The following are candidates for Science Student Caucus:

Ailiya Rizwan (Biomedical Sciences) I would love the opportunity to be apart of the Science Student Caucus because I want to represent and be the voice of students at the Faculty of Science Council. In high school I was the Cultural Director of the Leadership, Equity And Diversity Club (LEAD) in which I supported students from diverse backgrounds by directing and carrying out fun initiatives to spread awareness about cultural, religious and equity events (eg. Women's Day handmade scrunchie sale & Eid day henna) to ensure every student felt included and had their background represented. Similarly, I would feel honored to voice any concerns students have and get them recognized and resolved to ensure students, especially those who are unable to speak up for themselves, know that their voice matters and there is someone willing to make sure their voice is heard. One committee that intrigues me is the "Committee on Research and Awards" which would enable to review the various faculty competitions and programs available to students and accordingly, provide advice on how to make these programs more accessible to students (providing more awareness and resources), and to ensure every student receives an equal opportunity. I would listen to concerns from students about these programs, keep track of the most frequently asked questions and concerns, and advise the departments on how they should go about addressing these concerns. For example, if many students feel as though there is inadequate information regarding an award, or that the information provided is ambiguous, I would advise the appropriate departments as well as the Dean to perhaps make a clearer statement on these awards (such as via an informative email addressing these question sent to all science students, or a zoom q&a session). Whilst being President of HOSA, I had to constantly communicate with the Vice Principle to ensure our events got approved by creating a short presentation on our event details (money/resources required, time frame etc) & how our events were following the school protocol. I would also constantly inform the teacher (respectfully) on how to improve his lectures to effectively prepare students for the upcoming competition. Through this experience, I know how to appropriately and respectfully talk to authoritative figures to ensure student concerns are addressed, which I believe will make me a valuable addition to the Science Student Caucus team. Essentially, I want to bridge the gap between students and opportunities.

Aleeza Qayyum (Biomedical Science) As a previous Science Student Caucus member last year, my experience was very rewarding and it is something I would love to continue. Throughout my time at York I have become very involved with campus life and the student community, and I believe this has enabled me to advocate for student success effectively. I previously sat on the Petitions Committee as part of the Science Student Caucus, and being able to represent the student vote on the panel was a very interesting experience I learned a lot from. I currently work at the Student Success Centre at York as a Learning Skills Peer to pursue my passion of supporting students on their academic journey, and I also spent this past summer as a remote Research Assistant with Dr. Pearlman here at York. I believe I have the skills, passion, advocacy and leadership to be an excellent member of the Science Student Caucus, and I want to be a part of a team that works towards student success and satisfaction!

Ali Bashar (Biomedical Science) Hey Science Students! My name is Ali Bashar and I am running to be a part of the Science Student Caucus to be your voice. Although the science community at York is vibrant with amazing faculty and friends, we can do better. I will advocate for change within the Science Student Caucus to support current and future students.

I have been an active member within the science community. This year, I am an executive on the Chemistry Society and Biology Society at YorkU. This will also be the second year that I will be on Bethune College Council with my position being Commuter Representative for the year.

Take care, Ali Bashar 🙂

Alice Fours (Biology) As a science student, I am proud of our faculty along with our closely-knit community. However, I firmly believe there always needs to be a push to do better through community engagement and continuously experimenting with new ideas to facilitate the positive environment that York students expect and deserve. If elected, I will build off my experience in the faculty and the concerns I have heard from numerous science students to foster positive change. This opportunity to connect with other York students will allow me to voice the changes that need to be made and collaborate with other faculties to develop projects and events that enrich interfaculty relationships. As a member of the science student caucus, I will work to ensure that the problems of every science student are sufficiently addressed.

Anita Khoshnik (Biomedical Science) I would like to become a member of the Science Student Caucus because I want to represent the student's voice at the Faculty of Science Council. In my opinion, being a member of this program will give me the opportunity to meet more people studying in the same field as me. In addition, I believe that working in SSC will be a great chance to become more involved in the university’s events, therefore I would be able to work on my leadership and management skills.

