First-Year Representatives

Issay Amaha I want to be able to connect the first year students with the support they need and give them the fun they may miss out on. COVID-19 has made the transition into university harder for many students than it normally would. Some may be struggling to figure out their financial situations, make connections with other students and faculty at York, or even just keep up with their classes. I want to help by pointing people in the right direction so they can access the resources available to them. The pandemic has also limited the in-person gathering sizes, forcing events to be held online. One such event was frosh. I didn't have high expectations going into it, but I had a blast during the online frosh. This was because of the great leaders and the other incoming students. Connecting with others are what I think make for a great university experience, so I will help organize online events that let people experience that same excitement. My goal is to help first years find a home at Bethune during this time of need and enjoy it.

Simona Coletti I decided and chose to run for this position for multiple reasons beginning with: to be apart of the York community as more than just a student. I have always enjoyed being apart of multiple clubs and decided to join a student council in 7th grade and again in 9th. I eventually worked my way up to president of both councils, where I was able to be a voice for my fellow students, along with my other council members. I believe this position, as first year representative, will allow me to do the same for the new students, like myself, entering York University. I want to run for this position to share my opinions as well as the one's my fellow classmates in Bethune college. Finally, I would like the chance to get to know and connect with others in my program and my college. This opportunity will allow me to gain experience and help build Bethune college for the current and future students of York University.

Solomon Dankwa Hello Everyone.
I am optimistic to be nominated as one of the first year student representatives for the upcoming BCC elections. Its my ambition to form a visible and approachable representative body with my colleague when elected, with the assurance that all academic and general concerns regarding first year students are addressed to the Bethune College Council to be discussed and challenges involved are also unfolded. I trust this will facilitate the progress of all first year students and YU as a whole.

Helya Golzar Since every individual in this generation has been affected with a lot of unexpected situations coming up, it's time to make a difference by starting from ourselves and try to make this world a better place! Additionally, we all know how important the first year experiences are, that is why I want to be a part of this big community and aid in the adaptation needed for this year.

Kristina Gremi I want to run for this position because I feel like the college has already made me feel welcomed to university and I want to do the same for all the first year students coming that don't really know anyone here. Also, I want to encourage more students my age to join the virtual events as they are a fun experience and a great way to meet people during corona. Overall, I am running to help build a strong community and environment for everyone.

Sm Hoque I am interested to run for this position for several reasons- I believe that joining the Bethune council will not only help me get me more opportunities with social activities and projects, but also allow me to learn more about myself by allowing me to develop my leadership skills, learn more about how to work productively with a team, and improve my networking skills. Furthermore, I am keen to be able to share my ideas on how to improve student life at Bethune and make a difference for the better. Also, I have also been to many of the frosh events this year and the Bethune Community, the council, all the captains, everyone has been so warm and welcoming that i decided to run for First Year Representative.
The reason why I specifically want to be a part of this caucus is because i have spoken to numerous people about it and have received a lot of positive responses. Apart from that, I am also a part of many first-year groups across multiple platforms and have enjoyed communicating with and getting to know everyone. I am positive that this opportunity will allow me to further connect with my peers and make new friends! I also see it as a great way to get more involved with the university community- especially during a challenging time like this.
I believe I am suitable for this position because I have the ability to effectively solve problems and make well-calculated decisions. I have frequently been in situations where I have taken initiative- such as leading groups in Round Square and Model United Nation conferences, as well as various sport teams and group projects in high school. These experiences have made me realise that I like to take charge and come up with innovative ideas, as well as a strong vision.
While I can be a leader when necessary, I can also play an equal role on the team when needed. I think it is very important to take everyone’s views into account in order to build spirits and encourage participation. I am able to compromise and listen to the needs of the people i am working with, and enjoy hearing new ideas and perspectives while being respectable of everyone’s opinions. I am confident that I will be able to empathise with students and make sure they have their voices heard.
I would love to contribute in creating a positive and welcoming community at Bethune, and am therefore very excited to nominate myself to be part of the council.

Sophiaa Mathivathanan I am highly interested in running for First Year Representative position as not only it is a great opportunity for me yet also an amazing experience to make connections and network with all of my classmates and professors in first year. I would love to be a role model in providing an amazing experience.

Seyedehchakavak Mirfallahnassiri I am far interested in socializing and leadership related affairs. I have been a leader in various fields since elementary until the last year of high school. I would be more than honoured to join your team.

