Search for Calumet Master and Stong Master

Calumet College and Stong College are both looking for new masters to lead their respective colleges.

The Search Committee held an Open Forum on Monday Feb 24th where two candidates presented their vision and answered questions from the community. We have recorded their presentations:

Please feel free to sent confidential comments to the Search Committee, by March 10th, via email to:

John Amanatides
Chair, Search Committee

Search Committee Members

  • Peter Dawson, Calumet Fellow
  • Vino Navaraj, Calumet Student Rep
  • Maryssa Morano, Calumet Residence Rep
  • Steve Dranitsaris Stong Fellow
  • Stephanie Flaifel, Stong Student Rep
  • Emmanuelle Chiweshe, Stong Residence Rep
  • Susan Murtha, Associate Dean, Health
  • Janet Morrison, VP Students
  • Gabrielle Hart, Staff Rep (non-voting)
  • Kathy Thomas, Secretary to the Committee (non-voting)