Math Background Tutorials for Health

mathWe are offering free four-day Math Background Tutorials to those who may be having problems in first year math or haven't studied math in a long time or just want to brush up on some of their math basics before taking a summer term course. Their purpose is to familiarize students with important basic algebraic and trigonometric concepts that may not have been fully covered in high school and which can often significantly hurt performance in university math courses.

These tutorials are 4 days long in total, Tuesday-Friday, April 25-28. They run from 10:00 am-3:30 pm with a one-hour break for lunch on each of the four days, for a total of 16 hours

(Note: when you register you automatically register for all 4 days.)

What students are saying:

"I would like to thank you for offering this free math tutorial to entering students. It is very reassuring to see that the university I chose cares so much about its students, even before they arrive for the year.
As a high school student going into university for the first time, this course has been an excellent opportunity for me to know what math skills I will need going into university, and ensuring that I actually have those skills. I feel much better about starting on September 7, and more confident that I will do better this fall.

A.R. September 2016

"Thank you for running the math review course for first year students. I attended all four days. It showed me a new way to approach math through understanding and not just memorizing. I have been finished high school for more than a year and have not taken high school math courses in a while. I found this course especially helpful. I feel more confident and less nervous as I start the engineering program."

J.M. August 2015

“… I have not taken formal math instruction in over a decade, and the tutorials were an invaluable resource to me, and from the comments and discussion I had with fellow incoming students, to them as well. The unparalleled access we had to first-rate instructors served as more than a refresher course in trigonometry and algebra – the instructors gave us the solid geometrical and conceptual grounding necessary to tackle a wide array of problems…”

G.S. May 2015

“I wanted to thank the department of Mathematics and the faculty of science to give the first year students a chance to have the math review sessions for free. These tutorials were absolutely helpful and the teachers did their best to help the students who attended these sessions.

It would be really helpful to the future students as well. Specially mature students who have been out of high school for a while and need some reminders.”

Z.S. August 2014

“…These classes were extremely useful for brushing up on some rusty spots (due to summertime blues) and learning some new concepts. … After attending these classes, I feel more confident heading into first year math courses at York University. I would recommend this background tutorial to all incoming first year students who are taking any programs related to mathematics at all.

Thank you for providing such a valuable workshop. It is greatly appreciated.”

C.L. August 2012