Commuter Representatives

Bethune College Council is seeking 2 students to hold the position of Commuter Reps during the FW academic year.


  • Responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising social activities, in consultation with BCC’s VP Exec and VP Social, in both JACS and the JCR during their shift and complying with the university event planning rules and regulations.
  • All activities and space must be booked and approved through the Office of the Master prior to being advertised or taking place. Any necessary TUUS forms must be completed, signed and submitted to the Office of the Master two weeks prior to the event. Works with the Office of the Master with regard to any activities.
  • Ensures advertising and posters are created and postered at least one week prior to the activity.
  • Coordinates and ensures activities do not conflict with those planned by the BCC’s VP Social.
  • Assists at the VP Social’s events held in JACS and the JCR during their shift.
  • Responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of JACS, JCR and the Study Rooms. Cleans table tops and straightens the furniture at the end of each shift. Sweeps JACS and the JCR each shift and mops up any spills.
  • Reports any repairs that need to take place in any of these rooms to the Office of the Master immediately.
  • Monitors the study group rooms and ensures they are used for study group purposes only. Only those with a special pass for the time period will be allowed to use the small study group rooms after 4 pm.
  • Ensures the study rooms are locked up after each shift.
  • After each shift, completes the log book with any issues so the other coordinators know what happened or what repairs need to take place and if the Office of the Master has been notified.

Key Characteristics

  • Shows initiative and takes responsibility for people, activities and property
  • Warm & engaging personality; a professional demeanour and image compatible with BCC
  • Independent and self-motivated, while flexible and adaptable
  • Attention to detail and has the ability to multi-task and respond to priorities
  • Able to work both individually and within a team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience handling entertainment and electronic equipment.


  • Must attend a Basic Peer Leader training to work in this position.
  • Submits a final report along with recommendations at the end of the year.


Interested applicants must submit a completed application package which includes:

  • A resume
  • A brief outline of why you are interested and qualified for the position
  • 2 reference letters verifying the applicant’s qualifications.
  • A list of ideas for activities/events to take place in JACS and the JCR.