The following are candidates for Science Student Caucus:

adhithya kurup Environmental biology I believe there is always a leader in me. I want to be part of the Science student caucus as the role is closer to the person I am. I am quite critical and full of opinions (both positive and negative) which will play a huge role in our YORKU science community. At present, I am the science student ambassador and a research practicum student under Dr. Dawn Bazely which has provided me a platform to know more about York science and its developments all around. Back in my high school, I was elected opposition leader where I played the role to maintain democracy and fought against the president to satisfy public necessities and opinions.
If I am elected as a candidate to be part of the science student caucus, I believe I can represent the voice of students at faculty of science council and its subcommittees. Moreover, one of the major point I want to be contributing is the management and development of well maintained equity, diversity and inclusion action plan. I am a person with lots of ideas and dreams and being part of the Science Student Caucus will be one step closer to what I want to achieve at York university.
Ahmad Waqar Hussain Mathematics and statistics I was a mathematics senior representative in high school and have lead multiple school events and participated and brought back delegation awards. I have the experience and knowledge of how to lead and how to be a better leader. Hence I would like to try to be a leader in a new environment. As an international, I can bring more diverse ideas.
Ailiya Rizwan Biomedical sciences I want to be on SSC to give a voice to every single science student regardless of their gender, sex, race or religion. There are countless of incidents at university but only so many students are able to speak out against them due to social pressure, fear of being ostracized or punished or simply - not being taken seriously. Hence, I want to represent all those students, and their issues, in a setting like SSC where I know change is possible.

Last year I was on the equity committee of SSC which enabled me to bring several issues to light such as the socioeconomic issue of wifi instability and the unfair timing of examinations for international students. This year I plan to voice student concerns regarding class set up. As many classes return to in person session or a blend of online and in person, there are many issues regarding the way these blended classes are talking place which is disadvantaging those continuing online such as professors using blackboards instead of screen sharing slides.

I believe my experience working with faculty members in the equity committee has enabled me to build valuable communication and professional skills. These will help me to address student concerns in an articulate and assertive manner to ensure the appropriate measures are taken.

Therefore, I would love the opportunity to represent the student voice at SSC and I truly believe my experience with the equity committee will be an invaluable asset.

Alan Jia Biology This is my 4th year and I feel that I am passionate about science at Yorku and I wanted to show how I feel by representing the students at the Faculty of Science Council and its subcommittees. I feel I have developed the intra- and interpersonal skills to be a representative as the science student caucus over the past 3 years.
Aleeza Qayyum Biomedical Science Being a part of the Science Student Caucus for the past two years has been a wonderful platform for student advocacy and personal growth. Last year I had the pleasure of being the Science Student Caucus Coordinator/Leader and it allowed me to pursue my passions while making meaningful change. I want to be a part of the Science Student Caucus again to continue the path to student advocacy so every student has a chance at success!
Alice Fours Biology Hello, my name is Alice, a third-year Biology student. I would like to be a part of the Science Student Caucus because I want to advocate for more experiential opportunities for students. Last year on the Caucus, I had the opportunity to work with university administration on the Experiential Education Committee to develop plans and strategies with recommendations to guide university staff in making decisions about experiential education approaches. I sought feedback from students and integrated their concerns into university policies that enhance the quality of teaching and learning. I would continue to advocate for every student having an opportunity for a hands-on learning experience throughout their studies. As a Science Student Caucus member, I would be honoured to represent student voices regarding Faculty initiatives.
Areeba Chaudhry Biomedical Science HELLO BETHUNE! My name is Areeba and I want to be re-elected on SSC because advocating for my peers last year was my favourite experience at York as of yet. I was a very active member of last year's SSC and as such, my fellow team members have chosen me to be on the Executive Committee this year (given that I also get re-elected by all of you!) I was present at every single faculty meeting and took any and every opportunity to advocate for an equitable learning environment for all science students at York, even if the issues didn't pertain to me directly. For example, I brought up the importance of all virtual lectures being recorded, especially for those in unconventional time zones/living situations and received a positive response from faculty members present at the meeting. I am very passionate about mentorship and am extensively involved in the York community which gives me the ability to consider the perspective of various students from multiple roles that I take on. As a BC Peer Tutor and Peer Mentor, as well as a Student Ambassador, I get the opportunity to speak with many of the younger 1st&2nd year students and relay their concerns as YOUR representative. I also hold executive positions on several student-run clubs, including one that I started myself (@brstigmas.yu)! I am a very approachable person and if you vote for me, I will make it a priority to ensure that your concerns are heard!
Arghavan Sammak Moghaddam Biomedical Science (third year) The reason that I want to be part of the science student caucus is I am an international student that has a variety of experiences for studying in a foreign country. I believe that many international students are not aware of the pathway to solve the difficulties that happen during their academic years. I have the passion to be their voice and refer their problems to our home faculty Council. My previous experiences as a transition mentor as well as a peer mentor gave me an opportunity to interact with many students that have various backgrounds which assisted me in being aware of student concerns, especially during their first year.
Ashlyn Nguyen Biomedical Sciences As a first-year student leader, joining the Science Student Caucus is the perfect opportunity to get involved in my student community.

