Early Alert Initiative

The Early Alert Initiative (EAI) is a program designed to help students in FSE perform to the best of their abilities and to encourage and motivate them if they seem to be struggling. This program will focus around providing assistance to students with their first year core science courses through the numerous academic support services available to them at Bethune College (i.e. PT and PASS programs).

The EAI is not only designed to be a source of academic assistance, but rather a program that will highlight other factors that may contribute to performing poorly on examinations- time management skills, study habits, note-taking and even other extraneous factors such as handling multiple jobs or dealing with family issues- and provide assistance tailored for them. This program will hence target students not based on their grade level, but students in general who have completed their first examination and feel as if they may have not performed to the best of their abilities. It will encourage them to take advantage of the services available to them at York and BC which in turn will help them realize their mistakes, learn from them, and improve in their future endeavors, whether it is academic or non-academic.

EAI Midterm Review PASS sessions will run throughout the year to help students review core concepts and principles that were covered in previous course examinations. Currently, EAI Midterm Review PASS sessions were held for the first examination in MATH 1505 and CHEM 1000. In the future, EAI Midterm Review PASS sessions will be held for other FSE first year core courses respective to the first examination.