Our Peer Tutors

The Bethune College Peer Tutors are a wonderful and dedicated group of student volunteers who have achieved an A/A+ in the courses that they tutor. Feel free explore this page and get to know many of our tutors!



Hello! My name is Adriena and I am a 4th year Biology Major & Chemistry Minor student. I will be tutoring BIOL 2020, BIOL 2021, and CHEM 2020. If you have any questions pertaining to any of these courses, I would love to answer them. Sometimes there can be an overload of information that seems impossible to remember and, therefore, it’s always helpful to take a step back. Some of the things I do to help relax me are playing my flute or going to the gym. A study tip that can be helpful is to try and notice any patterns in the material. We often just focus on how much there is to learn rather than noticing that its just the same concept in the past chapter but being applied to a different situation. Have a great year and I look forward to seeing you at LSB.

Courses: BIOL 2020, BIOL 2021, and CHEM 2020




Hello, my name is Krstina and I currently in my third year honours biology program. The courses that I'm going to be tutoring are MATH 1013, BIOL 2020/2021. One tip that I like to give to students is to keep calm and try your best even when things get tough. If possible, review the material after lecture as that will help you process what you covered in class and hopefully make it less overwhelming. One more important thing, do lots of practice for Math. The more questions you expose yourself to, the better you will be at solving mathematical problems. Looking forward to work with you!

Courses: MATH 1013, BIOL 2020/2021




Hi, my name is Steven Spector and I am fourth-year biomedical science student. I am here to help anyone in need of help for Biochemistry and Cell Biology. The one thing I have learned over the years is to never hesitate to ask for help and to inquire about topics that interest you. Feel free to ask me any questions related to your courses and I promise to do my best to assist you. Good luck!!

Courses: BIOL 2020/2021





Hello everyone! My name is Nasimi and I am in my second year of Kinesiology and Health Science (BSc). I will be tutoring CHEM 1000/1001, CALC 1013/1014, CHEM 2020, so if you have any questions or just want to strengthen your thoughts on certain concepts, feel free to drop by. The biggest study tip I could give you is do things on time.  I will do my best to simplify concepts or problems for you. One tip to be successful in university is to study clever not hard! Have a great year and I hope to see you soon!

Courses: CHEM 1000/1001/2020, CALC 1013/1014



Hi everyone! My name is Nick Kareer, I am a 4th year Kinesiology major and I will be tutoring CHEM 2020/2021 and BIOL 2020/2021. If you have any questions or are confused with a concept feel free to come by and we can work through it together. A tip I can offer all of you is to find an easy way to relieve your stress. I suggest going to the gym or some type of physical activity is best. I look forward to meeting you!


Courses: CHEM 2020/2021 and BIOL 2020/2021




Hi everyone! My name is Raman and I’m in my third year studying Biomedical Science. I am tutoring MATH 1013/1014 and CHEM 1000/1001/2020/2021. One tip to be successful in university is to study clever not hard!

Courses: MATH 1013/1014, CHEM 1000/1001/2020/2021






Hello. My name is Ugur and I'm a third year physics student. I will be tutoring first year introductory physics courses, like PHYS 1010, PHYS 1410, PHYS 1420 and PHYS 1510. I'll be here to help with any challenging textbook questions as well as to provide help in understanding any first year physics concepts.

Courses: PHYS 1010, PHYS 1410, PHYS 1420 and PHYS 1510




Hey everyone! My name is Nathaniel and I am a 3rd year biomedical student. I tutor BIOL 1000, CHEM 1000, PHYSC 1010. If you need anything feel free to ask! My tip to success is work hard even when things get difficulty, diamonds are made from pressure. Relax and distress when you can, and Enjoy every step of the way.






Hello! This is Nader, a 4th year Biophysics major. I will do my best to help with whatever question you may have in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses. I feel that when studying, the material may sometimes seem very tedious or otherwise very challenging which may easily lead to procrastination and frustration. It is at those instances that it is most important that one takes a step back to calm down and start reading between the lines and looking for what personally interests them in the subject. By relating the study material to their end goals and reminding themselves that all this is contributing to their personal success, what was once a mountain may become a simple speed bump, or even like an enjoyable roller coaster!

Courses: BIOL 1000/1001/2020/2040, MATH 1013/1014/1505/1025/1131, PHYS 1XXX, EECS 1541



Hi everyone! My name is Nikoo and it is my third year at YorkU. I am tutoring MATH 1013/1014, PHYS 1420, CHEM 1000/1001/2020/2021 this year. My quick study tip is to do a pre-study each week for your courses, even 10 minutes will do a lot. This way your brain will be better prepared to integrate your old knowledge of the subject with the new material. The brain processes them on its own without asking for your full attention, basically it is a free service. So why not using it?! I look forward seeing you.

