Bethune Joins Bell Let's Talk Day

What’s Bell Let's Talk Day?

Bell Let's Talk is Canada’s largest mental health initiative founded by the internet company, Bell. Every January, Bell aims to raise awareness about the stigma surrounding mental health through their online campaign “Hashtag Bell Lets Talk”, with every hashtag shared by social media users, the internet company donates 5 cents to Canadian mental health programs. Every year, more than $300k is raised to these programs.

What's Bell Let’s Talk like at Bethune (Faculty of Science)?

With our friends at the peer mentoring program, we have managed to transform Bell let's talk from an online campaign to an in-person campaign. Together we packaged 200 mini candy-bags with positive sayings clipped to them and we distributed them to the Bethune community during the week of Bell Let’s Talk. In addition, we set up a mental health awareness booth where students and various members of the community can share their thoughts on mental health by writing them down and sticking them on our board. We had more than 160 people contribute to our board! Finally, we invited health professionals such as counselors from York’s counseling services, to join our mental health seminar and keep the conversation going!

Ghufran Al-Bander