Services & Facilities


Peer Tutoring in Life Sciences Learning Common (LSB 104)
These Help Centres provide support for many of the core science courses. They are staffed by outstanding student peer-tutors although faculty members may also be present just before tests. More details, including the tutor schedule, can be found here.

Wednesday Workshops
Be sure to reserve Wednesday afternoons after classes for some interesting and informative workshops. There are Career Centre Workshops the 1st Wednesday of the month, followed by Learning Skills Workshops and SOS Workshops on professional schools during most other Wednesdays. The schedule can be found here.

Individual Advising (BC 210)
Are you having problems with your studies? Do you want someone to talk to? Both the College Head (drop-in in BC 207) and Academic Coordinator (drop-in in BC 210)are available.

Note: For course-specific or degree-specific matters/requirements, please consult your undergraduate dept office, or your faculty's academic services office. The expert personnel will be able to provide excellent advice regarding degrees/courses.

Bethune Writing Centre (BC 206)
The Bethune Writing Centre (BWC) offers free one-on-one or small group instruction for all Bethune-affiliated students. To book an appointment, click here.

Student Ombuds Service (BC 208)
The SOS is a student-run peer advising service utilizing knowledgeable upper-year students. They have the answers to your questions.


JACS (BC 112)
JACS is a great place for studying, especially in groups, and it's close to physics labs, the JCR, and near most of the student clubs.

Junior Common Room (BC 115)
With a projection TV, foosball and a billiard table, the JCR is a great place to hang out between and after classes. It is open weekdays until 9 pm. It is closed during Reading Week and exam time. It is right beside JACS and the BCC and BAC offices, and near most of the student clubs.

Student Clubs
Bethune is home to many student clubs, most of them near JACS and the JCR.

Bethune Study Hall (BC 202)
This hall is a great place for studying, especially in groups. It's also one of the locations of PASS.

Life Sciences Learning Common (LSB 104)
This brand-new room is another great place for studying. It's also the home of Bethune's Peer Tutoring.

Group Study Rooms (BC 103A, BC 105, BC 105B)
Bookable by Bethune students through the College Head Office (max 2 hours/day; and 3 hours after 4 pm).

Quiet Study Room (BC 204)
Some students need a very quiet place to study. This is the place for you.

Norman's (BC 203A)
This beautiful room, which holds around 40, is used to hold smaller events and seminars. It is booked via the College Head Office.

Ryan's(BC 224)
This room, which holds 12, can be booked via the College Head Office.

Paul Delaney Gallery (BC 320)
This room, which holds 75, is used to hold larger events and seminars. It is booked via the College Head Office.

Piano Room (BC 105A)
This sound-proof room contains a piano and space for one or two accompanists. Key from the College Head Office. Weekdays 9-4 pm. Bethune residents have after-hours access to this room via their porter.

Starting Wednesday Sept 11, lockers are available for rental through the College Head Office for $20 for the academic year (mid Sept-mid April). Students are assigned their lockers only after registering through the College Head Office. Students must provide their own locks. Lockers are available first come, first serve, with priority for Bethune students. Bring your own lock.

Lockers are also available in the Bergeron building.