Science Student Caucus

The role of the Science Student Caucus (SSC) is to represent, and be the voice of, students at the Faculty of Science Council and its subcommittees.  As well, two members of SSC represent Science students in York's Senate.

There are twenty undergraduate and five graduate (at least one from each graduate program) members of Caucus.

Undergraduate students registered in the Faculty of Science are eligible to be members of SSC.

Graduate students registered in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, and Science and Technology (one from each program) are eligible to be members of SSC.

2020-21 Caucus

Student Coordinator: elected by SSC representatives

Undergraduate members: Ailiya Rizwan, Aleeza Qayyum, Ali Bashar, Alice Fours, Anita Khoshnik , Areeba Chaudhry, Daniel Kamel, Elana Dhaigham, Gemner Sandoval, Hassan Khan, Hila Akbari , Jessica Sinha, Julyana Al-Hussain, Rachel Duncan , Robert Cheung, Sameen Ali, Sormeh Mehrabihaghi Hamedani, Tanya Rajwani, Yashna Manek, and Yurij Kunyckyj.

Graduate members: Ellie Abdollahi (Math&Stats), Gabriella Gerzon (Biology), Olga Andriyevska (Physics), Si Jia (Molly) Hu (Chemistry),  STS: TBA).


All SSC members are part of Science Faculty Council.  The Council meets every second Tuesday of the month from 3-4:30 pm in 306 Lumbers (pre-COVID).

Two SSC members are also student Senators: Romina Noormohammadi (June 30, 2021) and Robert Cheung (June 30, 2020).

SCC members also serve on Science sub-committees. These committees typically meet once per month (the regular time slot is shown in parenthesis further below). Descriptions of these committees can be found in the Rules & Procedures for Council. Only one student is on most committees and only graduate students can be on the Graduate Education Committee and the Teaching and Learning committee.

Science Sub-Committees

  • Academic Policy and Planning (Last Thurs of month 9-10:30): Rachel Duncan
  • Appeals (2 student members) (Mon 11:30-1:30 or Tues 9:30-11:30) Yurij Kunyckyj and Tanya Rajwani
  • Examinations and Academic Standards (one student and one alternate) (Wed 1-3 or Thurs 1-3) Ali Bashar and Sormeh Hamedani
  • Executive  (first Tues of month 1:30-3) Hila Akbari
  • Graduate Education Committee (TBD) Ellie Abdollahi
  • Petitions  (2 student members) (once a month, Wed 2:30-4 or Thurs 2:30-4) Yashna Manek and Hassan Khan
  • Research and Awards  (as needed) Sameen Ali
  • Teaching and Learning  (1 undergraduate and 2 graduate students) (3rd Thurs of month 1:1-2:30) Areeba Chaudhry, Gabriella Gerzon
  • Tenure and Promotions (last Tues of month 9-11) Daniel Kamel
  • Undergraduate Curriculum (2 student members) (Last Tues of month 1:30-3) Elana Dhaigham and Jessica Sinha
  • Student Senators (2 students) (4th Thurs of Month, 3-5 pm): Romina Noormohammadi (June 2021), Julyana Al-Hussain (June 2022)

2019-20 Caucus

Aleeza Qayyum, Alita Gideon, Francis Calingo, Hila Akbari, Hyejung Kwon, Kavish Parikh, Rakan Omar, Robert Cheung, Romina Noormohammadi, Rushi Patel, Sarah Elnaffar, and Tanya Rajwani.