Areeba Chaudhry (Biomedical Science) I want to use my unique and diverse past leadership experiences and skills as an active member of the Science Student Caucus and by extension, be the voice of students in the Faculty of Science at York University. Throughout my time at York, I have been extensively engaged in student life and I particularly enjoy taking on mentorship roles such as being a Bethune College Peer Tutor, Science Student Ambassador, Frosh Leader, and many more. You might also find me planning events for various student-run organizations on campus or volunteering in community initiatives. My active involvement in the school community has allowed me to enhance my leadership skills, connect with fellow students, and developed an appreciation for student life at York University. I am a motivated, hardworking, and reliable individual and I believe that my unique experiences enable me to offer a valuable student perspective to the Faculty of Science Council and its subcommittees. I plan on representing and uplifting the student body voice and am always ready to hear the input of my peers, adressing their concerns, and considering their perspectives when taking part in decision-making. Most importantly, I want to be a part of Science Student Caucus in order to make a direct impact on our faculty by playing a part in ensuring that students get the resources and quality education experience that they deserve.

Daniel Kamel (Biomedical Science) I want to be on Science Student Caucus because I want to put my time and energy into helping students achieve their success and making their goals attainable. I have leadership experience from being a Bethune College Peer Tutor (+1 year) and I strongly believe that I can apply the essential skills I developed from there into being a member of the caucus. Ultimately, I will work hard to promote open communication between team members and be committed to encouraging a respectful and collaborative environment to efficiently meet the needs of students.

Elana Dhaigham (Biomedical Science) Joining the Science Student Caucus means I represent the voices of York science students who may not feel like they can voice their opinions. Being in university, especially when you’re a first year student, can be scary and might feel intimidating to speak up about issues. I want to be a part of this caucus so that I can listen to students and express any issues they may have in the meetings in order to find solutions and make York University a better place for its students.

Ernest Gasparyan (Biomedical Science) I want to be one of the representatives in the Science Student Caucus and have the voices heard of students in the Faculty of Science about their needs and concerns regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation. Throughout high school, I helped some of my teacher in my senior year with providing help towards students in need and struggling with their classes in science. I also was bridging the communication gap of students and teachers by allowing students to tell me about topics they were struggling with and providing the teacher with that information. I also was tutoring the students and establishing a relationship with them that made them feel comfortable to voice their questions and concerns to me. Not only did this experience teach me about the importance of having students voices heard, but also providing the appropriate help to them to allow them to succeed. Sometimes students have needs and may be too shy or embarrassed to like voice them, I want to be the person that students in the Faculty of Science can approach and voice anything they need and concerns they may have. I have experienced this several times in my high school where students had some need or concern yet were too shy to voice it to the teacher and thus I was the bridge to help with that communication and with the permission of the student voiced the concern to the teacher. Establishing communication is key and I want to be a part of a committee that advocates for that. I want to be a representative that provides responsibility and integrity among the student body and makes as large of a positive impact as possible. If any students want to communicate with the Faculty of Science directors/leaders, I want to be able to bridge that communication just as I did in high school. Furthermore, I want to provide a fair chance towards every student in the Faculty of Science in any decisions to be made by the committee. In conclusion, I think it would be a pleasure to be a part of the Science Student Caucus committee and provide a voice to the students as a representative.

Gemner Sandoval (Biomedical Science) As an individual who is consistently advocating for equity within each space I enter, I would love to be a voice on the Science Student Caucus. I strongly believe I can be an inclusive and outspoken leader for all students within the Faculty of Science at York. I have experience as a student leader through my previous work on the Bethune College Council as the First-Year representative. I am deductive and empathetic, responsible and an excellent team-player. As science students we must endure many academic responsibilities and a heavy workload which can hinder a positive environment. For this reason, I believe I can bring insight and an energetic personality to the caucus. I am excited to be a part of the Science Student Caucus to create a positive outlook and an amazing university experience for all science students.

Hassan Khan (Undecided) With this crazy year we've been having, I would like to take part in an extra curricular like this. I think being one of the voices for student at the faculty of science sounds like a great opportunity and a fun challenge to take on. Staying busy and active in the community is something I take pride in, and I see no difference with our University and College community. A memorable and rewarding experience I took part in was volunteering at the Brampton Civic Hospital. I was there for a year, working primarily within the cardiology department, and had many important duties assigned to me, such as organizing paperwork, assisting doctors and nurses in their more menial tasks, and taking care of general patient wellness. Though some days were difficult, spending hours in such a charged and melancholic environment, my time there only made me more determined to join the medical field one day. It was an invaluable experience, and one I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope the role of the Science Student Caucus can be another great experience for me during my time here studying at York. Thank you for considering my candidacy for your council!

