Students' Dos and Don'ts




  • When emailing your CR, please identify your name and state the relevant course
  • Communicate to your CR your suggestions to improve the quality of the course
  • Attend your CR’s study group session
  • Be accountable for your own decisions
  • Attend Free PASS sessions for your course
  • Ask about Bethune College academic support resources
  • Patiently await a response from your CR regarding your concerns/inquiries
  • Visit your Moodle or course website about information regarding your labs and course material

  • Don’t ask your CR about what is going to be on the test/exam
  • Don’t expect your CR to know everything about the course
  • Don’t treat your CR as a Peer Tutor
  • Don’t treat your CR as the TA for the course
  • Don’t ask your CR for their course notes
  • Don’t ask the CR for their cell phone number
  • Don’t use inappropriate language when communicating with your CR
  • Don’t get frustrated if your suggestions on improving the course are not completely implemented by the course instructor. The course instructor has the final decision.
  • Don’t ask your CR to forward your personal documents to the course instructor
  • Don’t pursue a personal relationship with your CR
  • Don’t be impatient – be ready to work with your CR to arrive at an appropriate resolution to your class concerns
  • Don’t treat your CR as your personal therapist
  • Don’t treat your CR as a bank or ATM
  • Don’t embarrass your CR by violating her/his personal space
  • Don't give your CR any gifts