About Peer Tutoring

PLEASE NOTE: Peer Tutoring will be running remotely during the Fall 21 term! Visit the schedule for more information, including schedules and Zoom links here!
What is Peer Tutoring?

Peer Tutoring is a Bethune College service that aims to help students in Science and/or Engineering gain an enhanced understanding of the concepts and material presented in class. Peer Tutors are volunteer, undergraduate students who have performed admirably in the courses that they tutor and will assist you to the best of their ability.

Free one-on-one Peer Tutoring is available in Life Sciences Learning Lounge (LSB 104 - the rooms) during the Fall and Winter semesters (except for the final exam period and instructional breaks). This is a drop-in service and you do not need to book tutoring sessions beforehand.

Our Peer Tutors

How to use our services?

Once you come to LSB 104, check the name and the list of coursesĀ of each tutor on the blackboard behind them.

As of Fall 2020, Peer Tutoring has migrated online and the available schedule, including individual zoom links hosted by each Peer Tutor, can be accessed here.

Also, Peer Tutors wear a red armband that looks like this:

You are encouraged to use this resource to help you with understanding, having a discussion on the material, or to delve deeper into specific concepts.

  • Please Note: Peer Tutors cannot help you with assignments/homework that you will be graded on. They will explain the concepts related to the topic, but will not provide you with direct answers.
  • Also Note: In order to best use our services, we strongly encourage you to go over the material and refer to the resources available to you (your notes, the textbook, etc.) prior to seeking help from our tutors. Due to limited time, our tutors will not be able to go over an entire topic with you and it is best that you refer to a tutor with specific questions as opposed to broad, general material.
Our goals

Our vision is to provide a peer-based tutoring service that provides free, drop-in academic support for core science courses, allowing students to better grasp course material by strengthening their fundamental subject-concepts.

Our primary mission is to improve the academic performance of students utilizing the service. Moreover, we provide a chance for upper-level students to cultivate and refine their leadership and teamwork, as well as their communication skills by delivering core course concepts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the PT Coordinator Wally at: wally1@my.yorku.ca