community by organizing events that promote inclusivity and create meaningful connections. As a general member, I want to listen to and learn more about the Bethune constituents and represent them in the best way possible! I want to have an active role in enhancing students' university experience.


Feb 26, 6 pm Virtual Open House
Feb 28 - Mar 5 noon Nomination period
Fri Mar 5, 5:30 pm All Candidates Info Meeting with CRO
Mar 8 - Mar 14 Campaign Period
Fri Mar 12, 7 pm All Candidates Debate
Mar 15 - Mar 19 YU Vote Elections

How to Apply (3 steps)

  1. Agree to abide by the Rules for Candidates
  2. Fill out the online Nomination Form by Mar 5, noon.
  3. Arrange for Nominators (TBD).