Zahra Mujadidi I am keenly interested in running for this position, specifically as a First Year Rep. I am interested in applying and being part of your team. This is an opportunity that I am very anxious to pursue.
I have great communication skills and that I am an extrovert. Throughout my high school years I have completed a great number of health and science courses. My interest in medical sciences has increased in the past few years, I have a passion for helping others. The position you are offering is very interesting to me as I am familiar with being a grade rep in high school and in addition I have heard of many of the great experiences from previous students who have had the opportunity to be a rep.
I look forward to meeting with you for an interview to further explore this exciting opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tiana Pinto This time last year I was running for the position of Head Girl in my high school. Surely, I was anxious because of the responsibilities that accompanied the title but deep down I knew I deserved it. Not because I was popular or studious but because I was confident that I could represent my school and my peers. I did end up becoming the Head Girl and it was incomparably, the best experience of my life. Flash forward to a year later and once again I wish to run for an important position but this time in the College Council. Not because this position would give me a title but because I strongly feel that I have what it takes to work in the interest of all my fellow First-Year students and to represent them by being their voice. I strongly believe that I am reliable, trustworthy, unbiased, and most importantly, responsible. The first year of university can be overwhelming, considering the size, diversity, and pressure both social and academic that accompanies a whole new environment. I do realize that the position of a First-Year representative comes with its challenges such as being able to reach every member of such a large group of students and to render their vast ideologies while being true to myself and my academics. However, running for the position of a First-Year Representative will allow me to expand my horizons and get to know more people. Additionally, my friendly and outgoing nature makes me more approachable and accessible. Running for this position will help me develop my interpersonal and leadership skills. I have always enjoyed being a leader not because I get to work above people but because I get to work alongside people and I do believe that if I end up getting elected into this position, I will be able to do justice to it and to my peers who put their trust in me.

Rukm Sanghera Getting into the college council will be a new experience for me which I'm hoping to get. I have always been helpful and approachable at all times, and that's exactly what I wanna give to my peers. I want to be the voice of the first year students and I want to help all my peers in every way I can. Even if I'm unable to help them, I'll do my very best to find credible resources which can help them out. I want to be the person every student can approach without any hesitation, as I won't just be a council member, I'll be a friend.

Remie Taza I want to run for this position because as a first-year student studying from home, I feel like engaging in my college is something I'd really enjoy and something that would keep me and my fellow classmates motivated. I want to help encourage our first-year students to get out of their comfort zone and be part of Bethune's social life! I'm confident I'd be a great fit for this position because I have leadership experience from numerous councils during high school: I was part of the artistic committee; our school board's annual "Olympics" council for 3 years; the tech group; the music group, and I also ran a social/discussion group after school. Apart from all the councils and committees I was a part of, I was also on the senior volleyball team, which allowed me to really develop my team spirit! I'm really friendly and social, I love helping people and I truly enjoy planning creative events. After all, it's important to have a good balance between studying and socializing, especially since we're all studying from home. Making Bethunes' social life the best it can be and creating unforgettable memories is a personal mission.

General Members

Eden Blanchard I want to be a general member of the BCC because I really want to be involved even in this time of social distancing. I'm hoping to make this year, and the rest of my time at York, as fun as possible and I think being part of the BCC would allow me to do that.

Celina Chhuok I was an interim general member over the summer, and the experience has been very rewarding. I’ve been able to work with amazing people as well as do things that I would normally not have had the opportunity to do. I would like to run for the permanent general member position because I know that there is more that I can offer council, whether it be through planning future events or helping to host events. Since this semester is online, I’d like to help plan activities that allow students to continue to socialize with each other as if it weren’t. I’ve already helped host a Jackbox event and I am one of the pioneers to the Bethune and Lassonde gaming event, the Pentadragon Games. I’m also already in the process of planning events that are going to happen in the months to come and being general member will allow me to continue to do that. I have months of experience working with this year’s council and with the new online format of events. If given more time, I will continue to excel at this position and help council in numerous additional ways, as it is also something that I enjoy doing.

Harveer Jhooty Hey Bethune College,
My name is Harveer Jhooty. I am a second year Biomedical Science major and I want to be your general member. My goal is to ensure that every person in Bethune has a great university experience even with the online environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In university, I have previously volunteered for YFS and was a part of my Residence Council. Back in high school, I was a part of my Student Council and Eco Team. I will use my experiences from my past endeavours to help represent EVERYONE at Bethune. Bethune should be accessible to everyone and I will not stop working to meet this goal until the job is done! #mambamentality I am motivated, detail-oriented, and would love to represent you as your General Member at Bethune College Council. GO DRAGONS!