Hila Akbari (Biomedical Science) I would truly love the opportunity to once again be apart of the Science Student Caucus. With my pervious involvement in the faculty of science and my past experience as an advocate for student voices, I know that with true passion I will be able to serve as a member of the caucus.

I had the opportunity to attend a caucus meeting about finance allocations last October, I recall a question being asked about how we can allocate money to better help the students as York University. As a SOS class representative I have had previous exposure to working along side my professors and facilitating communication between the course instructor and the students, I felt like this was a question that I would be able to answer from a student’s perspective. I mentioned how often prior to the start of class I have to make class announcements and the professor and I are trying to fix the voice amplifier, and often they are broken or batteries are dead, I can often tell how frustrating this is to the professor and how it can cost little precious class time to be wasted away. Additionally the monitor systems can often fail or in one instance I had a class where the desktop had unfortunately been violated and our professor was not able to pull up the PowerPoint for that days lecture. I stated how both the course instructors and students could truly benefit with some of the schools money being allocated to improving and updating the classrooms technologies as it can help improve student learning and save class time from being wasted away in trying to fix technical problems. A previous professor of mine, Dr. Paula Wilson who I had actually been her class representative was also at that meeting and told me how she was glad I mentioned that point as she agreed with the struggles she often had to face dealing with them. This may have been a small experience in me being a part of the student caucus, however, I truly felt as if I had maybe been able to be helpful to the faculty of science as student. I really value the ability to be the voice and to be able to represent my fellow peers in the faculty of science. Whether it is the voice of children as the president of free the children in high school, the voice of my fellow classmates as class representative, or the voice of York university students spirt as a frosh leader, it has always brought me honour in being trusted by my fellow peers and instructors for speaking out on their behalf.

Hyejung Kwon (Biology) I was a member of the student caucus from 2019-2020. It was a great opportunity for me to participate more in university activities, and to learn more about what students can obtain from the university. Throughout my experience, I gained leadership skills and lots of valuable information. I want to use those skills that I acquired from my previous experience to support the students to have a better experience at the university.

Jessica Sinha (Biomedical Science) Dear Science council. My name is Jessica Sinha and I am writing to be a part of the Science Student Caucus. Throughout my education, positions of leadership have always been a particular interest of mine. Being a voice for others would be an honor for me, and I would love to contribute my skills and experience to represent my peers to the best of my ability. I wish to be a part of a positive impact for my peers and the environment in the faculty of science at york.
Sincerely, Jessica Sinha

Julyana Al-Hussain (Biology) I want to be on the science student caucus because I want to be able to be a voice for and represent my peers in the faculty of science, as well as bridge the gap between the faculty and the students. As per my involvement on campus and within the faculty of science, I believe I will be able to fulfill the expectations of this role and make an impact. I am motivated and hoping to be able to listen to the concerns and challenges of my peers and be able to relay this information to the faculty of science and assist in coming up with effective solutions. I want to help shed light onto any issues my fellow peers in the faculty of science face, and spark meaningful discussions that would assist in improving student and academic life. I am interested in being on the various committees that assist in the facilitation of various conducts in the faculty. I have had previous experiences that not only have allowed me to form important connections with fellow students and faculty, but have also allowed me to accumulate skills that would allow me to be able to provide a meaningful student voice on the various subcommittees, such as a science student ambassador, a class representative with Bethune SOS, orientation executive during frosh week, and many more.

Joshua Longa (Biochemistry) I believe that the very diverse and opportunity filled Faculty Of Science at York University needs representation among all members. As a Science Student Caucus representative it will be my priority to emphasize community and to provide the opportunity to build lasting relationships within the faculty. A successful, prosperous, and enjoyable university experience is something all faculty of science students should have the opportunity to achieve. Maybe once the pandemic is over we can explore the waste products of the anaerobic cellular respiration of yeast on wheat in person.
Thanks, Joshua Longa

Khashayar Khalaji (Biomedical Science) To better the current situation by bringing more representation for international students.

Mahta Olang (Biomedical Science) I feel I’d be a great candidate to motivate and inspire the rest of the team. I believe my communication and time management skills would be very resourceful.

Mehrdad Kazemi (Mathematical Biology) To be the voice of students and make sure that I do everything that I possibly can to help them have a better experience at York.

