Tutee Dos and Don'ts




  • Ask your Peer Tutor about tips for studying for your given course 
  • Try to solve textbook problems before consulting with your Peer Tutor 
  • Prepare specific questions about areas of difficulty 
  • Be polite and respectful to your Peer Tutor and other tutees 
  • Be organized by bringing textbooks, your notebook, and study materials 
  • Be honest with your understanding of concepts to acquire the most out of your tutoring session 
  • Feel free to ask for clarification, and ask questions again 
  • Respect the tutoring timeframe 
  • Ask about how you can participate in PASS sessions to further enhance your understanding of course materials 
  • Be accountable for your own knowledge and studies 
  • Wait patiently when your Peer Tutor is assisting with another tutee 
  • Listen to other tutees’ questions and respect how your Peer Tutor runs his/her session

  • Don’t ask your Peer Tutor about what material will be on the tests 
  • Don’t ask your Peer Tutor about whether to drop a course or not 
  • Don’t ask for answers to graded assignments or labs 
  • Don’t ask your Peer Tutor to judge the difficulty of your tests 
  • Don’t expect Peer Tutors to lend you anything 
  • Don’t bother others by being loud when speaking to your Peer Tutor 
  • Don’t try to purchase past exams/tests from your Peer Tutor 
  • Don’t solely rely on Peer Tutors for your  knowledge, and solving course difficulties 
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to seek assistance 
  • Don’t expect immediate answers – instead, work with your Peer Tutor to solve problems 
  • Don’t pursue any personal relationships with your Peer Tutor
  • Don’t speak foreign languages at the Peer Tutoring table