1.    Are SOS seminars free and how will I benefit from attending?

SOS Seminars are free for all York students and a list of seminars throughout the year can be found at www.bethune.yorku.ca/events. These seminars will help you learn about a variety of degree related careers, such as “What can I do with a BSc Degree”, and provide you with insight on applying to professional schools such as Medical, Dental and Physiotherapy. Additionally, you can receive information on exchange programs as well as research and volunteer opportunities on campus.

2.    What can I do if I am unable to attend an SOS seminar?

Updated seminar slides are usually posted on bethune.yorku.ca/events within 1 week of the seminar for those students who were unable to make it to the seminar or would like to review the material presented. Some seminars are also presented two times in one year so if you miss one, there’s usually another!

3.    Can Peer Advisors help me with my assignments/essays/lab reports?

Unfortunately, Peer Advisors are unable to read over your school assignments and provide you with feedback. They can however, guide you to various resources, such as the writing centre in BC 206 (bethune.yorku.ca/writing). If you are having difficulty with a specific course-related concept that you need clarified, you can always get help from one of our Peer Tutors (bethune.yorku.ca/tutoring)!

4.    Where are the Learning Commons and what services do they provide?

 The Scott Library Learning Commons is located on the second floor of Scott Library, and the personnel provide assistance with writing, research, and learning skills. You can either book an appointment or drop in during their hours. They also provide study rooms in Scott Library, which can be booked online. For more information, visit their website at http://www.library.yorku.ca/cms/learning-commons

5.    How do I change my GPA from a 9.0 scale to a 4.0 scale?

 There is no direct and easy way to convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale accurately. However, you can use this GPA Converter to input your credits and respective grade point values in order to get a GPA on a 4.0 scale. The form uses values from the OMSAS conversion chart, which can be found at: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/

6.    Where can I go for help regarding course selection and degree progress?

7.    Who can I seek assistance from if I am facing personal issues that are affecting my academic performance?

Bethune College offers one-on-one confidential advising about personal matters. For details on how to book an appointment with our Academic Coordinator, Dr. Tanya Da Sylva, please visit: bethune.yorku.ca/about/people/coordinator (for course-specific or degree-specific matters, please refer to either the course-specific course instructor/director, major/departmental undergraduate office, or faculty student advising (. You can also visit the Bethune College Master, Dr. John Amanatides, for drop-in advising at the Master’s Office (BC 207).

8.    As an international student, where can I go when I need advice/guidance?

SOS has a well-established Peer Mentoring program with students from diverse backgrounds offering support to incoming 1st year students (bethune.yorku.ca/mentoring). Some of our Peer Mentors are also international students – to get in touch with one of them, please contact bcmentor@yorku.ca. In addition, York International offers a wide array of services for new international students, including a Buddy Program to pair you up with an experienced upper year international student. For more information, visit international.yorku.ca

9.    What types of scholarships does York/Bethune offer to continuing/graduating students and how can I apply for them?

10. Where can I find information about important dates and deadlines at York University?

To find out about classes and exams start/end dates, Co-curricular Days, Reading Week, add/drop deadlines, holidays and University closings, please visit www.registrar.yorku.ca/enrol/dates.

For information on SOS-related events in addition to academic and life skills workshops offered at Bethune College, please visit bethune.yorku.ca/events

11. What is the process to apply for graduation?

In order to graduate, you must first be eligible. To learn more about eligibility and the process of applying, please visit www.yorku.ca/mygrad/preparing and www.yorku.ca/mygrad/memorabilia for information about graduation portraits.

12. How can I join the Peer Advising team and what does the position entail?

Peer Advisor recruitment letters are usually sent out at the end of each year at the end of November and interviews take place in the first week of January. The letter is circulated via email to your “preferred email account” you provided the university when you registered prior to commencing your first year at York (please ensure your current info is up-to-date), posted on the Bethune College home page (bethune.yorku.ca), and on the SOS Peer Advising website (bethune.yorku.ca/advising). Recruitment letters from the previous cycle can be found at bethune.yorku.ca/sos/leaders along with the roles and responsibilities of a Peer Advisor.

13. What are some good places to study in/near Bethune College?

There are various study spots in Bethune College that cater to the diverse learning styles of our students.

  • If you like studying in groups, SOS offers Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) facilitated by students who have previously done well in the specific course. For more information on PASS, visit bethune.yorku.ca/pass.
  • Bethune Study Hall (102F) and Life Sciences Building Room 104 are great places to get work done in your spare time and to get help from our Peer Tutors who are typically there Monday to Friday from 12:30 pm – 6:30 pm. For the Peer Tutoring Schedule, please visit bethune.yorku.ca/tutoring.
  • If you like to have pin drop silence while you study, you will benefit from using the Quiet Study Room located in BC 204.
  • If you would like to get together with your classmates to study before a test, you can also book a study room in Bethune College by visiting the Master’s Office. SOS CRs also hold study groups, please connect with your CR (bethune.yorku.ca/classreps).

14. How can I get connected with graduates and/or professionals to explore my career interests/ opportunities? 

Graduate Peer Mentors (GPM) are available to upper year students for exploring graduate school, professional school and career opportunities in a variety of fields from medicine and physiotherapy to atmospheric chemistry and mathematics. To request a GPM, please email bcgpm@yorku.ca with your name, major, year and summary of subject matter.
To connect with our PL Alumni and professionals, join us via LinkedIn.

15. How can I stay in touch with what's happening at Bethune College?

Join our Bethune College Academic Community fb page to receive updates on seminars, events, workshops, etc. and stay connected with us.