Michael Forbes (Biology) I would like to utilize my proven interpersonal and leadership skills to represent, in any way I can, the students pursuing students within the Faculty of Science. It is my natural inclination to be compassionate to people, especially my peers, and in my first year at York University, I intend to unleash my inner lion and pursue excellence personally and collectively.

Rachel Duncan (Biology) I would love the opportunity to get more involved at YorkU, especially in the Science Faculty. Being that I am in my last year of my undergraduate degree, my time at York is limited and I would love to take this time to try and make an impact to help and serve my fellow university peers. Being in my final year of study, I do have some regrets and wish I would have done some things differently. I would love to use this platform, if elected as the Science student Caucus to help represent students who need and want to be heard.

Robert Cheung (Biology) Hello Bethune! This is my last final undergrad year in Biology, and I am asking YOUR VOTE to return for my 4th term on the Science Student Caucus (SSC). We represent your voice on the Science Faculty Council and its committees, voting on things that matter for your student success!

I have the experience and desire to mentor a new generation of Caucus members, having served as your Senator from 2017 to 2019, acted as SSC's Chairperson, and took lead the beginning of a new Science Student Government constitution. Also, my capacity on Bethune College Council as VP Finance taught me that big positive change can happen if students come together!

Rukm Sanghera (Mathematics) It's a great opportunity to learn new leadership skills and get to know my peers better. I've always considered myself helpful and approachable at all times so I want to be able to connect with my peers with ease and be available to everyone for help at any time.

Sakshi Karwasra (Biomedical Science) I want to be on the Science Student Caucus because I want to represent all Science students and empower them by supporting their contributions to the Science field. My goal is to encourage students and provide them with enough resources for their continued growth. I want to help in creating a comfortable and positive environment that is welcoming to all students. I want to actively stay in touch with other Science students so that I can share my experience with others as well as learn from the experiences of others. I am a very enthusiastic Science student and I also want to inspire others about the beauty of Science. I want to bring optimism and enthusiasm along with my working skills to the Science Student Caucus program in order to create a sense of belongingness for other Science students. I want to proudly promote the Science Student Caucus program for other Science students to contribute their part.

Samaneh Fatehi (Biomedical Science) I am interested in becoming a Science Student Caucus because I believe my experiences have prepared me to be the voice of my peers at the Faculty of Science.

I believe being a Science Student Caucus is not about me making a contribution to the York University community, rather it is about my peers assisting me to contribute to the York University community together. I am confident that every student in the Faculty of Science has a voice that needs to be heard. And I believe my peers’ voices not only can make an improvement in the Faculty of Science, but it can also create a friendly and positive environment for them to express their thoughts and ideas. As a student in the Faculty of Science, I am aware that some of my peers might struggle with the current situation going on. One of the ways that I can support my peers is through active listening to their concerns and passing them along to corresponding supervisors in the Faculty of Science. And I’m hoping through collaboration with the Faculty of Science, I can provide effective solutions to challenges that my peers are facing. Moreover, as a Science Student Caucus, I would cooperate with the Faculty of Science to provide useful resources that can support my peers’ academic achievements. Since I believe Science is not a knowledge that can be acquired only in classrooms, but it is the knowledge of understanding the complications of the universe and applying it in our daily lives.

Connecting closely with my peers, I had the pleasure to get to know them very well and be aware of their expectations and perspectives. Moreover, I acknowledge that working as a Science Student Caucus requires a lot of collaboration and teamwork skills that my previous experiences prepared me for it. For instance, I had the opportunity to work in a team and provide services for the people in my community by volunteering in the hospitals. To elaborate more, a couple of months ago, I was able to resume my volunteering in the hospitals to help health care workers in providing health care services for patients and enhancing patient care experience. Furthermore, I had the pleasure to collaborate with Science clubs at York University. By being a member of these clubs, I was able to promote STEM and inform my peers about the opportunities that are available to them in the field of science and medicine.

Lastly, I had the pleasure to speak with my friends about their experience as a Science Student Caucus. By listening to their valuable experiences, I became aware of the responsibilities and expectations such as maintaining integrity and professionalism for this position.

I truly believe "the strongest people make time to help others, even if they are struggling with their own problems". And as a student in the Faculty of Science, I am looking forward to dedicating my time to my peers and my community.

