Peer Advisee Dos/Don'ts



  • Identify your name, major and year before you ask your question


  • Be polite and patient


  • Prepare and prioritize your specific and clear questions
  • Respect your Peer Advisor’s personal space by not towering over the counter


  • Ask about upcoming seminars and SOS events


  • Make avail of the posters and handouts for upcoming events


  • Ask about Bethune College resources


  • Be accountable for your own decisions


  • Use your critical faculties


  • Be patient when your Peer Advisor is assisting another student


  • Listen to other common questions – it may be helpful for you!
  • Don’t expect your Peer Advisor to make your decisions, she/he will guide you to resources


  • Don’t ask your Peer Advisor for tests/exams


  • Don’t expect your Peer Advisor to lend you money, beauty tips or stationary


  • Don’t pursue a personal relationship with your Peer Advisor


  • Don’t be impatient – be ready to work with your Peer Advisor to arrive at an appropriate resolution


  • Don’t ask your Peer Advisor for relationship advice


  • Don’t treat your Peer Advisor as your personal therapist


  • Don’t wait until the last minute to seek guidance


  • Don’t get frustrated if your Peer Advisor is busy or can’t give you a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer


  • Don’t disrespect the professional office environment


  • Don’t monopolize the given time frame allotted to answer a question


  • Don’t use inappropriate language around the office


  • Don’t expect the Peer Advisor to know everything