Commuter Representative

  1. Must not be living in any residence at York University for the elected academic session.

  2. To be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of JACs/JCR and study rooms

  3. Be a liaison between the BCC and the Commuter students of Bethune college

  4. To Maintain at least three (3) separate regular hours in Bethune JCR (115)

  5. To ensure JCR/JACs are open on weekdays and are clean. The Commuter Reps are also responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of any events that are to be held in JCR/JACs

  6. To Hire, Train and manage JACs/JCR monitors in conjugation, with the Executive Vice-President. The Selection of all JACs/JCR monitors must be finalized and submitted no later than Sep 30th

  7. To Create a JACs/JCR monitor and cleaning schedule in conjugation with the EVP.

  8. Represent interests of commuter students  and to liaise between the commuter students and the Bethune College Council;

  9. to encourage commuter students to participate in the Council and its activities;

  10. to program at least one social event per term geared towards commuter students with assistance of the Vice President Social overviewed by the Executive Vice President, excluding the summer term;

  11. to produce and maintain a budget in accordance with the Vice President of Finance once per term and to present it to Bethune College Council once per academic term

  12. To develop commuter sleep over program for BCC events as required

  13. To keep updated with Parking and Transportation keeping an up-to-date schedule of fees, service interruptions etc