I am pursuing a role on SSC because I believe my input as a first-year student could improve the council’s ability to connect with incoming students. Since the council consists of upper-year students, a freshman voice could help the committee make decisions to accommodate new students. It is essential that SSC effectively support first-year students during their transition to university. Furthermore, I can be the voice of the first-year community and advocate for their concerns. Students will feel comfortable confiding in me as their classmate and peer.

Fostering a supportive student community is another reason why I am interested in a leadership role with SSC. I am dedicated to creating a student culture that discourages student competition and empowers peers in their learning. As a committee member of SSC, I will have the platform and influence to build the community I envision for myself and my peers.

With my strengths in communication, professionalism, proactive leadership, and innovation, I know I can serve as a great asset to the committee. Representing students and leading peers are tasks that I am highly skilled in because of my former executive roles in 6 high school clubs and current leadership positions in 4 organizations. My skills and previous experiences make me an ideal candidate for a leadership position in SSC.

Claire Del Zotto Biology As a second-year biology student, I value the importance of STEM education and how it shapes students to be logical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and well-rounded leaders. As a Science Student Caucus member, I hope to represent the future researchers, educators, and healthcare professionals of Bethune College by helping to ensure that everyone has the resources that they need to excel academically. I am passionate about community outreach and leadership, and am currently involved in the Peer Mentorship and Class Representative programs, as well as serving as the Administrative Assistant on Bethune College Council. In my free time, I like to run, play tennis and practice calligraphy! Ultimately, I feel that serving as a Student Caucus member would be a great way to get involved this year.
Daniel Arani Biomedical Science All students deserve to be heard in terms of their concerns and comments not only for the Faculty of Science, but for the university as a whole. To be the student voice and aid in decision making would be an amazing responsibility to hold in determining the future of our education in the Faculty of Science. Given the circumstances of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to participate in the Science Student Caucus. I believe with my experience in the Faculty, York University and my experience in leadership, I can potentially be a great asset to the Caucus and get voices of students heard with their concerns on how the pandemic has affected their University experience and how to improve Science life at York. I want to be able to share not only my opinions, but the opinions of my fellow peers on campus and other Faculty members to a greater extent. I am known for understanding the importance of teamwork and truly understanding the importance of achieving a goal. Being on the Science Student Caucus is definitely a cause that drives me in order to achieve a goal based on the ideals and values of Science students and the Faculty of Science
Elana Dhaigham Biomedical Science I want to be on the Science Student Caucus (SSC) because I want to help students by bridging the gap between their voices and the professors and Dean. As a past SSC member I can happily say that I was able to provide positive changes for science students at York and I would like to continue to do so. I believe that I would be good for this role because I’m not only a good leader but I am also a good listener. I will listen to your concerns and make sure to bring them up to the faculty. I have proven my leadership skills through not only the SSC last year but also the Science Student Ambassador program, Science Student Communications Liaison Group, Science Transition Mentor program, and by being the co-founder and organizer of the Not Just Rumours movement where I lobbied for education reform which led to the change of Bill-37 (The bill allowed faculty who've sexually assaulted students keep their license and continue teaching, but the movement reformed the bill to revoke teaching licenses of those found guilty of misconduct). I promise that if I am voted into the Science Student Caucus that I will continue to listen to your concerns as well as needs and bring them up to the faculty. A vote for Elana is a vote for your voice to be heard!
Ghazal Hooshyar Biomedical science I am a very social person and I enjoy being among new people and talking to them and this is a great chance for me to be among people and at the same time help them and be their voices. Furthermore, I really want to be more involve in my university activities because this is what makes me happy and more reproductive and I want to be someone among my friends and classmates that has this ability to help them overcome their problems. By being a science student caucus member I can have this chance to be more helpful in my society and this is what brings me joy.
