Peer Tutor Recruitment

We are currently not currently recruiting Peer Tutors.

Peer Tutor Role

This is a volunteer leadership position

If you have successfully completed any first or second year Science or Engineering courses with a minimum grade of A, and are interested in tutoring, we look forward to receiving an application from you.

Peer Tutoring is a Bethune College service that aims to help students in Science and/or Engineering gain an enhanced understanding of the concepts and material presented in class. Peer Tutors are volunteer, undergraduate students who have performed admirably in the courses that they tutor and aim to assist students to the best of their ability.

We are currently recruiting Peer Tutors for any of the following high-priority courses:

  • MATH 1013, 1014, 1021, 1025, 1300, 1310, 1505
  • PHYS 1010, 1410, 1420, 1800, 1801
  • EECS 1019, 1025, 1520

Application Process

We are not currently accepting applications.

You will be asked to attach the documents listed below to your application:

  • A Resume/CV and a Cover Letter as two separate PDF files
  • An unofficial copy of your student transcript as a PDF (screenshots of transcript reports are acceptable)
  • Since we anonymize all applications before reviewing them, we ask that you remove your name and student number from the top of your transcript
  • You may apply for a course in which you are currently enrolled but before hiring you will be asked to show proof that you have completed the course with an A/A+

Peer Tutor Duties

  • Provide a minimum of two regularly scheduled tutoring hours per week
  • Your hours must be between 2:30-4:30 Monday, 2:30-6:30 Tuesday to Thursday, or 2:30-4:30 Friday
  • Attend monthly program meetings with your assigned Meeting Leader. If you miss two monthly meetings, you will be asked to forfeit your role
  • Be professional, inclusive and welcoming in your communication
  • Communicate promptly and efficiently with your Meeting Leader, the Peer Tutor Coordinator, and/or the Academic Coordinator
  • Complete all necessary scheduling polls and program-associated tasks assigned by the Peer Tutor Coordinator and/or the Academic Coordinator
  • Check your YorkU email frequently to ensure you are staying updated on program information
  • Be an active member of SOS and contribute to our overall mission of enhancing student engagement and academic success

Mandatory Orientation and Training

  • Attend Basic Peer Leadership (BPL) Training
  • Attend Peer Tutor Training
    Note: This is a program-specific training organized by the Peer Tutor Coordinator. You are required to complete both the BPL and the Peer Tutor Training
  • Complete all mandated health and safety, and workplace training
  • You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement form

Failure to attend any mandatory training would make you ineligible for the position. You will be given an opportunity to explain why you cannot during the application process but accommodations are not guaranteed.

If you would like more information or to access this information in a different format please email the Peer Tutor Coordinator at