Courses: CHEM 1000/1001, CHEM 2020, MATH 1013/1014, PHYS 1420




Hello everyone! My name is Prerna and I'm currently in my 4th year of Kinesiology and Health Science. My tip for success is to plan out your studying hours and to not procrastinate. Do lots of practice problems so that you have a strong grasp of the basics, which then allow you to tackle even the most challenging problems. If you are struggling with any concept or problem, get them cleared right away. As your peer tutor, I strive to help you all in being able to overcome your difficulties in an efficient and compassionate manner suited to your individual needs! Don't hesitate to ask lots of questions, just drop by LSB104. Good Luck!

Courses: CHEM 1000/1001/2020, BIOL 1000/2020


Joshua (Do Eon) Lee

Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Lee and I’m in my second year studying Biomedical Science. I will be tutoring MATH 1505 and BIOL 1000/1001, so if you’re having any trouble or have any questions, feel free to drop by! Study tip I would give is, make sure you find a healthy way to relieve your stress because it is very easy to burn out. Whether it’s playingan instrument or joining extracurricular activities, it is best to relieve stress before it accumulates!

Courses: BIOL 1000/1001 MATH 1505





Hi! My name is Laura and I am a 4th year Biology major. I tutor BIOL 1000/1001/2020/2021/2040 and CHEM 1001. To do well on tests and make studying for final exams easier in, I suggest rewriting and reorganizing your notes before tests in order to tie all the concepts together.  For math and chemistry especially, it is very helpful to do lots of practise questions and not rely on answer keys. Have a great year and feel free to drop by LSB 104 for help!

Courses: BIOL 1000/1001/2020/2021/2040, CHEM 1001





Hi there, I’m Anthea! I’m a 3rd year BioMedical Science student. I tutor BIOL1000/2020 and CHEM1000/1001. Feel free to stop by with questions or even just to strengthen your understanding of concepts! My best advice is to strive to reach the highest level in the Bloom’s Taxonomy, thereby studying to apply, analyze and evaluate rather than simply knowing the material. Proactivity and organization will be your best friends in university, even if your old friend procrastination stops by. Good Luck!

Courses: BIOL 1000/2020, CHEM 1000/1001





Hi everyone, my name is Leslie, and I’m in my third year of biomedical science. I’m a Peer Tutor for BIOL 1000/1001/2040 and MATH 1505. My study tip is to not procrastinate! That way, you will be able to make sure you have enough time to study everything, and you’ll have time to ask questions and clarify concepts with your professor or peer tutors. Good luck with all your courses!

Courses: BIOL 1000/1001/2040, MATH 1505





Hello everyone, my name is Edwar and I am a second year Biology student. I will be tutoring some of your first year courses. Feel free to drop by LSB and ask as many questions as you want. I will be more than happy to help clarify concepts you might struggle with. My advice for all first year students out there is not to procrastinate and to keep up with the materials. First year at university might be a bit challenging as it is a transition from high school, but if you stay focused and manage your time you will be surprised how well you will perform. One more tip: try to right down all the assignments and test/exams due dates on your notebook, so that you stay on top of your work and don’t miss crucial deadlines. Good Luck 😉

Courses: BIOL 1000/1001, CHEM 1000/1001, MATH 1505, EECS 1520


My name is Asma El Gaoud, I am a third-year biomedical science student. Need help in your CHEM1001 and BIOL2020 science courses? If yes, feel free to drop by.I will pleased to offer you a helping hand. There is nothing wrong in asking for help. Asking for help, working with others and discussing the material is a great approach to learn and succeed in your courses. I encourage all to take advantage of the SOS service. Do not wait for last minute. 🙂

Courses: BIOL 2020 and CHEM 1001




Hello, my name is Farzam and I am very excited to be given the opportunity to be one of the Peer Tutors for first year courses. A lot of times in studying we get stuck on some materials and no matter what we do we just can’t figure out what we are doing wrong. The best solution is always seeking out help from the students who have been able to do great on the subject matter and that’s why we peer tutors can help you achieve great academic results. A tip I would give to anyone who wants to get good results is that see studying just like working out. If you want to achieve great results you need a good and well-rounded plan! It might be hard at first but once you learn to master it, you will be performing great. Best of lucks!

Courses: BIOL1000/1001, CHEM 1000/1001, MATH 1013, PHYS 1420, EECS 1520




Hi everyone, my name is Patrick, a 3rd-year computer science major with minors in Mathematics & Statistics. I will be tutoring some of the first & second-year courses, especially in Math. I can classify any complex problems and make them simpler. I can give you some advice for you to study logically while doing some challenging problems. Do not hesitate to drop in LSB. I am really looking forward to meeting you there.

Courses: PHYS 1410 and MATH 1025





Hello everyone! My name is Aman and I am in my second year of kinesiology and health science. I will be tutoring Biol 1000 and 1001, so if you have any questions or just want to strengthen your thoughts on certain concepts, feel free to drop by. The biggest study tip I could give you is do things on time. Never leave studying for an exam until the night before. Also, a good way to do this is go over lecture notes at the end of the day and put a star next to difficult concepts so you can focus on those. Have a great year and I hope to see you soon!

Courses: BIOL 1000/1001



Hi my name is Lletta, I'm a 4th year  Biology student and tutor CHEM 2020/2021 and EECS 1520. One tip for studying is to do lots of practice and make your own study questions.