Hassan Khan Biology (waiting to be approved from my previous : undecided science major) I served last year on the science student caucus (SSC), and it was a great opportunity to be involved and have a hand in improving life for students during the online year. As a group we were able to start a conversation with course directors on bettering classrooms and how courses can be structured and ran in a more student friendly fashion. Some demands were even met, such as lecture recordings always being posted on eclass, more nonsequential tests and quizzes, and reducing the numbered of proctored exams. Being apart of the SSC has shown me the power this caucus has to make real positive change for us students. I want to continue working with Caucus members and continue to improve life as a York science student. And as I am sure many of you can agree, there is still a lot to do. Personally, I had the opportunity to serve on the petitions committee during this past year, where I read and voted on student’s petitions. It was a great opportunity for me to not only help the students of Bethune but also it gave me insights on the shortcomings of the school, and how they may have failed some students. I want to help our students to feel like they are not in a losing situation. I am also a member of our Bethune council, as a commuter representative. Thank you for choosing me to represent you all as a SSC member.
Hila Akbari Honors Biology Over the last two years I have been on the Scholarships & Rewards committee, and the Executive Committee of the Science Student Caucus. Last year, I raised a motion on behalf of the SSC members, to have an official designated time on the faculty of science meetings agenda; so that the SSC members had a platform to speak on behalf of the students of the science faculty and discuss urgent student issues. I was very concerned about the mental health of my fellow peers with the increasing workload of online school. It was imperative to address lack of student accommodations, and difficult course structures leading to increased stress and burn out. The SSC members last year were able to all work together, and take steps towards better student representation amongst the science faculty, through getting together and writing a letter to the dean of science, and creating a new student liaison group welcome for all students to attend. I want to be on the SSC so that I can continue the work we have started towards change, and use my experience of the last two years on the caucus to take the necessary next steps for improved student representation, and for better faculty response towards student concerns. As a fourth year student, I have a lot of experience in what students desire to improve. I want to use my knowledge of the faculty structure to be an effective student representative for all faculty of science students at York University.
Hojeong Yoon Honours Biology As a first-year student, I wanted to find the way to be connected to the community and get involve to build comfortable community for students. I would like to be a volunteer who listens to fellow students and advocate.
Ibifuro Opuso-Jama Biochemistry I think this would be a great opportunity for me to get involved with the community and get to know people. I've never really tried at leadership roles because I didn't think I would be fit for the role. But truly, what makes a someone an ideal leader? I think being apart of the student caucus will be an eye opener for me plus it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.
iman farah Biomedical Sciences A little bit about me! when I am not attending classes here at York, I enjoy reading, cooking and baking, exercising, and falling into an endless pit of consumerism.

Going into my third year of Biomedical Sciences, I feel that I have sufficient experience to accurately convey the needs of Faculty of science undergraduate students. As the voice and representative of York science students, I intend to be proactive about the needs of our student caucus. As well, I aim to bring about a perspective many science students can relate to. Being involved with extracurriculars, working part-time and keeping up with sciences can prove difficult without adequate resources and services to help support.

I recognize that as a member of the science student caucus, it is incumbent upon me to impart my peers with an appropriate representation. I realized that although it is comfortable to remain consumed with your studies and ignore everything else, it may be the very reason why as science students we feel unsupported at times. With rigorous studies it is all too easy to feel isolated from the student body, or at the very least ,support services. That is why I would like to represent and be the voice for the science student caucus, if you wont hear it from faculty heads, you can bet you'll hear it from me!

In short, I'd love nothing more than to be nominated as the Student Science Caucus as I promise, that I will do my best.