All the bests, Samaneh Fatehi

Sameen Ali (Biology) We all come from different schools, experiences and places; however, we are strung together by a school and our love for science. This year is like no other, not only are we starting our first year of university but we are all confined to our small workspaces, staring at our screens for hours. As a first year student I understand the struggle that my peers are going through, this makes me want to take action. In high school I was never really a part of student council or anything similar to it. Of course, I joined clubs related to the STEM field to find friends with similar interests but I never really took a big step like running as a student representative. So, what makes me inclined to do so now? I realized that science is so important to my life, not only does it teach us the ways of our worlds but it has such a strong community. I want to be involved in this beautiful community and leave my impact of love and passion behind. Being a part of Science Student Caucus would help me step out of my comfort zone but also help me give back what I feel that I owe to the science community. Science has provided me with a place I feel that I can belong; however, we all know that regardless of which STEM major you are, the next four years are going to be a rollercoaster of a ride. Of course, academically but also personality wise, as we grow and meet new people who we were always meant to cross paths with. I have many ideas to help improve the community and my number one concern will be to voice the opinions of students. I would love to hear the concerns of students and take action in hopes to create the best environment possible. This year has been tough for everyone but I hope to make the best of it by being a part of Science Student Caucus.

Seyedehchakavak Mirfallahnassiri (Biomedical Science) As I have always been in administrative or leadership committees through my whole educational life, I would like to join this committee as well. It is worth mentioning that I am totally passionate for communicating and empowering my social/leadership skills.

Sheri Sharon Grach (Undecided) I believe that by being a part of the SSC, I can really work on bringing the science students together. I want to demonstrate and take on a leadership role within the Science Student Caucus and to represent the students within the science field who may not be able to voice themselves. I would like to represent my peers, bring everyone's ideas together and put them into action. I believe that by being a part of the SSC I would demonstrate creativity and help organize a variety of events that improve students' experiences at York University and bring out their interests within the science field. I truly think that it will be a great opportunity to create a change.

Sm Nehanul Hoque (Actuarial Science) Joining this student caucus will not only help me learn more about myself but also get more opportunities with activities and projects. Aside from that, i am hopeful that this caucus will help me develop my leadership skills, learn more about how to work with a team, improve my networking skills. Also, since i am a new student I am currently looking forward and highly motivated to work with more people, interact more in a new environment and make new friends.

Also, why i specifically want to be a part of this caucus is because i have spoken to some people about it and have received a lot of positive responses.

On the other hand, for why i might be suitable for a position here is, because I have the ability to compromise, show respect to others and listen to the needs of the people i am working with. While I can be a leader when necessary, I can also play an equal role on the team when the situation arrives.

Thus, I am excited to self-nominate myself and would be very glad if i could possibly be a part of this Student Caucus. Thanks

Solomon Dankwa (Biotechnology) I want to be an active member of the science student caucus so i can exhibit my leadership skills, be able to voice out my views in a professional way and overall help me build my leadership skills for future.

Sormeh Mehrabihaghi Hamedani (Biomedical Science) Science students, I’m Sormeh Mehrabi, and I am running for Student Caucus for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m in my second year of Biomedical Sciences.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m super outgoing and a social butterfly. Last year, I involved myself in a variety of activities in order to make new friends and become familiar with student life at York. From attending student cultural events in ISAYU and Pakistani Student Association, to giving back to the community through teaching among the TECH Life YU crew as a first year representative. I was also involved with Bethune council, attending events throughout the year, playing intramural volleyball, as well as participating in both Frosh 2019 and 2020.

I want to be a part of this team because it would be exciting to become more involved with the university while providing me a place to channel my leadership and collaborative skills. Additionally, I would be provided with an opportunity to grow my network through working among hardworking and inspiring fellows to represent the science student body at York.

Vote Sormeh for Student Caucus!

Tanya Rajwani (Biomedical Science) To be able to represent the students at YorkU to allow our voices to be heard and counted. As a previous SSC member, I already understand the fundamentals of voicing in your opinion regarding student academics.

Yashna Manek (Mathematics for Education) I feel that it important for students' voices to be heard and I believe that I can be that voice. I am passionate about helping others and being involved in making our community better through this role. I strongly believe that the SSC is a place where I can not only help make a difference in the lives of our peers, but also help to improve myself and grow as a person. This is a great opportunity and I am excited to be able to have it. At this time especially I feel that it is important to get involved in the school community and do my part to make sure students stay connected and have an amazing year.

Yurij Kunyckyj (Applied Math) My life revolves around York, participating in frosh run by Bethune college really had me pumped and exited to take part in the York community,

I dont fear failure so there is no downside in applying : )