SOS Volunteer Leadership Positions

Are you interested in expanding your leadership skills?

Join the supportive community at SOS in one of our leadership roles!

Applications will require you to confirm that you will attend/complete certain requirements. You will also be asked for a personal statement (described in the application) and if you are applying for Peer Tutor you will need to submit a copy of your transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable). At this time no resume is required.

All of our leaders receive extensive training! This includes Basic Peer Leadership training (full day) and role specific training, before your first day. There is also the Annual SOS Retreat (late April/early May; mandatory) and optional Advanced Training Days throughout the year.

All of our leaders are expected to be an active member of SOS and contribute to our overall mission of enhancing student engagement and academic success.

To be an SOS leader you should be professional, inclusive and welcoming in your communication. You should understand and respect the confidentiality of the people using our services and you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. We also expected you to attend at least one SOS event per semester outside of your regular hours and help with advertising SOS services.

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Peer Mentor

If you have had positive experiences at York and would like to help shape the experience of our new students then this is the role for you! This is a volunteer position.

Peer Mentor Responsibilities

  • Staff Office Hours (minimum 2 hours/week).
  • Attend biweekly meetings and communicate regularly with SOS Coordinators, and Bethune Office staff.
  • Communicate with first year mentee groups. This includes sending out biweekly emails to your mentee groups based on meeting minutes provided to you by the Peer Mentor Coordinators. This also includes answering mentee questions via email or in person.
  • All Peer Mentors must attend York Orientation Day (YOD) in September.
  • Research, prepare and present a minimum of 1 seminar per academic year.
  • Attend a minimum of 1 seminar feedback session.
  • Attend the annual SOS Retreat in early late April.
  • Assist with SOS events such as recruitment, socials and SOS open house.
  • Assist with advertising SOS services and events.

Peer Tutor

If you have successfully completed any first or second year Science or Engineering courses with a minimum grade of A, and are interested in tutoring, we look forward to receiving an application from you! This is a volunteer leadership position.

Peer Tutors provide one-on-one academic support to science and engineering students in our Learning Lounge (104 LSB). Peer Tutoring is a drop-in service that any student enrolled in our supported courses can use.

Job responsibilities:

  • Provide a minimum of two regularly scheduled tutoring hours per week between 2:30pm and 6:30pm, Monday to Thursday or 2:30pm to 4:30pm on Friday.
  • Attend biweekly meetings and communicate regularly with SOS Coordinators, and Bethune Office staff.
  • Collaborate with PASS Leaders to support student learning.

Deadline: April 5, noon