Thank you,

jenny lau Environmental Science I would like to me more involved and informed on the behind-the-scene-decisions that are being made on behalf of students of science.
Jessica Sinha biology Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Sinha and I am a second-year, honours biology student at York University. As a former member of the science student caucus, I really enjoyed and loved the ability to do my best to serve as the voice of the students in the faculty of science at YorkU.  While working in the student caucus, we were able to address various issues which were expressed by my peers in the science faculty. It was an honour to be a part of such a cause. I would be grateful for the privilege to continue to be the voice of the students at the student science caucus this year as well. I wish to do my best in this position and take on the responsibilities that come with it, especially in this time with COVID-19 when the voice of the students of the faculty need to be expressed more than ever. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Josh Moyal Biology (Honours) Since my first year at York University, I have taken note of a diverse range of challenges and struggles that face science students on a daily basis. For far too long, students within the Faculty of Science have lacked a central body to voice their concerns, struggles, and beliefs to York's administration. This is what inspired me to run for Science Student Caucasus in 2018. Today, I am running with the goal of addressing the wide range of new student challenges the pandemic has brought. Virtual courses and examinations has left international students and those with unreliable internet access to fend for themselves. If elected, I would push for more leniency to be built into online course offerings. I would also ensure that awards and scholarships are equitably distributed to students of all minorities.
Kristina Gremi Biochemistry I want to be on science student caucus because working with the subcommittees such as the equity, diversity and inclusions and research and awards, I can help solve problems everyone is facing during the pandemic and present more information on how people can get involved in the faculty of science.
Leah Chappelle Biomedical science I would like to be in the science student caucus mainly to lend a helping hand to students in the faculty of science program and be a guide for them (as well as a voice). Representation is very important especially for the undergraduates and I believe that I am the perfect fit.
Lorna-Maureen Krelove Neuroscience The Science Student Caucus allows the opportunity to be the voice of and the representation of the undergraduate portion of the Faculty of Science. As a part of the first cohort of students in the Neuroscience program, the opportunity to represent my peers within the Faculty Council is intriguing; being a part of a new program evokes a unique student experience within the Faculty and points of view that may not be seen in more established programs. As the Neuroscience program develops, being part of the first offering of new courses provides insight on undergraduate curriculum, academic planning/policy, examinations, and academic standards. This kind of input could greatly benefit the Faculty and  Council  for new programs and incentives, as well as considerations for current offerings. Being part of the diverse community that is in Science, I cherish the opportunity to effectively represent the voice of my peers. Being involved with my university is important to me, the Caucus is a unique space to connect with peers and faculty for the benefit of York Science. I am passionate about ensuring everyone feels they have a voice, and that their voice means something. Being able to give back to York's undergraduate Science community through communication with the Council will allow me to provide the unique points of view from Neuroscience students while representing the undergraduate Science student body.
Mark Vertlib Physics (Space Science) I can think of fewer noble ways to spend my time then to be one of the voices of our science students. Science drives us towards a prosperous future, and education is what drives the development of science.
Melika Joulaei Biology As a second-year biomedical science student, I strongly feel that remote learning has created new challenges that impact the university experience for everyone. The distant learning experience has introduced new barriers to social interactions and connections within the university.  Therefore, I am keen to be on the student caucus to be part of a team that actively brings student voices and perspectives into decision-making processes in the university. I hope to help strengthen the connections between students and faculty members by bringing student issues to the attention of faculty members.  I am excited at the prospect of having the opportunity to create an inclusive university community that values and addresses everyone’s ideas and concerns. With your support, I hope to help create a better university experience for everyone at York University.
Michael Krol Biology I would like to be on Science Student Caucus because I believe I have a clear understanding of the needs and troubles science students at York University have faced last year. Throughout my experiences at York such as a PASS leader etc., I have learned what students find most difficult and I have gained skills to help them deal with these issues accordingly. Specifically, conflict resolution and teamwork have allowed me to successfully assist other students in achieving their desired academic and non-academic goals. I would like to bring these skills I have acquired to the Science Student Caucus, to help a greater amount of students. Therefore, I'm very eager to create a positive impact in the York community and strengthen our experiences as science students at York.
Mustafa Abdulkadhim Biomedical Science I would love to represent and speak for the students at the faculty of science and I believe that with my skills I can help students by improving the communications of students to the faculty of science especially at a period like this. Also, I am familiar with communicating with a large number of students because I have created many large groups for courses where we do many activities together to help each other in science courses. I have many other experiences with student communication and skills that are necessary for a leader of a large group, I would appreciate it if you give me an opportunity to share my expertise and skills with you.


