BCC Spring Elections 2020



Claudio Budo
The reason I am running for President comes from my ability and experience in effective leadership and my desire to give back to the community that has helped and provided me with a fulfilling university experience. From leadership opportunities to playing ping pong and laughing with friends in the JCR the Bethune community has helped me experience university to the fullest. Now its my time to do the same for you.
Nicole Shwartz I want to be elected president so that I can work with Bethune students to improve this college. This college has nine thousand constituents, but with only a few hundred voting in our elections, it is clear that they are not being properly represented. My goals as president would be to reach out to our community, garner a stronger relationship with both Bethune Residence and Lassonde, and increase the support we provide to clubs. By doing this, Bethune College Council can take the first steps towards representing it's people.
Victoria Van Dyk
I’ve been a part of Bethune College Council since my first year at York University. Through various positions and years I’ve seen the Bethune community grow and develop. Bethune is very dear to my heart and I care about the actions of the BCC and want to lead us in continuously challenging ourselves to improve the lives of our constituents. I’ve read the constitution countless times and have my own highlighted copy. In my time as an executive member of BCC I saw a lot of passion and potential. I want to run for president because I believe that I can continue to enact positive changes to the community by leading a team dedicated to the same goals.

Executive Vice President

Gemner Sandoval Hello! My name is Gemner Sandoval and I am a student a part of the Bethune College community. I would like to run for Executive Vice-President of Bethune College because as a constituent and a previous member of council, I have grown significantly and thus, become aware of what needs to be improved within the Bethune College Community. Currently, there is a disconnect between Bethune and Lassonde students. If elected, I would work hard to foster and facilitate growth between these two groups. I also believe that improvements can be made regarding the equity and inclusion for all marginalized groups within Bethune. The JACS and JCR should and will be a space that is clean, functional and open to all. As your Executive Vice-President, I would work directly with my peers to improve the transparency between Bethune College and its constituents, while also working fervently to ensure that all feel welcome within our college. Thank you!
Justyn Drisdelle I want to run for Executive Vice-President because I believe that I can make a meaningful impact on Bethune in the upcoming year. I would like to mainly focus on the JCR as the JCR not only impacts the Bethune Council but it impacts a wide variety of constituents. I want to upkeep the rental system we have in place that aids a lot of students throughout the year, and also expand the system as well by adding more items and advertising about the system itself.

My goal is to make Bethune the best college at York. Create a respectful, yet fun and safe space in the JCR would be a great start in my mind. If I'm elected, I truly think I can make the changes necessary to aid Bethune's journey to being number 1.

Sarah Elnaffar HELLOOO! Some of you may know me and some of you may not! Either way, I want to elaborate on why I am running for Executive Vice President. I have been on council in my first year as a first year representative and loved the experience. My goal for bethune’s council is to give students an opportunity to become more involved within the community. I want to organize and carry out different activities, projects and events, as a team! I want to help organize meetings, goals and deadlines, making sure everyone is getting involved. I will strive to continue to make improvements in our college, for every student here at Bethune. I will listen to your concerns and work hard for you. One of the reasons I'm running for Vice President for the student council is because I want to give back to the university I love so much. I want to be that friendly face for new students coming in and a defender for students already here. SARAH FOR VP!!! Thank you!
Arman Sadr I am running for the position of EVP for three main reasons.
1. I feel as though I know majority of the people who come by jacs and jcr and I spend a decent bit of time there so for the sake of maintaining these areas it should not be an issue.
2. I would like to contribute in integrating new council members with the rest of the BCC
3. After a year as general member I would like to continue representing the students or bethune within council meetings and bethune events.
Nami Yazdankhah As the only individual running for this position with a high council experience, I believe I can do what is best for both the incoming council and the constituents of our college. I have learned a great deal from my experience as O-Chair and can apply my knowledge to assist all positions to give the Bethune community the best impact for the incoming year. With the 50th anniversary incoming, I hope to use the budget fix all the current issues that are present in our spaces such as smell, malfunctioning equipment and extend as much assistance as possible to the people. I aim to outreach Bethune to all peoples and communities to create the most diverse and inclusive environment possible by setting forth strict rules to ensure that peoples of all backgrounds and identities are respected and welcome. I also wish take measures to assist with mental health to the best of the Council's ability. Throughout this past year, I had also done, as much as I could to improve the safety of our community by stocking the first aid kit, and providing the past EVP with all the necessary first aid material. I have worked as much as possible with all positions of council and know in depth of the responsibilities and tasks of their positions and can be of great assistance when needed, and can provide insight to ensure they can do their tasks with ease and do what is best for the community. As the Bylaws have just been implemented, I will also enforce the concerns of the community to apply the changes the community wishes to see to ensure the council operates with honor while keeping the interest of individual positions as well.

VP Athletics

Junhyung Park

My name is Junhyung Park and I am running for VP Athletics. Athletics has been a crucial part of my undergraduate experience and I'm looking to give that insight to other constituents. Being on the council for 2 years now, I have gained experience from the past VP Athletics and shadowed their process of work.
Myra Whitfield
I think of myself as a very charismatic yet focused person which are two traits that have proven useful for the job of an athletic representative. After being allowed the opportunity to perform this job as an interim for a semester, I'm eager to try doing it for an entire year.

General Member

Valentina Acosta Serrano As a BCC member candidate, my main priority is STUDENTS. I believe it’s very important for each student to know about their college and be involved in it as they provide many great resources and events. For those who are involved in the community already, I want to listen. I want to hear from you, and apply them. As a voice for all constituents, I want students to feel that they are being heard and their ideas are being brought to life. It is important to me that at the end of the day, bethune students feel that a difference that they have asked for has been made.

I believe I am qualified for this position as I’ve been an active member of the york community in my three years. I’ve helped with the YFS elections, as well as volunteer with the Red Cross. Further, I was a part of my high school student council. I would like to use my knowledge from previous positions and the skill set they thought me to be a representative of YOU as students in the BCC.

Klaus Bitter I want to challenge myself in learning as much as I can from the bethune seniors and return the same warm welcome they gave to me to the future freshmen and newcomers.
Samantha De Vera

Hi~ my name is Samantha De Vera, and I am in first year Biology minoring in music! I want to run for the general member position because I want to be more involved with the Bethune community. As a general member, I will proudly represent Bethune in and out of campus! I promise to complete given tasks with fun, confidence, and hard work. If there are any events that Bethune holds in the future, I will promote it as much as I can. I also promise to help the council members and the Bethune community. If anyone has any issues and concerns related to Bethune, I will make sure to bring it up during council meetings. I look forward to the upcoming elections, and I wish the other candidates good luck! P.S. if you see my posters, scan the QR code 🙂
Ernest Gamis As a first-year, I am looking to leave a positive footprint for my fellow students. I look forward to the different opportunities that being a council member will open me to, such as planning events, meet new people, and make your experience at York better.
Khashayar Khalaji

to bring broader representation of Bethune students to the BCC
Hardeep Singh Khemani I want to make a difference, create a change for the better and I believe this is my opportunity to do that. Being part the Bethune College Council is my way of being part of something, to have a sense of community. I want help raise awareness amongst students and be a mediator in order to make Bethune and Lassonde more inclusive, safe and most importantly fun. This college has given me so much in the past three years and this is my chance to give back. I also want to learn and grow and interact with like-minded people who share the same passion as me.


Feb 24-Mar 2, noon Nomination period
Mar 3, 6 pm All Candidates Meeting with CRO, BC 203
Mar 3-Mar 10 Campaign Period
Mar 6, 6 pm All Candidates Debate, BC 115
Mar 11-15 YU Vote Elections