Mehrdad Kazemi I will do my best, to make university years, the best years of a student's life.

Anita Khoshnik I would like to become a member of the Bethune College Council because I want to represent the student's voice at Bethune College. In my opinion, being a member of this program will give me the opportunity to meet more people studying in the same field as me. In addition, I believe that working in BC will be a great chance to become more involved in the university’s events, therefore I would be able to work on my leadership and management skills.

Matthew Kim I wish to become more acquainted with the social and academic community at York. I firmly believe in a collaborative approach to maintaining a strong voice in the York community. As someone who thrives in team settings, I value being part of a team that aims to enrich the student life. I have seen the effort and work put in to unite the student body by hosting numerous opportunities for involvement and aid. Enhancing and cultivating the student experience is something that I extremely value, which inspired me to become part of the Bethune Council. I admire the power to influence the student body in a positive way and I look forward to becoming part of this impactful team.

Maham Malik Hi, my name is Minahil (she/her), I am a 2nd year Biology student. I want to take this opportunity to represent all the students in the Faulty of Science and Lassonde school of Engineering. As a General Member, I would like to make the most of your student life. I would like to provide a welcoming environment, strive to help students get involved, contribute in planning fun and exciting events. Most importantly, serve the Bethune College Community to the best of my ability.

Yashna Manek I want to dedicate myself to helping out through this general member position to help make everyone's social and academic journey easier and more fun this year. As the former 2 year president of my high school's drug and alcohol awareness committee, I learned how to plan make social events and make them fun, even if the topics weren't so nice. So I can definitely provide fun events you'll never forget! In addition, this position allowed me a chance for great personal growth. I improved on many skills such as collaboration, leadership, communication and organization, all of which will help be to be a great general member.
I promise to dedicate myself to this community and protect and put first the interests of the entire student body. I will give nothing but my very best effort 🙂

Sormeh Hamedani Hey dragons, I’m Sormeh Mehrabi, pronouns she/her, and I am running for Bethune General Member for the 2020-2021 school year.
I applied for this position because Bethune is a very special place to me and being a part of its council would be very fulfilling.
If you know me, you know that I love my education but I also love to make friends and have good time.
Starting out in first year, I wanted to get as involved as possible and make lots of friends, so I started to get involved in a variety of activities. From being a First Year Representative in the TECH Life YU, to attending student events in ISAYU and Pakistani Student Association and so much more.
Of course, Bethune was my place of redemption. Its filled with friendly smiles, fun times, and people who inspire me in more ways then I can explain. I took part in both Frosh 2019 and 2020 where I met most of my friends. Throughout the year I was playing volleyball at intramural and attending amazing events, my favourites being Bob Ross Paint Night and Rage Volleyball. These events really relieved the pressure from my full course load.
Aside from all the fun, I stayed on top of my professional life. I was working part-time while keeping up with my course materials. It was a challenge at first but I came out of this experience with immense time management skills.
Having this position would be awesome because its university and fun mixed together! Not only would I be working with lively and inspirational council members and taking part in fun, safe, and inclusive events, I would also be under the shadow of adept leaders, learning valuable skills.
Let me be the Hiccup to your Toothless
The Daenerys Stormborn to your Drogon
The Peter to your Elliot
The General Member to your Bethune.
Thank you ❤️

Agbmadayi Panya I believe with my experience of being a student leader in High School, as Captain of the Soccer basketball and handball teams where I advocated for juniors to have the opportunity to try out for the team and ensured everyone had equal time to play during try-outs, I am capable of adequately representing the interests of my peers and working with other council members to run productive financial, social, communications and sponsorship committee meetings for a great 2020/21 year at Bethune college. I wish to not only exercise my right as a first-year student to vote and be voted for in an election within my college but also gain experience from participating in a healthy collaborative environment with other council members both elected and unelected.
As a First Year General Member I will seek to not only make sure that my peers have a voice in issues concerning the community but are adequately represented in all community meetings. Abiding by the community’s rules and regulations, I aim to create a remote and in person space, safe for smooth transitioning of my peers into a comfortable and balanced work, study, and social environment. I will encourage and support my peers by ensuring the right mental and physical resources are made available to them at their discretion in the long run. I will bridge the gap between students and council members through the planning of all-inclusive social events.
I will ensure students are updated on issues and activities involving the Bethune community and the university at large through/by. (How will you do this?) I will diligently carry out my duties and responsibilities, as assigned, to the best of my ability. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. I believe working hand in hand with the students and council members, we will be able to build and nurture an all-inclusive positive environment for not only my peers but the rest of the Bethune community to thrive. A vote for me is a voice for you.