Mustafa Abdulkadhim

Rastin Rahiminejad Biomedical science. Examinations and Academic Standards
Academic Policy and Planning
Teaching and Learning
Undergraduate Curriculum
Student Senators
Richi Rohra Biomedical Sciences I want to become a part of Student Science Caucus to represent the voice of students in the Faculty of Science. In the last 3 years I have been heavily engaged in the academics and the social aspects revolving in the faculty of science. First, I participated in 2 YFS elections which has allowed me to gain knowledge and getting a chance to communicate with my peers. Moving on, I am also an active member of numerous science clubs such as the Biophysics club, Texi, and co-president of the York University Biology Society (YUBS) which helps first year students prepare for midterms and explore biology through various events. Moreover, as a Student Science Ambassador, I can also voice concerns of prospective students of the faculty of science. All in all, with the support of my peers, I can best represent, and be the voice of students in the Faculty of Science Council and its subcommittees.
Robin Gammell Hons Undecided Major Being able to actively reflect the opinions of myself and my peers to better benefit the science program and the university experience as a whole appeals to me. The responsibility of making positive change within the community it’s something I hold with high regard. Positive changes now means a better future for others, and I want to help create a better future for others.
Rukm Sanghera BSc Mathematics Being on the Science Student Caucus gives me a chance to help my fellow peers and other Science students by voicing their opinions and suggestions to make their University life better. Every individual who comes to the University hopes for the best college life they can get, and that can only be ensured if there are people who are capable of getting rid of their problems they would face. I want to be one of those people because I believe I do have what it takes to work for the right cause and never stop until I get the right outcome. This position suits me because I consider myself to very reliable and I'll always be available to a person in need. This position offers me a chance to do that on a much larger scale, and I'd be more than happy to get this opportunity.
rymarczuk Undecided major in science Science has always been a passion of mine. I am currently enrolled in an undecided major in science because I wanted to explore all science fields and make a concise decision based on this year. I think joining Science Student Caucus would further expand my education and understanding of science as a whole. It would be an honour.
Sabrina Brusco Biomedical Science I would like to be on Science Student Caucus to be a voice for science students and represent my peers at the Faculty of Science Council. As a second year biomedical science student, I have been able to get a sense of the science community at York through my involvement with Bethune College as a class representative and as a Science Student Ambassador. Furthermore, I participated in the Indicium STEM Fellowship competition last year and attended this summer’s NSERC research conference, where I was able to connect with peers and get exposure to many of the research initiatives currently at York. These experiences have allowed me to gain insight into many aspects of student life in the faculty of science, and have allowed me to reflect on areas that I feel could be enhanced, such as mental health initiatives and fostering a more inclusive learning environment for the diverse student population. If elected, I feel I would be able to support positive change and growth as a passionate advocate for my peers.
Sahib Singh Madahar Biomedical Science I'm interested in joining the Science Student Caucus because it's the perfect opportunity to represent the voice of Science students and to give back to the Faculty of Science Community. During my time at York University, I've had the opportunity to share my experiences with prospective students, ease the transition of first-year students, and support current students through programs offered by Bethune College, Faculty of Science Recruitment and other extracurricular activities. Through these experiences, I have been able to interact and network with students, staff and professors. I am very passionate about making a difference and will always work hard to bring forth meaningful contributions. More importantly, the opportunity to join the Science Student Caucus will allow me to advocate for my peers and ensure that their concerns, feedback and suggestions are taken into consideration and valued.
Sameen Ali Honour Biology With all the new transitions happening in 2021, whether it’s moving on from living life locked up in our bedrooms or being on campus for the first time, I want to be able to ease the transitions for students. From personal experience, I know how challenging and isolating such transitions can feel; I hope that no first year student feels this way. Being a part of SSC will allow me to do that while also making an impact on the education system we have in place in our faculty of science. Having taken most of the first and second year science courses that have the reputation of being “difficult” here at York I want to bring light to the many issues students faced so that future students don’t have to. In addition, as a former SSC member I am able to use my past experience to help get the point across and have voices addressed. Hearing what other students have to say and bringing that up to the SSC is important to me. Hence, I am accessible through social media and participate in various clubs that allow others to be able to contact me for any issue about a course or system that could be addressed. I want to be a part of SSC so that everyone gets a chance to be a part of SSC, I would love the privilege of bringing light to those issues.
Sandra Raoof Biomedical Science As a first year student, I knew that I wanted to get involved in the York community. Being a part of the Science Student Caucus is the perfect opportunity for me to get involved and give back to the Faculty of Science. It would be a privilege to represent and be the voice of Science students at York in any capacity. I believe that the SSC is an opportunity to add to the welcoming and open environment of the Faculty of Science and be a part of some of the crucial decisions and aspects made behind the scenes. With that, the SSC is also presented as a great way to connect with other students, organizations and faculties to help facilitate communication with the York community and Science Students. It would be a great opportunity if I were to join the Science Student Caucus!
