Getting Help

Academic Help

Problems with a specific course? First try the Course Instructor- office hours are best. Are there tutorials or a drop-in help room (eg. Study Hall, Math Help)? Utilize them. Form study groups with others in the course. Need a tutor? SOS Peer Tutors offer free help. If you want your own personal paid tutor check out the centralized Study Hub. Is writing lab reports or essays a challenge? Contact the Bethune Writing Centre or the LAPS Writing Centre.

Problems getting into a course?  Check out the Course Contact Directory.

Problems with your major? Talk to a faculty member you trust; go to more senior students in your major; go to the departmental office to talk to the staff (they know a lot) or ask for an appointment with the undergraduate programme director. They may give you options you hadn't thought of:

Biology 102 LSB
Chemistry 124 Chemistry Building
Civil Engineering 337 Bergeron
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 1012M Lassonde
Earth & Space Sci & Engineering 102 Petrie
Engineering 105 Bergeron
Geography N430 Ross
Kinesiology & Health Sci 341 Bethune
Mathematics & Statistics N502 Ross
Mechanical Engineering 437 Bergeron
Natural Science 218 Bethune
Physics & Astronomy 128 Petrie
Science & Technology Studies 218 Bethune


Problems with your degree? FSC SAS (Science programs), HH OSAS (Kine, Psyc), Lassonde (CS, Digital Media, Earth & Space, Engineering), helps with program requirements, changing majors, university regulations, petitions, etc.

Science Academic Services 352 Lumbers
 Lassonde Student Welcome & Support Centre 1005 Bergeron
Health: Office Student & Academic Services 235 Calumet


Problems with English? Check out the ESL Open Learning Centre.

Problems Studying? The study skills required for university go beyond what is needed for high-school. Cramming just before a test doesn't cut it- you need to be proactive, and on top of it all the time. Form study groups. Attend Learning Skills Workshops, either through the Wednesday Workshops at Bethune or elsewhere on campus. Use the online academic success resources. Contact others who can help:

Personal Help

Financial Help

When All Else Fails

Come to see the me (the College Head); I'm here to help.