Khushi Patel Hello everyone, this is Khushi and I'm a first year student at York University. I am a transfer student from Brock University. I know you might be all thinking why would we let someone to be a part of our college council who was not even here for her Freshman or is a transfer student. It's all fair for you guys to think that. But let me tell you one thing here, it's been few weeks that we started school and I have been started to get familiar to everyone here at York University and this place is incredibly amazing to be a part of. Starting school in this Pandemic was equally difficult for all of us to get along with all this new world from comfort of our own house. I know how students are struggling and how badly they want to be on campus and experience all the university life with giving their best in academics too, with the situation of COVID-19 all over the world it's not possible for everyone to be on the campus but what's possible is how much I can give from my side to make this year a success. So far I have always wondered in my previous year at Brock that why did somebody didn't do something about that, than I realized I am that somebody. I always had this one complaint that students are not asked for various things, like what do they think they want to do on campus or what are they looking forward in upcoming year. I want to be the voice of students for the students.

Masood Syed Over the summer, I was an interim general member with the Bethune College Council. I helped bring the Pentadragon Gaming Event to life, as well as help out during numerous events in Frosh Week and the only social event hosted by Bethune so far, Jackbox Games. It was a thrilling experience for me, and I got to learn a lot from the other council members.
I am running in the general member elections this year because I think I am capable of handling the responsibility of serving and bringing out events for all Bethune students. I have proven over the summer that I am a good fit for this position. I want to be able to serve the students of Bethune and make a positive impact on Bethune students whenever possible.
I hope you all think I am the right person for this position!

Eric Wachira I seek experience and an opportunity to enhance my knowledge in the Bethune College Council where I can use my skills and my position to spread positivity and work with my colleagues to create lasting change within my Bethune Community. Willingness to question and listen to others.
Able to communicate to people from different backgrounds and beliefs.
Generating ideas and solutions

Umer Zaman I want to run for this position because it will help me learn more about the Bethune student council. Moreover, I enjoy helping new students and fellow members. In addition to that, I also like the Bethune council's work environment. Most of all it will help me make new friends and guide others who need my help. I have previously held such positions before as well, I was deputy head boy of the student council in my high school, I was one of the founding members of the volleyball club in my college and I was in an assisting position for the team that volunteered to teach orphan kids in SOS village. From all these positions I learned how to guide others when they need help, how to resolve queries among members without escalating the matters any further, how to assist members when they need me, and most of all I gained valuable leadership skills.

Zahra Zeinolabedin Rafi Hello community members! I’m Zahra Zeinaolebdin Rafi and I’m a 3rd-year student running for the current BCC election (2020-2021). My pronouns are she/her.
As I was going through university, I had Bethune leaders in BCC teach me wonderful lessons to better myself as a leader. I’ve seen how welcoming and kind everyone has been at several social events such as Frosh and these events have helped me connect with fellow leaders, community members, and first-year students. I want to give back to this community as a 3rd year student because I’ve been lucky to have implemented the lessons that I’ve learned from this community and most importantly I’ve started to learn more about the needs of students. I want to use all of my prior skills and experiences to improve campus life for everyone and increase student engagement at events.
From my experience as Vice President of Explore Science as part of WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), I have developed the relevant problem solving and event planning skills to tailor events on campus to serve YOU and other Bethune community members. Being a current researcher supervisor at ARPY I have created a workshop and have addressed the questions of students on campus which has developed my communication and flexibility of working with the community. I will communicate with YOU and other present community members to advocate for events on campus that better tailor the needs of this community. I will never stop thinking about YOU and how my actions and choices can serve all students. By previously working with both the Bethune and Lassonde communities, I understand that more has to be done on my behalf in order to find methods of bringing both communities together on campus. I will stay committed and responsible for the needs of this community.
I envision a bright future for Bethune and its community members. I will create goals and make decisions that will contribute to a future where I see more community members at events and where you and I have conversations of bettering this community for everyone. So let’s get started together, vote for Zahra Zeinolabedin Rafi at elections!