Sarah Abubaker Biology I want to be on SSC because I have a passion for continually improving our science community at York. Throughout my years, I have learned a great deal pertaining to academic enrichment through the community around me, and was made aware that the Science Student Caucus is the voice behind a lot of changes that helped our student body. I feel that by representing the Faculty of Science, I can help ameliorate students’ lives through parttaking in various committees and voicing valid concerns. By being aware of facultative decision making processes, I know that I can be a voice for my peers to ensure that the student is taken into account when proceeding with choices. I want to be able to help and represent science students like myself at York, and SSC is a great way to do it. Being part of Bethune College Council helped me realize how fulfilling it is to be able to contribute to the shaping of our community, and I would love the opportunity to do so through more academic means as well.
Shahrzad Khajehzadeh Shoushtari Biomedical sciences I have joined a few student clubs over the past few years such as York's Medicine Magazine and while I vastly enjoyed working within those clubs, I am now looking to join a team that has a greater impact on our faculties students.  I've always been interested in actively contributing to my college, however I did not believe I was knowledgeable enough on the student experience to help the SSC. I am now in my fifth year at York and I believe I am knowledgeable on the unique aspects of York's student experience to represent our faculties students. Through my experience working at Tirgan Persian festival as well as working in the Emergency department at a hospital, I believe I have acquired the leadership, communication and collaboration skills to be an effective member of the SSC. In my current position as an ER clerk, I often have to collaborate with different staff such as nurses, doctors, and paramedics. I believe I can transfer the same collaborative effort to the SSC.
Stephanie Sansone Biology I want to be on the Science Student Caucus because I believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. Students should have their thoughts be addressed by the Faculty of Science Council, its committees, and York University's Senate. It is important that students receive a quality education met with fairness and integrity to uphold York University's academic standards. I am a strong candidate for a seat on the Science Student Caucus because I have been a student at York University for 2 degrees. I am currently working on my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with Honours. My first degree here at York University was a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Honours. My many years of study at York University, my volunteer and work experience at various hospitals with patients of vast backgrounds, along with my strong-willed personality, make me an ideal candidate for a seat on the Science Student Caucus.
Trista Juman Biomedical Science I would like to be on the Science Student Caucus because I am  interested in getting involved in Faculty life and giving back to the Faculty of Science community. I would also love to make a difference for University students in the Faculty of Science. Thank you for considering me to be part of the SSC.
Tulsi Parmar Biotechnology I want to become Science Student Caucus because of my interest in representing the community and exploring it. To be honest, I was always the student who didn't spoked much but however, now I want to enhance my skills and want to be the voice of Faculty of Science's students.
Usman Chaudhry Ahmed Biochemistry I would like to be on the student science caucus as I feel like I have the leadership and teamwork skills fit for the position. Along with this, I am very outgoing and have a strong interest in the science field, so in my mind there’s no better place to be than in the student science caucus. I believe I’m qualified for this position by my work and volunteer experiences, working in retail for over a year and working some months in a clinic. I have also volunteered with the Humanity First charity multiple times and have aided the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in organizing various events. Additionally, I am on the executive council of the AMSA York university club, and plan on starting up a club myself soon. Thank you for reading my application and I look forward to hearing your response!
Veedhi Solanki Biological I want to bring forward ideas and needs of faculty of science students.
Yashna Manek Mathematics for Education I truly believe that the Science Student Caucus is an important platform for students to be on, which is why I would love to be a part of it again! The SSC is responsible for representing and being the voice for all Faculty of Science students, so, if given the opportunity, it would be my absolute pleasure to be that voice and outline the current shortcomings within our faculty. My previous term on SSC as well as on the FSc Petitions Committee have allowed me to better understand York University and more specifically the Faculty of Science structure. Additionally, my ongoing involvement on Bethune College Council has given me more insight on the student environment and student needs, which I will definitely keep in mind and address when attending FSc Council meetings. I believe that these roles have given me the experience I need to advocate for students and be their voice on large-scale platforms, which is why I strongly feel that I am capable of taking on all the responsibilities involved with being on the SSC. I am extremely hard working, motivated, and compassionate, and if elected, it will be my goal this year to help improve each student’s academic and social life here at York. Thank you all for your consideration 🙂
YU LIU Biomedical Science I want to meet some new friends,since it is my second year and I really want to get involed in Faculty life and be a member of caucus. Thank you!