PASS Attendees Dos/Don'ts



  • Be polite and respectful to the PASS leader and other attendees
  • Ask for tips on how to study for a course
  • Contribute to the session
  • Feel free to ask for clarifications and ask questions
  • Listen to other attendees’ questions
  • Make use of the PASS online group (Facebook Page)
  • Do respect your PASS leader’s personal space
  • Bring study materials to the session
  • Ask the PASS leader on advice on whether or not to drop the course
  • Ask for answers to graded assignments, or labs
  • Monopolize the PASS leader
  • Date or flirt with your PASS leader
  • Solely rely on PASS leaders for your knowledge and solving course difficulties
  • Wait until the last minute to seek assistance
  • Treat your PASS leader as your personal therapist
  • Expect immediate answers – work within the session to solve problems
  • Expect mock examinations to be available online
  •  Don’t give money or gifts to your PASS leaders